1 Des Daily News: South Asian Actresses turn #MeToo into #NoMoreBoxes

yo what’s up desis. This is your
host Akhil Rao with today’s 1 Des Daily News. Time magazine’s Person of the Year
was announced this month after a lot of speculation on whether or not it will be
President Donald Trump. Time magazine refuted Trump’s tweet that “I was
probably going to be named man or person of the year like last year but I would
have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot.” With the Time
Magazine’s chief content officer Alan Murray tweeting “Amazing not a speck of
truth here.” Instead the Person of the Year was awarded to the silence breakers.
The women who inspired the hashtag me too movement by publicizing sexual
harassment in their workplaces. Stars like Taylor Swift and Ashley Judd were
part of this cover for their takedown of their sexual assaulters, a Denver radio
host and the Hollywood studio head Harvey Weinstein respectively. To see
famous celebrities risk their glamorous image and career prospects to vocalize
the inequality females face in the entertainment industry has been
particularly inspiring to the women of the desi community. As we reported
earlier on 1 Des Daily News, UC Davis law student Riya Sarkar started her
hashtag me too list against sexually abusive college professors because of
the stand entertainers like Taylor Swift, Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan
took against Hollywood power brokers. The same day the Time magazine Person of
the Year cover was released, coincidentally an Instagram photo essay
was released by South Asian American actresses Melanie Chandra, Serena Jindol
Gayathri Bhul and Reema Samba. The Instagram post that appears on all for actresses
profiles has a mysterious hashtag no more boxes. Could this be a movement for
greater inclusion and less labeling that the leading ladies are championing. The
caption to the post reveals “we’ve been sexually harassed offered roles for sex
and told it’s an easier in than auditioning.
Melanie Chandra who stars in code black on CBS and Brown Nations streaming on
Netflix was interviewed by the HuffPost a few
months ago to discuss the lack of representation of women and even more so
desi women in Hollywood. Chandra a Stanford grad originally from
the corporate world said that “Being a woman has always been a strength to me…
It was only until I started working in Hollywood that I began to see things
very, very differently. Not one to complain without taking action, Melanie
just wrapped up shooting her own pilot called
“Two Brown Girls” under her own production company because as she explains in an
Instagram post “No one is going to produce or write these stories for us
without slapping an accent on our characters.” Melanie, Serena, Gayathri Reema
and countless other South Asian American entertainers seem inspired by the social
activism of hashtag me too and apply it to the problems our community faces in
Hollywood. That’s where the hashtag no more boxes movement comes in. Ss we
reported earlier on 1 Des Daily News, with the release of Hari Kondabolu
The problem with Apu” or the crowdfunding of the desi American comedy
series “Code-Switched” it seems like a new energy is enthused in entertainers of
South Asian descent who no longer will accept being sidestepped and
misrepresented. We here at 1 Des Media have taken the power in our own
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news on these amazing individuals. Signing off for 1 Des Daily News,
this is your host Akhil Rao

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