【EnjoyABC 課程錄影】World News 新聞英語 – Jay老師 – 2020.2.11

hello Sally can you hear me oh oh I
thought that you disappeared so what happened to you past two or three weeks
we have not seen each other I was so busy with what
and last week startups – no Starbucks no what is it
the net is okay for the interview no for the writing test and did you pass
I don’t know oh yeah okay I see so why start Lux so what’s going on with a wire just I just next Tuesday I will have that I just want to because they are
stocks is hiring people right now so I just want to try it before the interview
so Starbucks is like domestic Taiwanese Karen or airline or is it international
really how come that I have never heard about them now will I will actually well
you know because I’m always interested about uh you know Airlines and stuff
like that because the owner is one of you by now
yeah do you know from Butte Eva no I have no idea you can tell me okay and
his name is John and his son is the post in Starbucks right now so they fly
internationally is it a good airline yes if
if you compare it like with a a wire or you know I don’t know cuts I Pacific or
because oh so so it’s not operating yet know also that this will be a completely
new airline right oh okay okay I see hello mom your mom wants to learn
English your mom speak English so are you preparing for that interview for the
wire yes how just some questions do you know what questions they are going to
ask or it’s like a secret ok well but you know with your expression and you
know with your English I think that you will have no problem on the interview I
think that the test was the test was the main part for you I think the interview
will be the easy part I guess well we’ll see we’ll see you next Tuesday and maybe
Thursday next week you can tell me how how it go and well whether it was okay
or not anyway so I had like Chloe a couple of times when you were not here
and so we had kind of interesting discussion so because we switched the
Tuesday topic from music because it was you know repetition of many things to
world news so basically we are going to talk about something that is going on
right now and well today’s topic is about the virus so I actually discussed this thing last
few stay with Chloe but uh the top I mean the the paragraph the video was a
little bit different but now we are going to implement something else over
here well so before we start and we watch this video so what’s the situation
in Taiwan mm-hmm like everyone were eager eager to buy the the mask the
facial mask so like mm back on the street there are so many people lining
up to buy the masks can you go out and work normally because I was talking
alright because I was talking with many students in China and they’re locked
down I mean well I think that yesterday was
the first day that some I’m not saying that all but some of the people anyway
they were able to go to work and you know start to work or live a normal life
but well especially the ohand who Bay Province era they are still locked and
well I don’t know whether it’s it’s gonna end soon because what I read it’s
like 45,000 I mean cases right now I have like a live application that is uh
well are giving all the informations like more than thousand that people so
how about Taiwan are you afraid of this or no I don’t know how many cases
actually have but I can easily check you know how many cases you have I’m the
live statistics over here so tight I thought I was the the China always
hiding the true cases maybe you need your time times time to okay
it says 18 over here so well yeah I’m sorry few times to it so it’s like less
than 50 cases maybe in Taiwan so it’s not that bad you know how many people
you have in Taiwan like what 10 million 23 million so if you have like 18 cases
it’s not a big deal if you do all the precautions and so on I also read
somewhere that actually Airlines well you stopped the Taiwan government
stopped actually all airlines coming from China to land in Taiwan so this is
something that it’s not very usual but well it’s happening right now I guess so
whatever airline is coming from China well they will probably send it back
yeah so yeah all right so that’s good actually that’s cool that time well it’s
not that I would say scary or well how to say it well it’s not bothering you
that much because I well those people in China they are very scared I can tell
you know I had some classes I was Chinese and Thai well they don’t know
what’s gonna happen because the government is still suggesting stay home
and well you know they have actually pretty restricted life right now because
what they told me is that they have to stay home and they can go out on every
other day and only one person from the family to buy some groceries or to visit
those they call it like a protected markets so where where Chinese
government actually established a lot of you know precautionary measures so they
can visit those and so they can buy things there and then they have to head
back home and just stay home so they they cannot do anything but well Taiwan
is different my country here in Thailand is also different you’re like 35 plus
cases but you know we have the highest number of cute people
here so like 50% of our peoples are there that were quarantined well right
now they are their home and without no other complications so that’s good yeah
all right so uh what did you do during that weekend something interesting I
took a test in stocks oh okay well so so it was the the whole dating no ok so
except that nothing just stay home ok like like doing what
KTV or going to shopping or just went to their place and chitchat or playing off
switch the beginner the video game switch is what is it Nintendo yeah play
games ok all right cool so let me share the
desktop and let’s hear a little bit about the coroner virus and how it can
infect the the Tokyo Olympics because Tokyo Olympics day this even should
happen during this summer and well there are fears that if the corona virus will
be still active let’s let’s put it this way then it can bring a lot of problems
to Japan because they prepared everything but they just cannot control
this so let’s watch this video I will just go fullscreen because there is no
button for the theater mode so I’ll just go full screen and I hope that you will
here Thomas has been monitoring the comments
from Turkey 2020 and joins me now from London Alex will help me to saying the
games at this point will change how concerned I think we’ve seen a privately
Olympic organisers will be far more concerned than they’re letting on of
this stage and that’s because the Olympic Games are fast approaching
easily the biggest sporting event less than three weeks after that and all of
China now affected by this virus started in Wuhan and Olympics being the biggest
sporting event attracts hundreds of thousand already gets ten million
tourists a year and they’re actually getting infected and taking the virus an
impact how much is such a huge market region as well at least eight sports but
main ones all you take a look he thinks he sounds extremely
pessimistic about race going ahead and says may be postponed until later in the
year we don’t want to cancer for so much money all right so what do you think about
this so do you think that these events they were postponed in a correct way or
well do you think that all Olympic Games should be postponed because of this because if it will it will happen I
think in July August yeah yeah I think it’s it’s July August so so basically
six months March April May in July yes at the end of July
probably the whole August ah so uh well I don’t know well what you think should
be postponed because actually they have to do the decision now because well if
all the people buy tickets and you know our reserve places accommodations
airlines flights and everything so then it will be disaster to cancel everything
yeah I think they should postpone because if the situation is the Oh
serious at that time then there will be so many people there and and like on
cross contract like like what what is it called like that I don’t know like try
to go around that so then I will understand because the virus is
contagious so if there are so many people then it will be very like serious
what does the Taiwanese media say do they say that well the situation is
actually getting better or well they still say that it’s not good it says
that you were getting in maybe summer because the the virus will not be alive
in hot weather they say that so the virus will not
survive in a hot weather wow that’s cool actually because we have
40 degrees every day here so I don’t need to be afraid that well I have never
read about this but okay alright because what I’ve heard is a virus they cannot
survive in a really freezing weather like minus 10
fifteen they’ll just die and okay but you know maybe the wires will be gone
but there will be still people that well that will be infected and you know if
one of them will decide to go to Japan it will be disaster there probably
something like the new round of the epidemic will start I guess so I don’t
know how they want to control it or you know well anyway so this was about
Olympics another thing that uh well China and also Japan did was the day
quarantine the whole ships have you heard about this know so for example
this picture in front of us it’s a cruise ship yeah yeah it’s a cruise ship
or diamond princess and it had like almost 4,000 people on the board and
well I think that Japanese or it was a Taiwanese or Japanese I I think yeah I
read I think about Japanese but they didn’t let people to go on land so so
basically they quarantine the whole shape and well people they just have to
survive there until probably all of them will be checked somehow I don’t know how
they want to do it so do you think that this is also a good measure how to maybe
avoid the virus you mean how no yeah what do you think that this is a good
measure how to avoid the virus you know just to quarantine the whole ship because imagine not really why why not
because they said there are medications so I think that they need to take
medical attention so they have to seek medical attention they have to stay 14
days in quarantine but imagine that it’s like maybe 20 people are sick on that
board on that boat or that cruise ship but you know now these 20
people will be among another three and a half thousand people so I think that at
the end like half of the ship will be infected
so from 20 well you will get like 2,000 people that is that that are infected so
I don’t think it’s a good idea but probably they know what they’re doing
right okay so these were just my two questions over here so let me just get
rid of this CNN news but I have another thing that it’s connected with this
topic so basically uh okay let me share this one okay let me share this one okay
so I have two PPT CERN that since we are talking about the viruses and about how
to get healthy how to avoid the virus and so on so basically we have have a
PowerPoint that is talking about and health so let’s talk about the health a
little bit over here and then maybe just this this one slide maybe not the other
slides then I will go to some vocabularies that are connected with
health so if you want to be healthy there are five things that you should
follow first is a food and diet then we have stress management then we asleep
and we’re family and friends and then we have exercise so Charlie I’m going to
ask you one simple question here how can each of these points help us to be
healthy or to stay healthy so we have four the
first one which is food and diet so how is food and diet connected to our health if you eat properly and get enough
nutrition then you will be you will be healthy to to to to overcome by
– well then okay well yes that’s true so what is healthy food in your opinion the
food that is protein and some vitamins such as fruit that’s okay Wow yeah I
can’t make him vegetables through it well red meat actually is full of
proteins so not too much junk food okay that was easy question what about diet
how can diet help us or why they mentioned diet over here in the
connection with our health mm-hmm why did I mention diet in connection with
health do you know what is a diet okay diet is that you really control
what you eat and maybe you cut some of the well me meals from your from your
daily consumption or so basically diet is something that should help you to
consider only the healthy food and well is cutting the food that should do some
harm to your body so which people should take diet over word okay anyone else
older people yes exactly so over eight people and uh until older people have
you ever experienced of any diet in your life and we try to any diet what is not really so you tried at least
a little bit yes I tried before what bet just a little bit less not like nah very
few okay I see I see okay cool cool good all
right so what about the second one which is a stress management so how is stress
management connected with health so what what do they mean by this if you are
stressful then you there will be a high chance that you can you could catch the
virus you could be like you if you’re stressful then your immunity okay
alright yes if you are other to stress your immunity will be bad if your
immunity is bad so then basically you have a high chance to get some something
oh it doesn’t need to be why raise it came to bacteria or whatever actually
okay yeah so we should not be under the stress too much what about exercise do
you think this is important for the health yes do you exercise okay I know
that you do okay all right so exercise it what kind of exercise is good
actually for us mmm make you sweat okay so basically everything bad it’s going
out of your body right okay good okay cool
what about sleep so how is sleep connected with health if you if you
don’t sleep enough then you’ll be with me I think
exactly so if you don’t sleep enough so then you will be what week it will be
week tired and then of course the virus has opened door to your body okay and
what about family and friends so this is interesting
so health and its connection with family and friends what do you think how can
family and friends you know can help you to be healthy I believe it connects to
the strength stress management yes but how they can thank your family and
friends can help you too to relieve some stress like having a chat or taking care
with each other okay all right I see when you meet with your family so how do
you feel Charlene and happy right yes okay so this is basically something that
will actually strengthen our immunity and will lower down low stress because
if you are happy well I don’t remember what kind of hormone or enzyme is
actually created in our our brain and it really helps us to overcome you know
whatever viruses or bacteria is or well it will make our body stronger all right
okay cool but we have the words over here that I would like to practice so
let me just open another PowerPoint okay let me just do this share and this one
so we have some health vocabulary so here so we are going to work with these
it’s not that difficult I think that we will create some sentences and I can ask
some questions so problems okay so we have some
that are connected with problems so we have headache stomachache
you’re a can sneeze so what is a stomachache Charlie your or what can
cause a stomachache food poisoning okay have you ever experienced any stomach
ache sometimes if I drink milk in the very early morning than no milk in the
morning like code milk freeze freeze milk oh okay I see
well that’s why maybe yeah I have also the stomachache because you know I like
to drink cold milk I mean during the day sometimes even I
it’s before I eat breakfast so then I drink milk until then I get a little
stomachache but I I thought that it’s from something else
what about yeah I believe that like after you get up then you need to you
need something to burn your stomach not drinking cold things okay I see I see
well then we have headache arrogance nice you know these words right yes have
you ever experienced some of these probably sneeze yes but do you have a
lot of headaches or ear eggs I experienced before and quite often
what was the cause what do you think sometimes in in winter in freezing days
and maybe in in indoor I I sweat a lot and then I call outside and there are
some winds and cold so it caused the head so what do you do when you have a
headache do you always take a pill mm not really
I’ll take a hot shower okay so that’s good you know because well some people
every pain they feel they just take a pill but uh you know maybe the symptom
will go out so you’ll have no headache anymore but well you are actually
hurting other organs in your body like especially your liver and stomach and so
on all right and other problems broken arms injured elbow fever so you know
these words also right broken arm injured elbow fever again have you ever
experienced some of these Oh wrists this one so what did you do during the sport
activities I went like skating and I fell so I used my on do you fall on your
wrist well you use your well let’s let’s say your you’ll raise your hands too
soft in the fall right let me just broke the wrist yeah so how long it took to
heal that thing I have never experienced have to knock on the wood I have never
experienced anything broken in my party so I actually I don’t have this kind of
feeling I had a lot of injuries you know cuts here there you know playing
basketball my ankles and so on but I have never experienced something broken
so how does it feel like it was a nightmare nightmare
why because you couldn’t realize I couldn’t twist at our it pens
oh so it hurts okay so how long it usually takes you know to get rid of
this injuries like two weeks three weeks month to month it took me almost two
months because I was in France and if I want if I go to the hospital there and
it caused a lot houses of $90 so show you well you had
your own house treatment so you didn’t go to the hospital with the with the
broken wrist no because I don’t want to spend so much
money on that but do you have an insurance no like well if you do
something so the insurance should cover this this kind of things
no I was in France so no okay I see okay interesting koala you have a lot of
problems with fever no no okay so that’s good I have to knock on the wood me
neither so basically my but my daughter she has
well if she has a fever so it’s always very high then we are all
scared and we have to go to the hospital I know some some things that you can do
in order to lower the fever or in order to get rid of the fever but we always
rather go to the hospital because you don’t know what is going on your body
and what if I am wrong and then she will basically suffer so not a good thing all
right more problems broken bones cough and rice so do you know all of
these words yes okay have you ever experienced broken nose no do you fight
no okay because you know the broken nose is usually when you fight and somebody
will punch you you have a broken nose actually okay so this is one thing I had
broken okay but I don’t consider is like really broken I had a broken nose but it
was because of the basketball you know sometimes when you play hard
people they just use elbows you know so well I think it was just just one time
yes I remember correctly somebody just uh you know punch me with
the elbow and you know she’s broken it’s actually um not that bad you you have
just one little scar here and that’s it well your nose is bleeding a little bit
but you have just one little scar here but there are always complications with
the broken nose since it’s broken until you have a bleeding and it’s on the face
usually get fever yeah yeah it causes fever because it’s something I don’t
know why nobody explained to me but everyone who I talked to it after like
two or three days of your broken nose so you get high fever it’s I don’t know
it’s like some kind of a body reaction on this because it needs to heal someone
so yes you get high fever it’s not dangerous but you know we have to take
some pills for that what about coughing rush you have any
problems with these no yes what kind of weather do you have in Taiwan is it too
humid or it’s like dry weather humid also no wonder that people can
experience a coffin in this kind of errors because humid weather usually
causes a lot of cough because well the water is actually getting inside your
respiratory system and it can cost a call for experience cough a lot here in
Thailand because it’s very humid very hot my daughter well the same thing and
also the rush if you don’t if you are not really careful about where you sleep
or if you are not very careful about your hygiene I mean you don’t do laundry
too often and so on you can get a rash but also it can it can be from the Sun
so we feel my wife she’s really sensitive about
this well if she goes on the Sun and she spends her too much time on the Sun then
she has a rush on her well I think the whole front front body
she has a rush so it’s it’s from Sun and it’s really difficult to get rid of it
it takes one two weeks you know depending on how bad it is but rush
heavy every every ever experienced Russian well in any situation after you
drink then you’ll get red not really not really these are this is like a Panamera
yeah it’s different because if you drink okay you get red because of your body
temperature is actually increasing and you get all red you can sweat and so on
but you know after you stop drinking well it just goes away but uh but
regular rush if we talk about regular rush it is caused by the pube poor
hygiene or well son or some some insects you know like fleas or this this little
teeny tiny bugs that are well in your bath or well in the place where you stay
so you can experience rush from these it’s nothing really Pleasant because
especially if I go to the hotels I always check under the bed so I always
like uncover the bed I try to lift mattress and in the corners if if
there’s the dark box the mother box will be in the corners
under the mattress because in the dark places you can see it and if you find
the mother back you should change the room because well your bed
will be full of those little daughters yeah it’s I call it well like it’s it’s
it’s not a small one it’s a bigger one so well we can call it like a mother of
all those little teeny tiniest creatures that are in the bed so there is always
one big bug if you experience fleas or these kind of
bedbugs for example there is always one big one
it’s like boss and if you find the boss you can be sure that your bed in the
evening when it’s dark will be full of the children and then you can get pretty
bad rush and you know those skin problems so I think that’s better yeah I
think really exciting I would say anyway runny nose cut or broken fingers so
running nose is easy I think that we get this all the time right and her cuts yes
we get this all the time especially my wife when she’s doing something in the
kitchen well she always cut her fingers
something what about broken fingers have you ever experienced broken finger yes
like when you are playing basketball oh well but it’s it may be not broken
yeah it has it hurtin you know it uh it changes the shape for example when I
play basketball and I do this what you just mentioned usually my finger double
the size and then then I I cannot well do any movements with the finger you
just stay straight until it goes back to the regular size yeah if you play sports
well all of these basically happen okay so these were the problems but here are
the cures so we have tablets drops bandage
injection needles sirens syrup and cream so have you ever used some of these yeah
so you syrup for what for a little like mmm for a cough okay what about tablets
because you know using tablets it’s not good you know the more tablets you use
the more Dana more heart or harm you do to your body sometimes okay I see what
about needles are you afraid of needles yes me too me too every time I go to the
hospital and they have to take my blood so like half of the times I I pass out
it’s it’s like you know not that much about the needle but I cannot see my
blood well if I see it’s it’s actually quite terrible i I’ve donated my blood
before and the leaders what was so big yeah because if you donate if you donate
blood how long it takes to be there and the blood is just dropping I know how
long it’s dependent on your your blood if you don’t drink so much like you if
you are hydrated then your blood will go faster when other people doesn’t drink
that water so it depends on your plate but is there like a certain amount that
you have to donate yes for example I donated 500 it took two I mean in your in your case
like what our no no no for less than 30 minutes I guess no 20 minutes I forgot
however they cannot imagine you know the times I’m lying there and the needle in
your yeah and the needle is sticking out of my way look at it so that must be
another very oh I have you know that’s that rush right now on my back cannot
imagine oh that’s that’s actually but you know good that you did this you know
because I don’t know maybe your blood already saved some life but I regretted
to do to do this because after that I’m almost passed out because I do so much
blood and I’ve got like I got white paw oh yeah yeah yeah I see enough your coat
so what they suggested you to do you know drink water or well some cookies or
sugar juice yeah sugar sugar I see I see so you have done this only once yes I
cannot donate blood I have something in some enzyme in my body that it’s it has
a higher value than it should have and well this is somehow restricted because
you have to be in perfect perfect condition if you want to donate blood so
I was thinking about that but then well I’m glad that I have this enzyme high so
I don’t need to the the I can always use this and excuse well they people ask me
why you didn’t go there and well look everyone I also I said I wish I wish but
I cannot anyway so we have another medical tools Hospital skills crutches
thermometer and wheelchair so I think that you know all of these
words right crutches have you ever used crutches no oh okay
so if you have like a broken leg or sprained ankle I mean bad sprained ankle
and if you go to the hospital they will give you these crutches because it helps
you to walk I have one I have one Kalika and she fall on the stairs two weeks ago
and she actually sprained her ankle so I mean both of them I don’t know how she
could do it both of them and she couldn’t walk at all so they gave her
these crutches and I well she had to use these crutches well now she’s fine after
a week or so and well everything was okay all right so you know all of these
words what about this our you know hospital okay female nurse surgeon
doctor male nurse so which one of these have you ever met everyone
so you met the surgeon you had a surgery yes Oh what happened it’s not really a
serious problem there was something popped out in my lips not here okay remove it so they cut it out or no like
they use like a laser like laser I don’t know they say burn okay so they burn
electronic so I have no idea what they’re or what they were doing okay
yeah so we’re you conscious at that time or they put you asleep
no I’m I was not sleeping so you were you were conscious okay
yeah and they I was shut in lips I don’t know how to say that so we call
it anesthetics unless statics so they injected
anesthetics and it will make your your lips or the area number yeah yeah we
call it number numb means that you touch it and you cannot feel anything
you know when I’m also afraid of dentists so every time they go they go
and they repair my teeth or fix my tooth somewhere in my mouth I always ask for
these anesthetics they usually shut they usually shoot like two injections and
then I cannot feel like half of my face no they can they can do whatever after
after that they can do whatever I don’t feel anything you know I just cannot
feel how hot my face so you know the bad thing is after they finish the
anesthetics they are still there it’s like for two or three hours it has an
effect so you know you should not be in the chair then this chair more than one
hour that’s the rule they told me so so after one hour they actually stopped
whatever they do they will just do the temporary whatever they need to do and
then you have to come another time how any or when your face is like half numb
you know talk you cannot eat you cannot drink you feel like you know you cannot
do anything so it’s funny you know you drive you try to tell something or say
something and or well you will try to call your wife you cannot because okay
the female nurse doctors nurses hospitals surgeon okay so we are pretty
familiar with all of these words so I guess that well there was nothing
serious here so let me stop sharing again let me close this powerpoint we
have last five minutes so charlie are you going to teach tomorrow yes so your
kids are not afraid to come to school one come because it is still in during
winter vacation ah there is a winter vacation until when like another two
weeks yes yeah yeah that’s what also this
Chinese students told me that well they will have a vacation like it until end
of this month but what they told me is that a sense they prolong this vacation
for like three weeks or so or even some schools more they will cut the summer
break yeah oh so these kids they will have to stay in the school maybe at the
end of July so so maybe they will have like only one month of holiday because
basically they are having a holiday right now yeah yeah well so you don’t
have this this problem yeah and you know in Taiwan I don’t think that you have
that many restrictions like like in China or kids want to come they want
they will come if they cannot well because of this while they were not
better so you’re going to have a class okay right yeah already so basically
this is everything what we needed to discuss I think it went quite fast to
tonight well so sorry to discuss about the coroner virus but it’s about the
news and it’s all over the news and well I just wanted to ask you
Chloe just told me something but I just wanted to ask you also some information
how the things are in Taiwan so well probably we will see each other on
Thursday if not so I’ll just wish you the best luck on Tuesday for our for
Tuesday so you have the interview so hopefully everything gonna be fine and
then we’ll just um inform about everything update us whether you finally
going to be a pilot you have to wait a little bit yeah there
was one thing that I wanted to ask you that’s all was about anyone
but uh-oh I know why majority of the airlines are getting rid
of those beautiful a380s and buying eight 350s
why is that because that’s so beautiful plane a lot of room are very safe and so
on but you know this is getting rid of those I am reading Emirates Qatar
Singapore headlines they are just switching to these a350s
but I think that’s much smaller plane until probably it’s it’s new plane but
why is that because 380 is for engine and they are not oh so it’s about the
money right yes because it cost I know but you can fit like what 600 people in
83 80 you can fit what like 300 maybe half of it to 80 350 maybe they they’ve
considered before and I think I have never flown with a 350 it’s pretty new
meaning I guess so I would I would really like to fly with a 350 and I hope
that I will have an opportunity to fly again with a 380 because I I had an
opportunity to fly with that huge airplane like six times and it was
really nice experience and also my daughter she feels really safe you know
I feel also release a four engines so if one go out so we have still two three
engines if who goes out we have still two engines you know but with a 350 if
one goes out well you have just one engine if both of them are shut down
then what then you crash no really because I just read somewhere that there
was I don’t know which airline but it was a airbus a350 and somebody spilled
coffee in the cockpit and both engines shut down so
it had to be really scary experience I guess yes so so they they don’t allow
pilots to bring some beverages in their car anymore
okay that’s a pity you know someone was clumsy and then it will affect the whole
industry okay okay yeah this is this simple question for the at the end so
Charlie thank you very much I’ll see you on Thursday enjoy the rest of the
evening and well if we don’t see each other on Thursday so good luck for the
test all right so bye bye for now you

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