3M is selling lifesaving PPE to foreign countries over US: Florida Official

100 Replies to “3M is selling lifesaving PPE to foreign countries over US: Florida Official”

  1. When the chips fall, these multinational corporations need to be broken up. In the meantime, they have a deal with the US that they must be forced to comply with.

  2. This just shows what many Americans have known for decades–the corporations don't give a sh*t about America, only their profits. It use to be "as Wall Street goes, so goes America"–not any more.

  3. Why doesn't this have a million views 3 days later? Why is this not viral? Why have all the governors, mayor's, politicians, Americans and the American Frontline have not seen this? Why only a fraction know this.and I don't even like Fox's News.

  4. The companies working against US are part of the democrats and the deep state. They hate president Donald Trump so much to make you suffer and die.
    Never ever elect them to rule over US again.

  5. America is trading itself out of existence. I guess they're right when they say the market is moral. I'm being sarcastic

  6. Is this Created virus Corona and make profit to sell mask???? Or created virus and get profit to killed people???? Is this true?? Scary ….

  7. Your Country Hijack Germany mask from Bangkok And France Supply of Mask ordered from China.
    this is nice propaganda you just twist the story, what a thief…

  8. I'm in construction. Say good bye to my business 3M. I will buy all other manufacturers before I even think of 3M. A pillow company can step up but 3M can't? Unacceptable.

  9. Putting the highest bidder first isn't it the capitalist way??? I thought America was a Capitalist country?????

  10. I thought they said to Americans to NOT wear a mask?
    I thought they said to Americans – This is just a flu
    I thought they said to New Yorkers – Go ahead and ride the train, go to restaurants enjoy life?
    I though they said, America is more than equipped to handle this?

  11. Wait, Fox is against the “free market” and “capitalism”? Funny, when your life is in jeopardy all of a sudden how opinions change.

  12. IMHO seems criminal, Maybe a positive result of the inquisition proposed by Negative Nancy and Shifty, will be a strong national position that brings Manufacturing back to America and mandates our stockpiles get replenished prior to any export!! Makes Sense to me.

  13. Yeah who cares? Whose fault is it that the US wasn't stocked up, just in case of, oh I don't know, a pandemic? Now quit whining like Trump does every day of the week, it's unbecoming of adults.

  14. If they are an US based company and will not sell us any PPE, put them in jail for helping terrorists! Jail the big wigs that made those decisions!!

  15. Get out of the large metropolis jungles now as these pandemics will keep happening to level out the populations.

  16. The system is working as it is designed.

    Money talks, bullsh*t walks. Congratulations to a company keeping their employees first by insuring cash flow.

  17. Trump set this up and now is blaming anyone else he has the power to make them supply America first but hey…… trump dosent need a mask he will not wear one lol so to bad for the rest of us

  18. Its your own making. US only allow import of 3M’s N95, barred other Chinese made mask to create an unfair trade in the beginning. Now this.

  19. These are the same CEOs that benefited from trumps tax bill. It is greed at its best example. The elitist that trump belongs to. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  20. I happen to be a first responder Broward Country Florida, which has the second largest case count in the state. For weeks we have operated with home made masks or no masks at all. We still can’t get enough of this essential equipment and first responders are dying. Shame on 3M and their greedy distributors who care more about profits than American lives.

  21. America against the world! We need more weapons to take what we want. We are great they will perish, I guess.

  22. America against the world! We need more weapons to take what we want. We are great they will perish, I guess.

  23. America against the world! We need more weapons to take what we want. We are great they will perish, I guess.

  24. America against the world! We need more weapons to take what we want. We are great they will perish, I guess.

  25. Apparently China out bid everyone in the purchasing of N95 mask and other PPE and the virus itself started in China, what a coincidence.

  26. Well, part of Florida's mask issue is that chinese woman who took her husband and toddler son to ride in trucks and trailers to buy out all the masks in every store they could reach, and then she sells it at a high markup in China. She has videos of it, one of them saying she didn't leave even a single mask for Americans. She shows she is having her toddler son helping to load her truck with her hoarded masks.

  27. "I'm not interesting in politics of it. I'm only interested in science of it."
    ~J Berman. CNN.
    Someone needs to tell that to Dr Don Pandemic DJT and his sheep.

  28. So little tucker has a guy on who couldn't persuade the gov of FL to shut down the beaches as the "expert?" — GTFOH!

  29. So the Florida wants to jump the line for masks in-front of states like New York while keeping their beaches open. News flash, everyone needs these masks. Fox is so quick to attack china for doing things calling them evil and then turn around and think the US doing them is morally justified

  30. If we stop giving you pulp america will die and if we take our health care workers out which are about 2500 nurses and doctors from Canada will be pulled out of Detroit and other hospitals watch how worse it get for america then lol

  31. President Trump is failing ???? ? Fix the problem Mr. Trump this is your job not the private sector..

  32. N95 masks are in short supply at my local hospital. They're literally asking the community for donations. Yet when I go outside I see all these random people wearing the N95 like it's the new fashion trend. Give the masks to people who need them! You don't need to wear an N95 mask to get your groceries!! Jeez people, have you ever heard about social responsibility?

  33. So, Carlson Tucker is trying to get his head aound the idea that single payer healthcare systems, with their ability to place huge orders and goverment-backed financial security, appeal to profit-driven companies more than a solitary US state which has to negotiate it's own purchase prices?

  34. Now we know who our friends are when the chips are down….China! Look at what happen to the Kurds….same as us! USA our new enemy in times of dire need!

  35. Also, sorry to turn this political, but in any other situation I think Tucker and Fox News would have defended this form of free-market capitalism. Why should the big, bad government tell 3M what to do? Just wanted to point out their inconsistent beliefs.

  36. Well well well the shipment that Trump stopped at the border a few days ago has been given the go ahead to continue to Canada. Trump caved because somebody told him you cannot make the masks without Canadian pulp. You’re welcome

  37. Not everyone is simpleminded. Think people. There were no doubt, pre-existing contractual obligations (well before a month ago) and it would not surprise me that 3M is the only supplier to many of the foreign countries. No conspiracies; demand is outweighed by supply needs.

  38. What did he say? More traitors. You can't be in America and not be American First. 3M will not be around long if they don't stop with the love of money. . . Oh wait they are evil.

  39. How come there's lots of talk about 3M owning the patent 2 this thing called adrenochrome. What is that all about? 3M bought up the mask companies in Canada

  40. Well I just read here that Australia sent all their extra supplies to China Canada sent all their extra supplies to China I wonder how many other countries has sent all their extra supplies to China. now they're sending all their contaminated crop back to the rest of the world. Kind of interesting isn't it


  42. That is just the free market operating as designed. You can't fix it without government regulation.

  43. Thanks Tucker. I had know idea this was going on. When this is over we need to let our wallets and purses do the talking.

  44. Tucker, Call Trump and tell him to use his power to seize the output of these factories or is it that all these companies are in China now?

  45. Not to worry my fellow Americans, Our genius President called the virus a hoax that would miraculously disappear as soon as the warm weather arrived. By that logic there should be no one in the southern states with the virus correct – and therefore no need for the medical equipment. So all you folks in the southern States go out enjoy the warm weather, go to church, take in a movie….it will miraculously disappear.

  46. You stop selling to Canada we stop selling you the pulp (it can only be found in Canada). So you then have Zero masks further more we are refitting our own factories at the moment. So we will need that material more than your 3m…..good luck.

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