2nd Parent In College Admissions Scandal Gets Prison Time | TODAY

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  1. When you commit a crime and get caught, you have to pay the consequences. There is zero question about it for those who think otherwise. Is there nothing wrong in America anymore?? I hope Laughlin gets what she deserves for her crime.

  2. Commit crimes, go to jail, unless youre a US president. Then you can break any laws you want as long as billionaires keep getting richer.

    Hey are the people being prosecuted so far all left leaning? Not that it matters but it would be weird in the accused end up being from one political party. Also is there a difference between a conman telling people to cheat because everyone does it and the person who listens to that conman? Or are they all the same type of sentence?

  3. Commericals mislead the public all the time. They'll get a young beautiful lady physically fit to promote weight lost products. The woman would claim she lost over 50 pounds thanks to slimlite.😀

  4. And a black homeless woman got five years for lying about the address her son lived at, so he could get into a good grade school. 🤷🏻‍♀️ System only works for the white and well off.

    Not saying the guy should get even more time, but that she shouldn't have gotten any time.

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  6. I hope that these crooks dont expect us hard working people that live by the book.do we feel sorry for you? No.i wounder how much you've hurt your children and their journey in life.what a horriable thing to do to your kids.their are young men and women that truley deserve to be there but they cant afgord it.how does make you people feel getting caught.thats what your sorry about is that you did ger caught.good for you
    Good job.

  7. I support him I won’t feel sorry not one bit 4 months is nothing especially when he’s rich and can go back to normal life and has money!! Lori needs to go to jail longer

  8. Good grief it doesn't take 250k to get into USC for Petes sake! It takes using ye brain and getting good grades – I was accepted easy peasy – so stupid – throw the book at all of them-

  9. If the colleges don't pay a price in these cases, justice isn't served. Universities play, in my opinion, the largest roll in these cases by making it clear that money talks and as long as you provide something for their records(pics, enhanced test scores, etc) as *CYA, anything goes. This has been going on for decades. It's been public knowledge and even openly displayed in movies for decades as well. Why WOULDN'T the parents feel it's acceptable, a loop hole of sorts, to getting their kids in their preference of colleges? The universaties have made tens of billions from these practices on top of price gauging tuitions and other expenses for every person seeking to further their education. I'm NOT one who believes there should be free college but I do believe the schools should be called out for abusing us all in their overcharging practices.

  10. Put them in jail. They deserve prison. What about our kid that don’t have money?? There kids are not better then our kids. Pigs

  11. Of course it's ok for rich people to cheat the system. I bet these are the kind of people that talk contemptuously about people on welfare and how they just need to pull up their boot straps to get somewhere in life. Hypocrites of the highest order.

  12. These parents do not understand how big of a fool they make their kids look. Basically, you're telling your kids that they're not smart enough to get into a school by themselves…smh…btw, I don't think the kids care about going to these schools.

  13. Why are the men getting more time than Huffman. It does not matter the amount of bribery money paid, the bottom line is they all bribed and 4 months should be across the board for all. No matter what crime women commit they always get off easy.

  14. What a joke 😂😂😂 if “we” the so called poor did something like that 😂😂🤔🤔🤔 we would be sentenced to life in prison and lucky if we get parole!!! Disgusting!!! But, thanks for showing us who counts in our corrupt society!! Justice is only blind when it’s a poor person standing in front of her!!!

  15. He makes less money than Lori and Felicity BY farrrr. And he got the biggest fine and more community service than the other two. He got the same jail time approx. but it goes to show what $$ can buy.

  16. weren't these same people just complaining about affirmative action? (Harvard Lawsuit) Yet these people are no different lol

  17. I always suspected some students at my university having their way paid through. They'd never show up but we're pulling a's. All their needs met, the most expensive dorms, fancy cars, always at parties/drinking , but never in class, seemed stupid to talk to, Etc. Yet they'd graduate. I'd say to myself 'how do they do it', now I wonder …….

  18. And people want to talk about Affirmative action. Blah. Asians need to be mad at these types of parents taking their spots. Not less than ten percent of blacks.

  19. I don't like this Judge, she's letting everyone off easy. The sentences are not long enough to give these wealthy parents time to think about what they did wrong.

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