Andrew Cuomo’s unlikely celebrity amid the coronavirus pandemic

100 Replies to “Andrew Cuomo’s unlikely celebrity amid the coronavirus pandemic”

  1. He dropped the ball and now is trying to blame the Federal Gov. Stop acting like NYC lives are more important than the rest of the Country. I came from NY and everyone I know from NY hates this guy.

  2. The national response is way different than the local NY response. You cannot shut down the United States for an extended time. It’s the point in our history as a nation to get along. The Washington Post, debatably, should stay out of everyone’s way. They have falsely reported story after story and no American needs that.

  3. Welp… Guess we know who the DNC has picked to take Biden's place as the party's Dem nominee come convention time. MSM doesn't even try to hide their bias bullshit …& why should they? Ppl obviously prefer being told WHAT to think – not HOW.

  4. The country can't be put on hold just because of one state. Let's keep on manufacturing in China. I hope we've learned our lesson.🐈

  5. "I love New York because New York loves you"? That's one of the most random thing you can say that means nothing. All that aside I hope that aid reaches New York and everyone around the world. This thing seems to be pulling us apart rather than together.

  6. He is practicing for a presidential run…the demokkkrat plantation know joe is a sick horse in the race…Fredo's brother might be their plan B!

  7. DIVERSITY is the NY way . Mabee Mexico or all the illegals will help you out . Diversity is your strength . I guess you'll get your chance to prove it Andrew .

  8. I see a movie in the making. Oh wait… "Escape from New York" starring…
    Tell me, what has the State of New York brought to the table? Why doesn't the State of New York have a stock pile of medical supplies and equipment in their inventory? Why hasn't the State of New York started manufacturing mask, gowns, gloves, ventilators and beds? According to this individual these items appear to grow on trees. Be a part of the solution not the child who cried wolf with the sky falling.

  9. Cuomo: where are Covid-19 death certificates, the corpses, the autopsies (to confirm cause of death), the wakes, the funerals, the cremations and where are the many social media comments from family, friends and relatives of the Covid-19 alleged victims?

  10. He keeps saying that he needs 30k ventilators. With only 4% to 6% of the total cases needing to be hospitalized, at most right now he only needs 1,848 ventilators worse case scenario. . And that's assuming that everyone who gets hospitalized requires a ventilator which is highly unlikely . The federal government gave him 4,000 ventilators yesterday. He needs to realize that the entire country is in need of these ventilators and they need to be distributed by each states needs and not just for the sake of stockpiling for his crystal ball vision of worse case scenario.

  11. Does he not understand that if New York City falls that the image of the mighty United States to the world will cease to exist? How can a man see his own hometown that made his name and celebrity brought to its knees under duress and tell them to essentially”figure it out.”? Your own hometown. If you’ll turn your back on the people that made you, the people that voted for you and still defend your indefensible actions mean even less. The sad part is they don’t understand how little they mean to trump and continue stroking his shrimp…

  12. Why hasn't he shut down the main spread of the virus which is the sub ways and way are New Yorker's fleeing for other states mainly Florida ?

  13. My goodness! Would love to meet him one day. He not only represents the great state of New York, but I feel like he cares about us folks in CA too. Would be so happy to have him as a future president.

  14. PEOPLE ARE DYING…..delayed response in acting on the pandemic has put AMERICANS fighting for their LIFE. Who is going to take the responsibility for the LIFE LOST?

  15. Although he’s performed well in the recent crisis, he’s a progressive disaster for NY. Bail reform setting violent criminals free, drivers licenses and free college for illegals , evisceration of the 2nd amendment, crushing taxes that force the middle class to flee in droves. He’d be an even worse disaster nationally

  16. Andrew Cuomo is number 1; acknowledging the Covid-19 as the Pandemic it is. 2; He's listening to the medical experts not the monster in the White House. 3; His common sense is also helping. 4; He used to work for FEMA so he takes disasters seriously and soberly. Lastly he has a State with a huge population and one of the International cities in the WORLD. Actually the monster in the White House should listen to Andrews advice.

  17. Trump is always trying to evade the issues concerning the COVID-19 crisis. He is also doubleminded and a liar. He speaks with a fork tongue. He cares more about big business and the stock market figures, than the people. He is a snake in the grass.

  18. Cuomo is another Trump hater. Cuomo is an enemy of Americans who elected President Trump. He needs an attitude change.

  19. NYC here. Our Mayor is terrible, but Cuomo is really coming through for us, and in turn, the rest of the country.

  20. Mental health isolation impacts many, many suicides plz find calm in this storm.. 🇺🇸America needs more positive messages

  21. He’s a douche……these people who made the video obviously don’t live here and pay taxes …..
    Crude oil plummeted to $20 a barrel……we still pay $2.40gal…….what a gem

  22. Here in Michigan I still see folks from Ohio, Illinois and yes New York driving around. One way to stop the spread is close state borders and only essential vehicles, truckers and government vehicles are allowed crossing states.

  23. New York is a sanctuary state. Yet everyone wonders why they have the most confirmed cases. I hate political ads especially by supposedly respected news sources

  24. You’re praising a dumbass that didn’t contain his state and he turned down 15,000 ventilators in 2015. It’s hard to govern a state full
    Of dumbasses also.

  25. Cuomo didn't act quick enough knowing he has a high-density city like New York similar to cities in China. Now he whines about the fed's action. By the way 21 million cell phone accounts disappeared in China and no its not due to 5g. Wonder where those people went and the accuracy of the data from China.

  26. I am looking to God no celebrity idolatry garbage here. People are dying! Only Jesus is covering his believers! Not n95 mask

  27. Cuomo is REPULSIVE for EXPLOITING this Epidemic to try and gain national attention. He has failed NYS terribly and would be worse than Biden as a President.

  28. He was on cnn with his little brother when He stated we need panic if deamoncrats want the White House ( one week ago). They laughed about Trump looking scared and declared quarantine a “dirty word”. The Cuomo brothers set the political idiocrocy just as pelosi did in their hate and hoax politics. Today he says his numbers are growing geometrically while fema says they are leveling off. States that pushed “stay at home” early are doing better then Cuomo’s panic plan. We will see these videos replayed for the next decade.

  29. He bloody waited too long before he put his State on Lockdown, even though he said :”…we have been watching this from China…” YET Cuomo Did Nothing To Prepare! Wth?

  30. If como don't want 400… Give it to Washington State or California. Im sure they would want to take it!!! Every little counts!!!! STAY HOME FOR YOU SAFE…. THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEP!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  31. Well he's the leader of the worst epicenter in the US and the third worst in the world. Good Job. Quit blaming the President.

  32. Andrew Cuomo turned down an opportunity to buy 20k ventilators back in 2016. I guess his mom never read him the story of the "Three Little Pigs." Also, De Blasio shouldn't have allowed the Chinese New Year celebration.

  33. He's a hero, even though his state has more coronavirus cases than any other state?  Why didn't he put stronger controls on travel into NY?

  34. Cuomo; a straight talking, straight shooting and caring individual. In crises, your true colors show. Cuomo loves his fellow citizens. For Trump, citizens are many times an inconvenience.

  35. Governer Death has about 30 people working every one of these "news" events – good thing that the virus isn't there in NY

  36. This jackass acted late, didn't bother to replenish medical equipment after the last disease outbreak several years ago as was advised at the time, and now thinks the country should give all ventilators to NYC (thus ignoring their own severe cases of the virus) until the city's 'peak' (which it has not peaked at all) is over. Meanwhile, he touts his prison slave-made hand-sanitizer claiming NY can make it so much cheaper…well no kidding… you pay the prisoners less than a dollar a day.

  37. Most high profile because he has a big mouth. He's on Chicago TV more then our Governor is. Now there's a freaking joke! P.s what does 400 ventilator give you Mr. gov. It gives you possibly 400 lives! Take what you can and move on as best you can.

  38. Andrew Cuomo 2024 [dot] com. I'm gonna register the site right now just in case, will sell it to him later, muahahahha

  39. Mario Cuomo is doing more to scare everybody than calm them down. Come on you do not need to talk for 30 to 40 minutes every day just give an update for 10 to 15 minutes will be much more helpful to everyone.

  40. FAILURE. They have all failed, from the federal, state, to the local government. Even clinic doctors knew this was coming, but these politicians didn't act and media was MIA. Stop patting each other on the back. There are no celebrities here, only negligent people who have to atone for their lapses. MASKS MASKS MASKS. Now, get us masks like they have in Korea, Italy Japan and Singapore. Why are we treated as any less?

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