Amazing video shows Coast Guard stop and board drug smuggling submarine

(shouts in foreign language) – [Coast Guardsman] That’s
gonna be hard to get on. (shouts in foreign language) (loud rumbling) – That could be bad.
– Yeah. (loud rumbling) (sudden fierce splash) (loud screeching) – [Coast Guardsman] Got it! (loud screeching) (person grunts) (shouting in foreign language)

100 Replies to “Amazing video shows Coast Guard stop and board drug smuggling submarine”

  1. I bet it was filled with coffee. Caffeine is the devil. God damn caffeine addicts go to hell with your drugs! Coffee is going to be more expensive now and the scum caffeine addicts will have to commit more crimes to feed their dirty habit. Increase the drug war and stop the sugar trade too. Kids are dying from sugar!

  2. Fregan Mexicans think of anything to get their drugs in the states! I can say that! I'm half Mexican so no singling out, it's just crazy what they do!!. Glad they got caught it's saving many lives!!

  3. I swear I thought this was a SEAL, his steady rapid movement to the top of this submarine was impressive as he was still banging on it. His Spanish was So cute! I'll marry him.

  4. Stop, because we’re the United States! Stop, because we’re the United States! I’m going to ignore that your hull is thick enough to work as a SUBMARINE and you can’t hear me! But I’m gonna keep yelling so I can show my buddies how badass I am.
    Because I blindly follow our glorious leader, Heir Dick H. Trump. Stop, or my Mom will shoot! Oops. I mean, stop because we’re the United States!

  5. WE have such brave, bad ass men and women serving our country. We WILL NOT be taken over from the outside. WE are in threat of being taken over by the INSIDE. Don't vote for socialists and that's just about every single Democrat these days! The ones who are not socialists don't (and will not) stand up to the socialists, so vote for anyone else except for the current Dem party (and Socialist Dem party and communist party).

  6. And just like that, the Coast Guard was the only branch to breach a submarine before anyone else. Guess who is called when Russian nuclear submarines show up.

  7. Coast guard MSRT. Martime security response teams. They’ve been doing this for ages and everyone shits on them.

  8. May we have a moment of silence for those we lost on that day? A little part of me dies every time I see them offloading pallets of go snow.

  9. Can anyone tell me what could possibly be this guy's rate in the coast guard? I want to join the coast guard but I wanna stick to law enforcement side of things / rescue because that's what I do now. I work in corrections and have my EMT. Any info would help ive already contacted requiter and looked website

  10. Coast guard jumps on sub and stops the progression of the submersible.
    Me: that's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen!
    The Captain: so it seems.

  11. The cartels having using subs for a long time they probably have hundreds more they haven’t even scratched surface of there operation

  12. Imagine smuggling drugs on a submarine and then you get an fbi knock on the hatch and some US military guy jumps in and busts you all

  13. It’s pretty unlikely those guys could hear them yelling. The pounding on the hatch was probably the first thing they heard.

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