Amy Poehler’s Secret Wine Bottle Opening Skills Impress Kelly

– What, one thing, well before “Idol” one thing we have in common
is you waited tables, right. – Yes. – So me too. – Okay. Yeah, I feel like we
have a lot of similarities. And were you a good
waitress, do you think? – I was a great waitress. – Me too. – I was, yeah. (audience claps) I was pretty good, yeah. – Thank you, I can tell. – Yeah. I was working for that tip girl. – Oh, one hundred percent. (laughs) And I know that you like,
you enjoy your wine. – I really do Amy. – Yeah. – I really do. – Now do you guys — – I heard that you have like a thing, a whole thing you used to do with wine. – Well I’m still kinda proud of the fact and I mean of course I’m
gonna screw it up now because I’m doing it on TV, but I’m kinda proud of the fact that I can open a bottle of wine and tell you about the specials and distract you from the fact that I’m not doing a great
job opening the wine. (laughs) – You’re an actor. – Because you knows
there’s a couple of times when you been opening
wine and then the cork, like you get half, and then you’re like “just one second, “I just have to go fetch
something in the kitchen.” and you like “Argh” like with the knife. – Luckily you worked at nice places. I worked at a comedy club and so mine were like, it was whiskey. – Yeah. – But you know what, I happen to, I mean it’s
weird, interesting, but — (laughs) (audience cheers and claps) I happen to have some fine ACME wine, I think we’ve hidden some
stuff to help you out. – What do we have under here? – I mean let’s celebrate. – Oh my goodness! – Let’s celebrate. (audience cheers and claps) – Amazing. – Okay. – Here’s your wine glass. – I say we celebrate smart girls. – Yes. – Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. – I never had to do this as a waitress, I would have vomited of nerves. – You never had to do this? – No, I’m serious, it
was not fancy at all. They ordered Bud Lite, Amy. (laughs)
– You never took the Bud Lite and you ever should it to them like this? – Would you like a Bud Lite? – Okay I don’t know what we drinking here. This looks like somebody’s good wine. Okay. – Okay, let’s do it. – So just a couple of
specials we have today. (laughs) – Do you have any pasta? – We do. We have a delicious gnocchi. – Is it gluten free? I’m that person. – We can make it gluten free.
We can make it gluten free. Or we can tell you it’s gluten free and you’ll never know the difference. – Exactly. (audience laughs) until
I’m bloated the next day. – Yeah. Let’s see. We have a Branzino tonight that’s amazing. It’s served fully, full, not cooked. (audience laughs) And you have to cook it yourself. – It’s like a Benny Honna. – Yeah. You have to go catch it, but it’s so fresh. – Don’t you love fishing? (giggles) – We have, what else do we have today? We have a roasted sirloin. – With like pasta, like some risotto? – Yeah, we have risotto. – Risotto. – We have risotto ice
cream, which is weird. – Risotto ice cream? But I’m into it. – Weird but good. – Yeah. – And then also I’m
trying to help you out. (audience cheers) Do you have bread? – We do have bread. – Yes. – You have some bread. Like a focaccia? – You know what’s so
interesting about bread? You know what’s so interesting. Look right here. You know what’s so
interesting about bread, is it really fills you up. – It does. – Yeah. – To where you don’t even
have to eat the meal. You’re just like Jesus, bread and wine. – So let me guess your birthday. – Okay. You must be a Taurus. (audience cheers) Okay. – Okay. – And now. – Yes. – I don’t make friends drink alone, so I’ll definitely have this with you. – This is going to make me go night night. I can’t wait. – Okay. – Cheers.
– Is that so wrong though? – No. (audience cheers)

26 Replies to “Amy Poehler’s Secret Wine Bottle Opening Skills Impress Kelly”

  1. That glass definitely put Amy to sleep, she started wide eyed and in the other clips her eyes are so small and sleepy, it’s so funny!!!

  2. Amy Poehler and Kelly Clarkson you might never see this but we make sketch comedy about waiting tables! Check us out!!! Love y'all!!!

  3. Everyone has that one person in their life that is their hero. Mine is Amy Poehler. What a brilliant and hilarious person 🥰

  4. Robert Mondavi showed me how to open a bottle of Champagne at a reataurant I worked at in SF. I had lied and said, "Of course I know how to present and serve wine!" when hired. Anyway, cute story. As he opened it, he flashed his eyes upon me as his date watched with the confidence of a mature woman and he said, "As you open it, the sound that escapes should sound like a contented woman's sigh."

  5. I love Kelly, I've been a fan of hers since she auditioned on the original American Idol. But I'm concerned she's an alcoholic, she's drinking quite often on her talk show.

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