Americans Watch India’s Times Now For The First Time

– I’ve never seen real Indian news,
but I’m ready for it.
(country introductory music)
– I’ve never seen an Indian
TV news channel before.
– It looks just like a
normal news broadcast.
– Alright, here we go. I’m just
gonna dive into this thing.
– [Man in the middle] Or are
you saying so, one second.
– Don’t be stupid.
– [Man on left] Don’t be stupid!
– [Man in the middle] No,
I am not being stupid!
I am not being stupid.
– Don’t be stupid.
– Doctor Subramonyan is
killing it right now.
He’s bringin’ the heat.
– [Man on left] You’re an ignorant man.
– Oh! Called him ignorant.
– I’m just gonna refer
to him as Dr. Subaru
because when I see SUB, that’s just
the word that I think of.
– This is just like, worse
than a Comedy Central roast.
(thick accent)
– He just called him Dumbo.
– This guy is acting how like,
we all did in 1st grade where like,
someone else is talking and
you don’t like their argument,
so you were like yalalalala
and you like talk over them.
– He must have said liar
at least 150 times now.
– It’s like they remixed it.
This could be a viral song or something.
– So Dr. Subaru is
regulating one, two, three,
four other people.
– I like the host is now
instigating the fight.
– That’s just chaos.
– You could just keep
throwing people in this screen
and Dr. Subaru would just utterly destroy.
– I don’t even know what
they’re talking about.
– Is this news?
– I’m in love with Dr. Subaru.
I wish that he were my Dad.
(heavy crosstalk)
– This is stressing me out.
– They called each other liars
for four minutes straight now.
– The one dude’s just still silent,
just sorta sittin’ there.
I don’t think he even
knows he’s on camera.
– I just figured out that
the guy on the far right
is actually made of wax.
So, he’s not a real person.
– He’s seen like, other country’s news
and knows that this is like a farsight.
He’s just like, “Yeah, I wish,
“I wish we had like actual
stories to report on.”
– It’s over now. It just ends.
They just stopped the
video ’cause it kept going.
– Like, you think there’d
be a producer in the booth
to like cut this guys mic at some point.
Show the squirrel water
skiing. Let’s just cut to that.
– They seem pretty similar
to American politics
if American politicians
said how they really felt.
– I don’t like it.
– It’s much more entertaining
than American new programs.
– I think we need to get
Dr. Subaru over here ASAP.
– I’d totally watch American
news if it was like this.
– This is India. This is India right here.
And it’s spirit force.
– Which one got the degree from Harvard?
Was it Swami? Please don’t say it’s Swami.
Shut the f*** up. Swami got the degree?
Swami’s loud a** got
the degree from Harvard?
Oh my God! Swami, why?

100 Replies to “Americans Watch India’s Times Now For The First Time”

  1. OMG, I'm not the only one who thinks they're crazy! My parents watch Indian News (Asianet) every morning and it's literally uncontrolled chaos. No one can get in a word edgewise because everyone is yelling over everyone else to be heard and idk what the audience gets out of it aside from a clown show. No shadow of respectful, informative debates whatsoever on these things.

  2. It would have been nice to see some of the actual NEWS to which they were referring. That would have given the viewer a better baseline.

  3. After Hindu College and ISI, Dr. Suburu received a PhD in economics from Harvard University (where he was on a full Rockefeller scholarship) (his thesis advisor was Nobel Laureate Simon Kuznets). He also worked at the United Nations Secretariat as an assistant economics affairs officer , and served as consultant to the World Bank. This is just some information I'd like to put out there for these liberal American hipsters to process before acting snarky.

  4. Republic – " let's name the show Frankly Speaking with Arnab "
    Indian Yourubers – " we think it should be more like , Barely Speaking with Arnab 不不不 "

  5. "These guys are talking the way we use to talk in 1st grade".. thisnshows the standard of Indian media… hahahahahhahaa… ess say baree insult enn ke kia hogee…

  6. All the reporters of TIMES NOW channel are barking dogs & bitches of MODI ,BJP & RSS.They talk war & divide INDIA.Let the public know they or their family members ever join military.They only talk nonsence & lies & lies.

  7. indian media need just rating ..they can do any ting for rating..indian media spread panic they set customs of lie and intolerance

  8. Btw, this is not news.. The real news time is different. This is debate on political issues, economics, cultural etc. Some people support & some are against. So.. There is lots of noise..

  9. Who came hear after false indian media propaganda news about pulwama and fake attack on pakistan.

  10. Give reaction to recent fake news by indian media about destroying Pakistani aircraft F-16.
    2. Show people how they gave proof of that shot by bringing parts of their own fighter plane mig 21.
    3. They claim that they kill 300 people in surgical strick in pakistan but international reports and google image show there was no attack. Indian media is growing in aggression and immaturity day by day. By recent british reports,65% of indian people receive fake news.

  11. It's more of a debate format than news. Ppl are confused as a result.

    It's a debate that goes on for 1 hr.

  12. Please watch latest indian Republic TV news ( Arnab Balatkari sorry Arnab Goswami ) ever since they started creating india-pakistan war hysteria in their prime time shows

  13. Whatever the case might be , at least people on Arnab's panel not bound by political correctness . They can say freely and won't be judged .

  14. Pakistani propaganda. We asked American YouTubers to ridicule Indian media. Indians, thumbs up if you agree

  15. Most news channels in India are owned and funded by BJP right wing hindu fundamentalists who are goons. They are hostile and aggressive to anyone that doesn't agree with their party politics.

  16. Plz don't watch Indian TV channnal,,,morally loose people sit here in TV studio….only watch NDTV….in India this media channel r called Bhaght they don't know any thing about reality….

  17. My dear Americans, please don't mess up with your superior cultural ethos by consuming anything that is Indian in origin.

  18. U don't know how indian media is showing fake news all time indian media is so funny i know because I'm from india

  19. Why the jeck does these americans have to interfere?! Its like they don't even understand! Ours is real democracy and their is imaginary democracy.

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