Amazon’s 🍀NEW WORLD MMO News #1 – World Impressions & Delve Into The First Dev Diary (1080p)

New World is shaping up to be something interesting,
here’s a title that could help mold the future of sandboxes. Or assist in destroying it. In an age where games like this
are in great danger of being swarmed with those that would rather shape it in one image,
instead of letting it live free. Can this game survive this everlasting cycle? That’s something
we’ll just have to wait for and see. Today we’ve got a chance to dive into the
first Developer Diary for New World released just a few days ago. This one goes into the welcoming
to the new world of aternum. It starts off with Scott Lane describing the
game as an open world mmo, set in an alternate version of the 17th century. The journey begins in a place of legends,
Aternum. Which
is known as the land of power and treasure. They state it’s a place where your choices
matter, but this is a line that I really wonder about. Too often games start to get molded
into a linear direction for player’s experience as opposed to giving them the freedom to live
as they’d like, with or without the consequences. Also, this specific scene right here
is one that I want you to take note of, I wont say what it is but this is something
that really impressed me when I first saw it. After this they state that you get to live
a life that’s full of danger and adventure, on a supernatural continent that’s just been
discovered. I do feel just from my experience and
all that we’ve seen so far that New World will give off a darker tone as opposed to
most open world online games, the gritty and supernatural feeling is something that amazon
games studios captures very well for this one. And I’m actually looking forward to seeing
how they’ve expanded on this in the new iterations. We then get a summary on how they
wanted to build a version of a haunted eden, they were aiming for beautiful, picturesque
landscapes with danger around every turn. As the dev blog continues it showcases areas
that seem to be ones we haven’t seen before, the map itself sounds like it’s been expanded
in terms of places we can explore and settlements we can conquer. They state that they want players to feel
contrast as they move around the world, every space we enter will feel different and special
from the space behind it. And it certainly looks that way for the most
part, with all the exotic locations being shown in this dev blog. They then say that although not too many
people know about aternum yet, at least in it’s new state… There are threats, but there are also opportunities
to be had. Rumors swirl about the power and danger of
the island but the people that travel to aternum don’t
really know what they’re going to find. It could be paradise, but it could also be
our worst nightmares… And what gives aternum this power alongside
making it supernatural and special is there’s the mineral running
through the entire earth of the land called Azoth. Which is known for it’s magical properties. It’s stated that Azoth can amplify things,
despite the material itself not necessarily being good or bad, it’s just described as
a pure, raw energy. It both has the capabilities of change, it
can create beauty, or even cause things to become more deadly. In the trailer
I believe we get a good look at this, or at least how the land of aternum can create life,
or it can take it. During the scene with the deer and the evil
death bear we get a look at how the land transfers its life force to bring
this animal back to life, and then later in the trailer as the area corrupts, we see this
centurion before the dark gem’s power. It seems to be a good representation of how
the magic of the land will create beauty on one side of the coin, but the other side may
present endless destruction. The next part of
the diary goes into how Azoth is different for everyone who sees it or knows about it,
for some, it’s the fountain of youth, for some, it’s the philosopher’s stone, and for
some, it’s the living embodiment of god, or the devil
themselves. For us as players it’s stated that it gives
us a lot of interesting powers to play with, which sounds very nice since in recent
news we found out that we would be getting access to magic. It sounds like the two sides of the coin between
light and dark may play a part in what abilities we may get access to… We then see a brief showcase of the featured
artwork for New World as they continue to describe how
when we first arrive at aternum, we will find evidence of other civilizations being trapped
there throughout history. This concept
is very interesting due to the fact that first we see what looks like Romans when the corruption
first takes hold, and then later we get to see men that resemble knights of the Spanish
and Portuguese empire during the age of discovery. What this could mean is we may see even more
types of older civilizations on our journey throughout the lands. Perhaps we
may even discover things dating anywhere from 14th century medieval ages all the way back
to the aztecs and beyond. We do also get a look at this dark corrupted
creature, that appears to be very old, very ancient and powerful. Perhaps this is a taste of what type of creatures
we may encounter, maybe we’ll come across something far more
dangerous in these lands. And speaking of dangerous, they next tell
us that the whole world of Aternum is open to us, we are only
limited by the skill we have, and how difficult the enemies we run into will be. And because of this, how we choose to play
will be in our hands. This will be defined by the weapons
and equipment we bear. This game will adapt to us and our play-style,
whether our goal is to become one of the best blacksmiths, which I will 100% be going for. Or even attempting
to become the best sword fighter, or hunter, or maybe even magic user? It will all be in our hands, and the progression
system supports that. They say that we will just have to continue
doing what we do best, and that could be a hint towards a different type of leveling
system, where the profession or combat style we go into must be trained over time by being
in situations where we will use or fight in that specific way. We may need to cut trees and mine ore to refine
these gathering professions and the crafting ones tied into them. Or if we want to use two handed weapons and
specialize in them, then we’ll have to go out and hunt bandits or animals with that
weapon until we can progress it. Which of course only makes sense. They then say that there are multiple settlements
all over the world, and the corruption is always an invasive, progressive force that
takes action into it’s own land. Which means
all those entities that we saw in the trailer that were coming to siege that fortress, it
looks like we’re going to fight some of that. And these creatures of darkness have their
own idea of how the power of aternum should be
used, it sounds like we may have to beat back attacks from these corrupted whether it’s
from our settlements or within the world itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had dynamic
events where either at night we would see the corrupted come, or certain times of the
day or week they would band together to invade our lands. And this sounds even more possible by the
next thing they go into. Stating that the world is going to beat back
at us in a couple of interesting ways, and that as we grow more powerful, there will
be resistance that will come for us. And that one
of the most exciting things about the game is that how us and other players band together
to create our settlements and lands, these entities will come for us. Which they then
finish off by saying that we will find some very interesting battles to be fought, to
keep a foothold in this world. Which is something I have always loved about
New World, we got a taste of it during the alpha and although
I can’t go into it, for those of you who typically find sandbox-like games dull at times when
we aren’t doing large scale pvp. I’m thinking
that new world is going to have a grand deal more of chaos to keep us on our toes. And chaos, sounds like just what we’ll need. In fact, that’s probably exactly what we’re
going to need in these types of games. And I hope we’re ready for it.

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