10 Colognes Women LOVE On A Man | Best Fragrances For Men

Fragrance, cologne, perfume.
Whatever you want to call it, gentlemen, understand
that women care about this.
Yes, it’s hard to believe for some of you
guys because you’re like I don’t notice, it
doesn’t bother me.
Here’s the deal though, women notice it more
than men.
They’ve got a higher sensitivity to smell,
so use it to your advantage.
Today’s video, the top ten fragrances that
women are drawn to.
Gentlemen, I want to stress this list is mine.
You may disagree with me, you may say, you
know Antonio, number eight should be number
I want to hear that and down in the comments,
let me know.
But, understand you got to go out there and
you’ve got to do the research, you’ve got
to try these fragrances and you’ve got to
test it for yourself.
So, without further ado let’s get into number
Coming in at number ten and many of you guys
are saying, Antonio you’re cheating here,
but I’m going to put in five fragrances.
Why five fragrances?
Because these are pretty common fragrances,
but that doesn’t mean and don’t fall into
that trap thinking it has to be unique, it
has to be something no one else is wearing.
Guys, don’t be afraid to try something, yeah,
it’s been popular for twenty years, that to
me is a classic.
So, here are the five.
So, first stop, we got Giorgio Armani, Armani
And this is a classic formula.
It’s highly worn, but it’s still it’s going
to grab compliments.
Next stop, I’ve got Carolina Herrera CH Men
It’s got a sweet opening and then it turns
into a strong spicy whisky scent.
It can be too much for some people, but it’s
definitely going to turn heads and get you
The next three I’m going to wrap together.
I’ve got Paco Rabanne, One Million, I’ve got
Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Male, I’ve got Dolce
and Gabbana, The One.
All of these fragrances are pretty common,
but they’re great for going out.
The sillage is going to be really strong here,
so probably better I guess for outdoor events.
Paco Rabanne has a strong cinnamon leather
smell, while Le Male has a strong vanilla
and lavender note.
The One, it’s the strongest the strongest
notes are going to be amber, tobacco, and
All of them really strong, but what I love
about these is that they are proven they are
classics, they’re also pretty easy to find.
Coming in at number nine, I’ve got Salvatore
Ferragamo, F by Ferragamo.
So, this one is going to start off with a
citrus note, then we’re going to see it go
to lavender maybe a tonka bean.
It is a great smelling fragrance at a pretty
affordable price.
It also lasts for about five to six hours.
So, at this point I’ve already talked about
six fragrances and many of you guys are thinking,
Antonio, that’s a lot of fragrances you’re
going to cover in this video.
How in the world can I try these in an affordable
I want you to go check out Scentbird.
They are the sponsor of this video.
Let me pull up their website.
What I love about Scentbird is how simple
they make it to explore fragrances.
Basically, go to their website.
You go ahead and you sign up, you check out
what they’ve got and you start the subscription.
It’s got free shipping.
Then, second you choose from four hundred
and fifty different fragrances.
We’re talking designer niche fragrances.
Then, step number three delivered right to
your door 8ml, that’s enough for enough for
a month.
And, what’s cool about this is that you can
actually travel with this fragrance.
It’s not going to, you know, the, you know,
security or anything you’re not going to have
any issues with this.
So, I’ve seen guys actually at conferences
just pull out, you know, something like this.
Let me show you guys.
And so, they send you this right here.
The first time you order, you get this free
container right here which makes it you put
it in there and you can give it a shot just
like that.
Guys, very cool and like I said four hundred
different ones you can choose.
You know I could go through all the ones and
I will put that down in the description.
In case you’re curious, I’ll put what I have
and what I’m wearing right now since I’ve
been here in Atlanta.
But, guys definitely go check out Scentbird,
they’re a great company.
I’ve worked with them for over a year and
let’s get to point number eight.
Coming in at number eight, we’ve got Yves
St Laurent, La Nuit De L’Homme and this is
a sweet and powdery fragrance.
Cardamom is the heaviest note.
And this would be, you know, higher up on
the list, but it’s been reformulated a few
times and to me consistency is pretty important
with these fragrances.
When you go out there and you buy something,
you want to get the same thing.
You want to be able to buy it, three years
later buy it again especially if you’re going
to buy a big bottle.
So, this one because of that, I pull it a
little bit lower down the list.
Coming in at number seven, we’ve got Versace
Pour Homme.
This is a great fresh scent great for the
So, if you’re just going to be at the office
running around errands something you want
to wear on the house, something you want to
wear in hot weather, this is the fragrance
for you.
Coming in at number six, gentlemen, we’ve
got Chanel, Blue de Chanel.
This is a classic lady killer.
It’s not going to be overpowering.
It’s got a little bit of a spicy-type of fragrance
to it, a little bit of incense, but this is
one that you can wear.
It’s not going to be the sillage that you’re
not going to worry about this one too much.
And it is one that has been shown when somebody
gets close and they discover the fragrance,
they want to get closer.
Coming in at number five, we’ve got Thierry
Mugler, Pure Malt.
Now, this fragrance is on the list because
it’s incredibly unique and it’s one of those
ones that people that appreciate fragrance,
when they get close to you they’re going to
say, what is this?
It’s one of the it’s just something that you’ve
got to try wearing.
You’re going to want to experiment if you’re
going to try this one.
So, get, you know, maybe a smaller bottle,
but definitely give it a shot.
Next stop, we got Versace, Versace Eros.
This is a very sexy and seductive scent.
We’re talking vanilla, mint, tonka bean.
This is one that you it’s a very versatile
You can wear it in the summer, wear it in
the winter.
You can wear it in the evening, wear it, you
know, in the morning.
It’s something, you know, a lot of mileage
out of and a lot of compliments.
Coming in at number three, Dior Sauvage.
And, I think I’ve heard I like — the best
description of this is it smells like fresh
laundry which may not sound very sexy to you
guys, but I’m out there I’m doing some research.
So, Dave over at Fragrance Bros, Jeremy over
at Jeremy Fragrance, Chad over at Gentlemen’s
Journey, we got Stephen over at [Resolence]
which I probably just tore that name apart.
Stephen you know I love you.
But, these guys really know what they’re talking
about and they’re talking about stories how
guys are wearing this, married men and their
wife smells this and says immediately let’s
go to the bedroom.
Guys, if you want to get some action, definitely
check this one out.
Coming in at number two, we’ve got Giorgio
Armani, Aqua Di Gio Profumo.
So, how to describe this fragrance?
Well, imagine taking the number one fragrance
of all time that’s been sold and you add a
little bit of incense, so make it a little
bit more intense and that’s what you get here.
This is going to draw compliments.
You can wear it in a wide range of situations.
Make sure not to overdo it, it’s got a little
bit of a strong sillage, but this is going
to last all day and it’s going to make you
smell you’re going to have women just coming
to you guys, so definitely check this one
Number one on my list, gentlemen, Old Spice.
I’m kidding, that’s not true, but if you just
spit out your coffee spit out of your water,
you’re like, Antonio what are you talking
Let’s go to number one, Creed Aventus.
So, quick story, every time I wear this, I
get compliments.
This bottle is empty and why it’s empty because
I’m visiting a friend of mine, I saw he had
thrown this away and I pulled this out of
the trash and said I wonder if I can get a
couple of more sprays out of it.
Yes, it’s expensive, but when you find something
that you love and gets you compliments like
no other, save up for it because you want
to wear fragrances that you love that make
you feel more confident.
A lot of you guys will go out and you’ll spend
$50 on alcohol — liquid courage.
Well, how about trying this liquid courage?
How about actually maintaining your senses
how, you know, not needing to be drunk to
go up and speak with somebody, but to free
your action let your natural who you are shine
through and fragrance guys it it is one of
those things it’s so powerful with meeting
So, I want to hear from you guys down in the
comments what are your, you know, what’s your
number one, what’s may be your number two?
What do you disagree with me on this list?
And go check out Scentbird, a great sponsor.
I am proud to have them as my sponsor.
They have helped me explore fragrances, check
things out.
I live in a small town, so I can have things
shipped to me.
I don’t have to go looking around and that
8 ml is enough that I can use it.
Once I get a few of those all of a sudden
and you can or you can gift it, hint, hint.
So, anytime you want to send someone to somebody
or you have someone that wants to get you
a gift, say, hey, how about getting me this?
And you can even choose the fragrances and
send them to me.
So, guys, great company, great great service
and I really think they’re filling and serving
and solving a problem.
With that being said, I will see you guys
down in the comments.
Take care Bye-bye.

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  11. I have been a fragrance enthusiast since 1989 and the ones that I will name the top fragrances that have not only gotten me comments but……. N.B. You have to know how to wear it.

    4)Photo by Karl Lagerfeld

    3)CKBE from Calvin Klein.

    2) Le Male (AKA the panty dropper) from Jean Paul Gaultier gets lots of creepy attention from strangers of the female type.

    1) Obsession for men by Calvin Klein. This is top on my list because it has a habit of turning strange women vampire like and they suddenly pay you lots of attention, no matter who is around.

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  15. Creed is most overrated cologne ever. Very expensive but smells like crap. $290 for a small bottle and not one compliment in my Boston area or vacation In Ireland at high end hotels and spa. Spice bomb and old aqua di Gio is far better. Compliment galore for both.

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