Adrian Wallace on American Pharaoh’s First-Crop Yearlings

Hi Lucas Marquardt here from the
Thoroughbred Daily News, continuing on our series of freshman sires of 2018,
with their first yearlings. Today we’re at Coolmore’s Ashford Stud in Versailles Kentucky talking to Adrian Wallace about the big gun of the crop,
the Triple Crown winner: American Pharoah. There’s always a certain amount of
trepidation when you come to any sales market whether it be your first foals out a certain stallion or the first yearlings when
certainly which is what we’re looking for for now with American Pharoah. But given
what he achieved himself given his look, given the amount, the quality,
and the amount of mares he covered I think we were always reasonably
confident that they were gonna be highly sought after in the marketplace. The
buzz is good I mean we’ve been touring the farms we’ve seen a lot of them. We’ve
been touring, we’ve seen a lot of them from foal days to now as
they’re yearlings and start in their prep. We’ve got a lot of them here ourselves so you know we’re constantly in contact with the breeders who bred to him.
He’s good, he’s a good sized horse himself. He’s 16 too he’s very correct, very good
mover, reason as good a moving in dirt horse as you’re gonna find. And he’s
passing that on, they’re generally very good sized they’ve got plenty of scope
and strength to them. They’re generally very correct, good movers, fairly
uncomplicated horses you know they’re as Tom VanMeter said after Pharoah won the Triple Crown if you want a big brown horse that can run fast you look to
American Pharoah, and I think that’s what we’re seeing in his first crop. We bred
thirty-five mares to him in his first crop, including Maybe who’s the dam of our own Saxon Warrior who won the 2000 guineas in Europe this year. He then bred the
likes of the damsels of Songbird and Ivanavinalot. He bred the dam of Acapulco who was
champion sprinter, bred the dam of Caravaggio, a champion two-year-old so he got a whole cross-section of mares dirt turf mares who were classic producers and
also you know top two-year-old producers. He covered a whole cross section of of
mares. And I think you know the fact as well that both of these Triple Crown
winners in Justify and American Pharoah both are graduates of the public auction
sphere. We know that American Pharoah was a high-priced or an A but both of them
were available to the public to be bought. I think that gives that should
give buyers and agents an awful lot of confidence. Say, yeah these horses are
being sold by their breeders these horses are available for everybody. They’re not being kept by the likes of a Claiborne Farm or a Coolmoor. These horses are available for everyone to have a swing at. So I think
that is something that should put a lot of confidence in buyers’ minds.

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