5 Secrets Of Your Sweetheart Celebs

Hello, guys! Despite massively successful acting careers,
some celebrities manage to be—or, at least, seem to be—good, humble people, but even
some of these good guys and gals of Hollywood have some not-so-sunny secrets. 1. Robert Downey Jr.: Nowadays, its hard to see
Downey as anything but a suave, sharp, and witty hunk, but he once suffered through horrendous
drug addictions that landed him in jail. He’s recovered nicely though, no? 2. Mila Kunis: When casting for the hit sitcom
That ’70s Show, the producers agreed that all cast members—who played teenagers—had
to be over 18. Kunis was only 14 when she auditioned, so
she had to lie about her age. Hey, it worked. 3. Tyga: People credit the rapper with escaping
“the streets” and making it to the big-time rap scene, but a 2008 video showed Tyga—not
yet a celebrity—on a game show admitting that his childhood was cushy. He even said his mom drove a Range Rover. 4. Drew Barrymore: It didn’t take long for
this actress—who’d been working since she was 11 months old—to feel suffocated
by the weight of the world. In fact, she battled alcohol issues before
high school and ended up institutionalized by 13. Good thing she’d made a big turnaround! 5. Samuel L. Jackson: Upset by the assassination
of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jackson and a few classmates at Morehouse College once
held members of the board of trustees hostage until they reformed the school’s curriculum. He got his wish. Thank you for watching! If you liked this video, please share it on
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