Andrew Yang on Dems’ obsession with impeachment, his approach to politics

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  1. Trump is a good president but this man could be too, he Sounds like someone who knows what he is talking about, he actually looks very very solid

  2. Fox News or any mainstream media is not my go to place for actual news. However, I'm here because of Yang. Never in my life have I seen a political figure gain so many thousands of views that only contain positive comments from Americans of all political affiliation. If this is not a sign that Yang is the right person to unify the country, I don't know what will. If Yang is not the Democratic Nominee, I will voice my opinion by not voting. I believe the Yang following has the same sentiment (42%) in one pull. So pretty no Yang = Trump for another 4 years. I've said in the last election that I will not vote because of what the DNC did to Bernie and will simply not complain about our government from 2016-2020. I hope more republicans, independents, libertarians will help get Yang to the general election (even if you still plan to support Trump in the general election).

  3. A free 1000 dollars probably will result in inflation and probably make the 1000 worth 10 bucks. The more the supply of money the less valuable the money will become. Or maybe this free cash might ease the folks struggling to survive.

  4. I’m truck driver, since trump became president, trucking became very slow, ask any trucker about their income, it decreased. I mean the price for loads dropped very low and it’s not profitable anymore . I herd some farmers went bankrupt in Midwest too.
    I’m gonna vote for Yang , hope he will make trucking profitable again

  5. FOX news has to admit that Andrew Yang is very smart, makes a lot of sense and that FOX news will back him up as the new president of the United States 2020.

  6. Trump supporters need to understand the demotard were split, and many people made the mistake of voting Bernie in general election
    They won't do I again
    Conservative voters, don't be fooled, all Democrats are rats
    Vote for the one who can win, Tulsi and yang are interesting, but split trump supporters you will be Sorry

  7. The comment about stock ownership… I think that is changing as we speak, for atleast two reasons: 1. Buying stocks today is easier than ever for middle/lower income Americans, thanks to commission free trading and innovative fin-tech. 2. More discretionary income in the pockets of more Americans

  8. I really do like this guy, I am sure his freedom dividend is not going to pass, but he is sane minded has a great temperament and really understands the economy and where it is going.

  9. I'm a Bernie supporter, but I really like Yang and would have no problem voting for him. If he doesn't win the nomination and someone like Sanders does, Yang absolutely needs a cabinet position. VP would be a good fit too. Get this man into our government.

  10. I very much like Yang. If I were to ever vote Dem, he would be the guy. However, I would never vote Dem so there's that.

  11. What the hell is wrong with this dem? I don't hear him screaming about evil america nor does he condemn anyone who has made something of themselves through hard work and want to rip it away.
    If he is not careful, he could end up becoming a republican.

  12. Homie seems like a really nice, genuine guy who is honest and transparent. That being said I don’t think he quite understands economics or what liberty means

  13. The democratic side know that Andrew Yang's opinion of Trump is that he is not the main problem, so of course they aren't going to let him speak much or stand out for their side. It doesn't fit their agenda. It's sad too, because Andrew Yang is the only democrat that I would actually consider voting for, and I'm sure many other current republicans that aren't hardcore republican like myself would feel the same way. If Andrew Yang was made a priority in the democratic agenda, he'd beat Trump in my opinion. Nobody else, besides possibly Bernie Sanders, though even that is a stretch, even stand a chance.

  14. Im just curious why does people care about Warren earned 2million dollars in 30years. Thats only like 5000dollars a month. Its not that crazy. Its like how democrats always complain about cow farts pollute the atmospher😓

  15. This is the only democrat with any sense. I'd probably vote for him if he won the nomination but there's not a chance in hell I'd vote for any of the others.

  16. All the candidates except Yang are feeding thier campaign on hate for Trump. Only Yang speaking on issues and great Ideas. I believe
    Only he can get dems back on Whitehouse again.
    Trump needs to get some very good ideas on table if he wants to get reelect. Yang running against trump is gonna bring the best of both the candidates

  17. Many billions of Americans around the country? Umm yang in pretty sure America doesn't even half half a billion people. This isn't India.

  18. Wow Yang seems like a very down to Earth candidate. Maybe even logical, surely he won't get the nominee being a Democrat.

  19. I am a life long republican but would vote for Yang If he were the dem candidate. He’s the only normal person running.

  20. Fox is giving him the air time party because he has close to no chance of beating Trump. They would love to see him get the nomination. He is very smart tho, just not established enough

  21. So Yang said he's going to give every American $1,000 a month there's 300 million Americans in the United States now you take that figure * 12 that is so unrealistic but when people think they're going to get something for free they're all on the bandwagon.

  22. Yang seems like a real sensible and genuine person. Sucks the Democrats, pick literally the worst candidates. We will probably have Trump vs Socialist Sanders.

  23. I like Yang, but I disagree with his take that the American dream is slipping away. I'm not sure America has ever been better.

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