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Corey feldman was not stabbed : Police Says
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Do you Know as per Police Investigation, there
is an Interesting Turn in Corey Feldman Stabbing
Previously Corey Feldman says he was stabbed,
but police say there ‘are no lacerations’
The curious case of Corey Feldman’s stabbing
report has taken an interesting turn.
The former child actor said late Tuesday that
he was in the hospital after being attacked
that evening.
In early morning Wednesday tweets, Feldman
wrote that a man had opened his car door and
stabbed him with something.
He even included photos of himself being treated
at the hospital.
But according to the Los Angeles Police Department,
there are “no lacerations to Mr. Feldman’s
abdomen,” spokesman Luis Garcia said.
Police received a call around 10:45 p.m. Tuesday
reporting an assault with a deadly weapon.
Feldman told police that he was driving his
car with a passenger and was stopped at a
red light at the intersection of Reseda and
Ventura boulevards when “someone, an unknown
person, opened his driver side door and jabbed
at his abdomen with an unknown object,” Garcia
Feldman then took himself to the hospital,
where he was treated and released, according
to police.
While Feldman said he was stabbed with a sharp
object, police know of no injuries and have
no suspect or weapon descriptions.
So the Mystery continues, What you think Guys,
Who is telling truth..?
Corey feldman or Police, Let us know your
views in Below Comment section, and subscribe
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Stabbing Case,

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