2020 February 13 BBC One minute World News

this is BBC World News the headlines
China has revealed a big increase in the scale of the corona virus epidemic in
Hubei the province at the center of the outbreak the rise comes after Hubei
started using a broader definition to diagnose people in Vietnam several
villages near the capital Hanoi are under quarantine after a number of cases
were confirmed there 10,000 people will be kept in isolation for 20 days Italy’s
far-right leader Matteo salvini says he’s not worried after the Senate voted
to strip him of his immunity from prosecution he’s now facing trial on
charges of illegally detaining migrants at sea an Australia’s Rural Fire Service
says all bush fires across New South Wales are now contained for the first
time this fire seasons blazes had been raging across the state since September
destroying more than a million hectares of land

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