100 Replies to “Anderson Cooper on Rod Blagojevich claim: Just nuts”

  1. Hey Andersen, stop this stupid fool,you were thrown in prison because of your stupid greediness, why are you guys giving him an air time,CNN ,stop this please.

  2. Dont try to teach Anderson's anything, he's been doing this job too long,he is just talking stupid, get him of this air,he is not making sense.

  3. FINALLY, some one with ball's, STAND UP to this Trump's bully's. and stopped his chorus of lye's right there! Ashamed like he deserved with the TRUTH! In front of the all world, to bad there's so few people out there with independence and courage to stand to this clowns that now Think are UNTOUCHABLE

  4. I’ve watched this guy push the fake Russian collusion and now we’re supposed to listen, I just wanted to hear his guest that he just wanted to abuse,tired of our fake journalism 😓

  5. Anderson projecting so well as corrupt democrats and some republicans, and it works,people believe him because he has nice hair🤣🤣🤣

  6. Now all CNN and it's viewers think the justice system can do no wrong. People are falsely accused all the time. Anyone can be set up.

  7. Sometimes one life is not enough to finally turn around a chronic, pathological liar. It's obvious the jail time had no effect on his arrogance or his gas lighting………..at all.

  8. Cooper you are a asshole and never live in reality, you are a dick licking scum bag! When you are perfect then you can have a attitude otherwise report and interview! Who do you think you are? And btw he was from YOUR party!! Corrupt scumbags!

  9. for anyone not from chicago, blagojevich went into a park at 2 pm and built a shitty shitty airport that was a public park

  10. Surely everyone can also see the issue in Trump pardoning Milken within three days of a fundraising dinner hosted by Peltz that raised $10m for Trump's re-election campaign, given the very close business association between Milken and Peltz? I guess Stone will be pardoned next week!!

  11. Two things. The first is that he did nothing different than every other corrupt politician. The only difference is that he went to jail while they turn a blind eye on "the cool kids" in Washington. Second, he served eight years, which is again eight years longer than every other mother fucker we've turned a blind eye to for the exact same conduct. People are just salty because it was Trump who commuted his sentence. Obama commuted sentences for people convicted of, but not limited to distributing heroine, smuggling drugs across the border, armed bank robbery, money laundering, wire fraud, treason, and dozens more. None of us said a fucking word as long as a Democrat was doing the pardoning or commuting.

  12. What is going on in the US? this guy is not, repeat not a political prisoner, he was justly convicted…if there wasn't a mad-man in the WH no president, Democrat or Republican would have stained his reputation by releasing this criminal.

  13. Blagojevich hasn't learned anything all the time he's been gone hes still got tht same privileged attitude.Get this guy off tv

  14. Things have changed a lot since he was incarcerated. Now that he is out his lizard tongue is sensing that he can do corruption again knowing that the chief lizard in the Whitehouse will protect him.

  15. Blagojevich was railroaded by the biggest CNN conspirators who are being investigated now for abuse of power. The phone tapper is a fucking gangster. CNN has room to talk .the biggest criminal organization in America.Rod …Why are you even talking to this asshole? His only job is to make you look bad and the organized criminals prosecution look good. They are the deep state.They own most of the mainstream state controlled news. Its all fake bullshit.

  16. What I cannot understand is why Trump would grant him clemency? Other than to make a loud and bold statement that we are now full-on corrupt, what is the benefit?

  17. This CNN anchorman rudely and disrespectfully ignored of him telling him the prosecutor's and trial court "refused" to permit all of the records be brought in-court and the prosecutor's and trial court put a "seal" on those said record's deprived him of his 6th Amendment Right to a fair trial and unbiased and impartial jury to "shows" his defense with these said records which shows that their was no violation of the law's by him of what the said prosecutor's and trial court wrongly contend's he violated the campaign laws…then the said anchorman ended with using fowl language in direct violation of the law and CNN policies, practice and customs. This said anchorman conducts, acts and words exhibited just what the words " biased" and "partial" actually means and how a person portrays it.

  18. This f'n guy…
    be grateful that you were fortunate enough to be guilty of pretty much the same exact thing Trump was. Then be double grateful that unfortunately, we have a corrupt president who gets away with murder because the spineless cowards who make up the Republican majority led Senate refuse to even think about holding Trump accountable on any of his increasingly obvious corrupt actions. And finally, get on your knees and thank some toolbag that your family is still fortunate enough to have who knows how much cash on hand, to be able to completely & shamelessly take advantage of this unjustly horrific & corrupt environment that we find ourselves in and be grateful that there corruption is so unchecked and allowed to operate in broad daylight that you were able to shop around for a pardon.

  19. Rob, Rob i live IL, you were not tail roaded, you r a piece of shit that got greedy and committed a crime and was not smart enough in your crime and got caught. Like your budy Trump your ass should be still be in prison.

  20. Anderson doesn't have the ability to get past his own mindset to consider facts he doesn't know. Of course a jury will say your guilty of the prosecutors do what they do best which isn't always moral.

  21. You might've paid Trump for that illegal abuse of power pardon but that doesn't make you him. Stay quiet and be grateful your pathetic ass got out of prison. Don't pretend to have the same magical abilities that Trump has by trying to change public opinion & the narrative that you were a victim… lol, you're not fooling anyone! Shut ur mouth and stay invisible out of the spotlight because Trump's corruption might've gotten your freedom, but if you'r consistently try to sell this BS story that you're owed more and a victim… there's still a thing called carma and sooner or later it gets us all

  22. Anderson Cooper is a 'political criminal' and he should be indicted for complicity in the attempted Coup d'etat of POTUS Trump.

  23. Anderson Cooper is so politically bias and ignorant of fully contextualized evidence. It's an embarrasment. He should resign and work at Burger King.

  24. I think the only reason this guy went to jail is because he was not donating large sums of Money to the Clinton Foundation.

  25. Hey you idiot liberals Trump released him for a reason and it was a brilliant move…..Now you little college kids wait and see what happens from this brilliant move

  26. these trumper's always whining & crying when they get caught & held accountable. a bunch of babies. if you can't do the time, don't do the damned crime. little babies. boohooohooo. be quiet you little slimeball criminal. ya, you had time to think, & all you come out with is boohooing because you were held accountable. you got a damned pardon that were not eligible for in any way, shape, or manner. this presid'ain't broke yet another law getting your sorry little ass out of prison & now you think you are going to get kudos for trying to sell us some epiphany bs about supposedly caring about brown people? you're a liar & a thug. just stfu.

  27. Anderson Cooper would know about nuts now wouldn't he?  The pooper scooper is an ignorant filthy POS. Blago should never have gotten into the cesspool with this scumbag.

  28. Time to throw all these criminals politicians in prison !

    Time to bring back Law & order
    by the end of a rope or a bullet right between the eye's !

  29. I am from Chicago this dude should be buried under the the Dan Ryan express way ..oms.. he is one of the many reasons Chicago is so 🖕 up añd he lying with a straight face.. sack of shit..

  30. This is such BS. He didn't go to prison for just selling a senate seat. He withheld millions from a children hospital because the CEO refused to contribute to his campaign. What kind of human being does that? He should have gotten life in prison!

  31. A campaigning person "is" a political prisoner who is imprisoned without being afforded his 6th Amendment Right to a compulsory process to be permitted to produce witneses and documentary material evidence to show his innocence that he violated no law( such as what he said the prosecutor's and trial court unconstitutionally refused him to bring/use the records in-court and placed a seal upon these records so he can't use these records on appeal , if convicted). Hence, deprived of his unalienable Right to be free from a mockery of justice with a full completely fair and impartial tribune by a jury, again violated his 6th Amendment Right to the Constitution to the USA WITH "The Unanimous Declaration Of The Thirteen United States Of America," adopted by Congress, July 4th, 1776( God given "Unalienable Right" to "life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness" to be free from "a mockery of justice").
    This CNN anchorman is a Communist Bastard!
    I Remain,
    23FEB2020; 21:53 H.H.

  32. I love it!

    If you lie to yourself enough times, you may start to believe it.

    Major props to his wife for getting him out, but he really should shut the hell up! The main reason they gave him 14 years is because he never owned up to any of this shit, and now he paints himself like a matyr? Seriously, fuck blago.

  33. I’m a Trumpocrat,” Blagojevich told reporters he was grateful to President Trump for commuting his prison sentence, allowing him to return to his family in Chicago. “I think it’s appropriate to express my deepest, most profound, and everlasting gratitude to President Trump,” Blagojevich said.
    “He didn’t have to do this,” he continued. “He’s a Republican president, I was Democrat governor and my fellow Democrats haven’t exactly been very nice to him.” “He’s got obviously a big fan in me, if you’re asking me what my party affiliation is, I’m a Trumpocrat,” Blagojevich said to reporters in the Denver airport after he was released.

  34. All the people in these comments herein are just stogies and would been with the Jews in crucified Jesus Christ today…because, "You had a jury and they found you guilty"! Never mind your Rights, they don't matter.

  35. Rod should’ve taken his commutation, moved his family to a new town, and went on quietly about the rest of his life. The more he speaks out about his “wrongful conviction”, the more he just reaffirms his guilt.

  36. He was a Democrat
    Chicago is run by Democrats and it's still a god damn war zone.
    This isnt a pro Republican comment but hey once a Democrat always a Democrat.
    They want to build Obama's stupid library in Jackson park and it's going to price out many it the south side.
    No wonder a bunch of people flock out of Illinois every year

  37. Hey Coop…why did you bother to have this man on as your guest…you aren't the lest interested in Blago's side of the story…you are only interested in repeating the corruption that got Blago convicted in the first place. I don't think you are giving this man a fair chance to tell his side of the story. You, Anderson, are telling YOUR story of these events. Blah!

  38. I actually voted for him. He was endorsed by the Illinois NEA, I was a teacher. To tell you the truth, I can't remember who the Republican candidate was. I only knew that the last Republican Govener, George Ryan, was already in prison. When they showed him live, arriving at the Federal prison in Colorado, he was carrying a gym bag. Did he think he was going there to work out? I guess he did. One thing about a presidential pardon, it's an admission of guilt.

  39. Anderson why don’t you shut up and let him speak you CIA operative. If Obama has pardoned him, you’d be quiet. This is why CNN’s ratings are in the toilet.

  40. As a conservative, I am glad Trump pardoned Blagojevich. Why does he have to pay for his mistakes, while other Democrats like Hillary Cllinton and Joe Biden are "overlooked".

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