Korea remembers victims of Japan’s wartime
sexual slavery marking the International Memorial
Day for (the euphemistically-called) ‘Comfort
A new memorial statue was also unveiled.
We have it all covered.
South Korea says it will actively respond
to Japan’s planned discharge of radioactive
water contaminated from the 2011 Fukushima
nuclear power plant disaster.
Seoul is urging Tokyo to scrap the plan as
Greenpeace says it will take less than a year
for the radioactive waste water to reach Korea’s
East Sea.
With hopes of helping small firms become more
sef-reliant amid rising global trade tensions,…
the South Korean government lays out measures
to help such firms develop their own parts
and materials.
And…South Korea plans to increase defense
spending to nearly 240 billion U.S. dollars
over the next five years to better counter
threats from North Korea.
Part of that money will be spent on anti-missile
systems and warships.

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  1. Koreans are shameless liars. They tell lies as they breathe.
    False Accusations of Comfort Women

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