AG Barr appoints outside prosecutor to review Michael Flynn case

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  1. The Barr Department of Justice found NO evidence against McCabe and needs to STOP being a fool for Trumps paranoia. A waste of time, money, and manpower.

  2. BARR needs to stop worrying about what your president TRUMP is tweeting and start putting these corrupt politicians in prison…….


  3. Our TODDLER IN CHIEF controls the Billy Bob Barr department.

    Billy has no spine and will either obey Der Furher Trumpese or probably resign.

  4. Barr is justice….everyone needs to back off of this man…. Those whom will challenge are on a dark ticket! Law is law and our foundation should NEVER BE BREACHED BY ANY MEANS! HE IS THE BALANCE……. Judges should follow suite Reguarless whom put them in office… When favor shows it's rude presentation we need to be able to reclaime their office and replace them with unbiasness…..we have to have a unwavering commitment to hold the line. Our constitution and rights depend on it……and for the sake of the future of our country and sovereignty….

  5. Their all crooked, I'm still waiting to see just just one of them get charged with a real crime! All I see is overwhelming evidence, but nothing happens! Just like Schiff for brains, hill Larry and Obumber, it's like your immune from the law once you get high enough in politics!

  6. This snarled up ball of twine is going to take some time to unravel. Give Barr some time and leeway to do this the right way. A few small fish getting away is not important. Let it play out before jumping to conclusions. Speed kills. Long way to November. There's a long game in play here

  7. President Trump is getting tired of folks having a year or two after being uncovered, much was in the DOJ, Mr. Barr is going as fast as he feels comfortable with, President Trumps comfort is a tad more important then Mr. Barr, The Democrats are going to find that Mr. Barr has more then just a few things he is working on and the President isn't read in to a bunch of it. Yet that would be a problem for Mr. Barr, reading the president in is in fact his job, but knowing the leaks coming out of the White House, both Mr. Barr and President Trump need to go have a Big Mac a two hour lunch and share some fries, may be a story or two. Both men would be able to kick the can down the road, and in time Mr. Barr will start getting convictions. Roger beat the system again, not because of what he or Mr. Barr or the President did, but the deep state aimed at the President ~ it's Australia all over again, boomerang. And now Mike Flynn may get a chance to suit the FBI, maybe Comey personally. The Democrats had a bad week, it's looking like the who month is going into the toidy. My Facebook sucks, and lots of them are usually civil, but now it's a civil war. Any ways, a Big Mac ~ Burger King would be a headline.

  8. He DID get involved…Barr is lucky that he didn't get called onto the WH carpet, and then fired… Bill Barr needs to shut up, and get on with his work.
    A tweet bothers him?
    What about the garbage the Demtards are pulling?

  9. I wish my dear fellow Americans could see that this coming election is not about “Democrats” and/or “Republicans,” personal pride or even specific policies anymore. This is about what kind of country do we want to be? Are truly ok with ANY President (Democrat, Republican or anything in between) having this much power? Are we ok with letting our checks and balances go?? Are we ok with our justice system being overridden? Are we ok with a President publicly removing an American HERO Army Colonel Alexander Vindman and his twin brother? For WHAT??? Do we want a president that seeks “revenge” on anyone that even mildly disagrees or dares to tell the truth? PLEASE We NEED to REMEMBER the history of what truly happens when one person is given too much power all the while a society is burying their heads in the sand. Please keep this in mind when we go to the voting booth.

  10. Someone said something your reaction to that?

    I’m talking over you, your reaction to that?

    Let’s go get some lunch, Your reaction to that?

  11. Americans are waking up and seeing how corrupt the demon Democrats are and how our corrupt intelligence agencies are helping them break our laws. We the people will vote these demon Democrats out of office and they will never get their power and control again. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  12. The judge that heard the case asked the prosecution if they are seeking treason because of the classified information he had in front of him. Oh my. what about Flynn not reporting his Russian earnings to the IRS?

  13. A few things, Barr is obviously not communicating with the President. Assuming Barr is on the up and up not like Sessions or Comey he should have briefed Trump on the situation. If he was shocked by the line agents 9 year recommendation he should have known the President would have been even more livid. This is a case of Barr thinking he is independent of the President. When I worked as an administrator even the smallest things were explained to the executive, I made sure not to miss a beat because I do not know what she knew and I gave her everything. Before she retired she thanked me for not only that but for always being proactive and reliable. Executives always need that information, you never know what decisions they are making and what you know could be something they add to their considerations. I learned not to be the filter for my executive and Barr needs to understand that.

    The AG is not independent of the President anymore than an Admiral or a General would be.

  14. Trump man who gets upset if you Say he mispronounced a word wrong a man who attacks anyone who criticizes him. Even if it's just mild criticism. But he's not saying a word about bar calling him out. Let's smells Mighty fishy to me. I'm sure this was just a plot concocted by Trump to protect Barr from being impeached

  15. Barr and 45 thinks everybody's stupid. Had Barr gone against agent orange, he would have been called all kinds of names. Even if he berates orange it's going to look like front, just to throw everybody. All staged and all FAKE

  16. After Atty. Gen. Barr let Andy McCabe and James Comey off scott-free with no charges I think that Pres. Trump should fire and replace him because he looks like a swamp rat to me.

  17. There is no justice anymore in the U.S..Why you do not accept it. Study Turkey, Russia and other communistic countries. The governments decides who is guilty and who not. Thats happening in the U.S. right now. The next steps of your criminal president will be, that he will intervene in the still pending court cases against him.
    Are you all blind and deaf????

  18. Barr admits he intervened in the sentencing of a man who lied to Congress to cover up for the President. He’s only upset that Trump’s tweets made the political nature of his intervention obvious. Barr fools no one. He’s a witting accomplice to Trump’s attack on the rule of law.

  19. "Mr. President don't get involved." Think about that for a minute. The POTUS is chief executive, if Trump wants to get involved in HIS DOJ thats his prerogative. Trump delegates his authority..I understand that. I swear people forget that Trump is the President.

  20. The Senate Democrats are all scared and frightened of the truth they the democrats are criminals and AG Barr will get them all

  21. He has appointed these people to cover up for the deep state not anything else fools just like Durham put their to cover up no to hold anyone accountable

  22. This is wrong they release Andrew McCabe, because this FBI is corruption, also his wife take money from from crooked Hillary Clinton!! Need investigate the investigation FBI Robert Mueller !!

  23. People need to quit hyperventilating and let the man finish his job. I'm a huge Trump supporter, and fan, but he needs to calm down too. If they all walk the government will become target for the American revolution that's gonna happen. Just remember what happens in England, France, and Germany will come to us at some point. Just look at France for 5 minutes. People are on their ends.

  24. “It’s all an unnecessary distraction” ?!? All these holier-than-thou mucky mucks telling President Trump what not to Tweet. I rely on his Tweets for real news – that’s where I learned about the proposed sentence for Roger Stone. Leave President Trump and his First Amendment rights alone.

  25. Barr was handed the case against McCabe, ALL he had to do was assign it. If McCabe isn't prosecute for lying to congress NO ONE should ever be prosecuted again because this clearly says lying under oath is permissible. We also know his wife was given a giant donation, $750,000 or something like that. We know the money originated from Hillary and it's safe to assume it was laundered the way it was t pay McCabe for his role is closing her email case.
    So if McCabe and his wife are prosecuted for that, ok….but he should be prosecuted for lying under oath or form now on it's off the table for everyone.


  27. Barr is absolutely corrupt, he let McCabe walk and recommend three years for Stone. This Trump/Barr dust-up is meant to hide MaCabe walking. These Fox talking heads are Barr backside kissers. Barr has not brought any reform to the justice department and Fox here tells Trump to back off.

  28. Barr is absolutely corrupt, he let McCabe walk and recommend three years for Stone. This Trump/Barr dust-up is meant to hide MaCabe walking. These Fox talking heads are Barr backside kissers. Barr has not brought any reform to the justice department and Fox here tells Trump to back off.

  29. What we need is a federal prosecutor who represents, and only answers to the taxpayers. Who's sole purpose is to investigate, and prosecute corrupt government employees , or elected officials.

  30. GET THE FK OVER IT……… THE PRESIDENT HAS A RIGHT TO VOICE HIS FKN OPINION ALREADY AND EVEN VOICE THEM TO BARR (THE CRY BABY)!! THIS SHT IS PISSING ME OFF! Just because Trump became President DOES NOT MEAN HE LOST HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, DUMBA**'S!! HE HAS A 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHT JUST LIKE THE REST OF US DO!! As you can see……. I'm exercising mine right now! I miss the days when adults were actually adults and not a bunch of petulant children running around in adults bodies!

  31. Perhaps the outside councel being employed by Barr to look into the Flynnn case, could look into why the McCabe investigation faultered. Now if there were someone who should serve time for lying, don't you think it might be him, followed by Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Rosenstien and the rest of the charlatans.

  32. POTUS knows his base is tired of waiting,….period! Good men or not. Durham and Barr may not report their findings until after the elections. And if Trump doesn’t win, under the rug it goes! And the swamp is happy. Not good. It looks like Crooked already got a pardon.

  33. Barr can not manage the 125k deep State Department of injustice attorneys amid the rampid corruption in our government
    Dems admit to crimes but do not get prosecuted as Repubs get falsely accused of the dems crimes.

  34. The highly unqualified in the WH keeps hiring even more highly unqualified. “All the best people”, remember that one? How has putting the party of stupid in charge working out for you? The stock market has stalled due to stupid tax cuts for the 1%, no trump care, Mexico is not paying for the wall, fools. No DACA reform, another possible government shutdown, trump and his crime family is under criminal investigation and I could go on and on… Tired of winning yet?

  35. AMERICA NEEDS DONALD J TRUMP MORE THAN BILL BARR……….POTUS actually is doing everything he can to work for the American people……..We have yet to see IF Bill Barr is what he should be and is not a representative of the DNC………McCabe Just Walked, tell me exactly how much control does Barr have………ZERO………..Not interested in what this Nancy boy has got to say.

  36. Really, if this was true where the bartender son at complaining like he did with Mitt. Reality tv at its best don’t forget where this bozo came from. Reality TV fake beef’s improves numbers an keeps the dummies confused lol, hook line and sinker. O, O, see Barr is calling In outside investigators lol yeah right, Trump would say what guys? Come on, come on your FIRED!! Which has Kinda already happened a lot lately. If you think otherwise, or unless your just not willing too think then that’s a whole different problem. RIGHT!!!

  37. I'm tired of these experts getting up here. The Voters respect AG barr but there is some apprehension because these blatantly obvious crooks like Schiff, and Pelosi (who damaged Our constitution just like she damaged the SOTU… when she with held the resolution from the House Floor for a full floor vote BEFORE ever even beginning any impeachment inquiry .. and .. crickets. She's still waltzing around like she's queen of de-nile. She should be arrested and removed from office for 18 US Code 2071 alone. but there's much more .. even more serious than that, that Pelosi has pulled. The People are disgusted and angry and have been waiting for actual justice to come to these crooks. still… crickets.
    HOWEVER, I for one can say that I REALLY appreciate the fact that an outside prosecutor has been appointed to review the case of Gen. Flynn. Everybody in America knows .. Gen. Flynn was really done dirty by the dirty cops of the Swamp.
    So we shall see how clean and honest and fair the mysterious outside prosecutor is.

    Tom Fitton was talking something about hiring an outside prosecutor .. recently. It's a good idea.

  38. If Trump wants to Tweet his Two cents , he should. Everything smells. Corrupt, DOJ, CIA, FBI, FISA. Washington is more than a Swamp, if they don’t like a President they will try everything to get rid of you and nobody will get prosecuted.
    It’s a Rotten Banana Republic

  39. Barr work for President Trump, not the other way around, why couldn't he talk to his boss privately, he know how the fakers spin anything Trump, keep your so called friends close and enemies closer

  40. Whats the Point of an Out side Prosecutor…? John Huber was an Out side Prosecutor… and He brought Nothing to the table… No Democrat will be held accountable… AG William Barr will make sure of that.

  41. Better these folks listen to Trump. Until we get justice from the justice dept, Trump will continue to tweet for the forgotten men and women of America… Barr is right, Trump is right, but how can these 9 Dems senators be so wrooong?

  42. When the president is the one pointing out criminals you know that you have an authoritarian government. When you have a channel that calls itself a business channel and focuses on a lot on nonbusiness politics then you know you have a propaganda network.

  43. The president can comment on whatever he wants. He also has freedom of speech. Barr needs to do his job and nail McCabe, Brennon, Clapper, Comey and others to the wall. We are getting tired of Democrats never being held accountable.

  44. When this guy came on I throw up a little in my mouth and he did not disappoint within seconds with the whole we don’t need Trump. Look here republican from the bad old days…….we don’t need you.

  45. If Barr would start doing is job maybe Trump wouldn't have to tell him to do it. The racist leftist should not have a government job especially in the justice system.

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