AOC accuses Trump of paying black supporters

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  1. Trump has done more for minorities through his private dealings, never mind his presidency, than the Dems have done since the 1950's and yet minorities still vote for them! Open your eyes my Black and PRican friends!!!!

  2. A Corporation's Function is to provide stuff for customers & write Paychecks for employees out of gross Profits!

    A corporation Doesn't take Stuff, like gov Does. It Gives Stuff: Product to customer, paychecks to employees &, can pay dividends to stockholders!

    Metaphorically, Corporations just lay golden eggs!


  3. Trump didn't pay me anything voting trump 2020 , I voted Hillary before. I just trump doing good work and democrats are crazy just like aoc.

  4. AOC your Ppl have been paying our communities even before you were born and look were we are at! TY very much Democrats-Bolshv.

  5. When leftists pay chocolate people to vote – "RePeRaShUnS!"

    When Yang pays chocolate people to vote – "MuH uNiVeRsAl BaSiC iNcOmE!"

    When trump pays chocolate people to vote – "REEEEEEEEEEE!"

  6. You got it wrong! There are more jobs for sure! The wrong jobs! Bunch of minimum wage jobs! People are working 2 to 3 jobs! That is why numbers looks good. Do your research!

  7. The two radicals and this crazy eyes socialist are proof that you don't need intelligence or a lot of education to be a house of representative ! .

  8. The Democrat Party is unfortunately an extension of the slavery system. Of course they want to get rid of the electoral college so they can do exactly what white slavers did for 150 years, turn minorities and lowly educated Americans into slaves. We need to provide JOBS and educational opportunities to all Americans so everyone can pull themselves up to make more money. Exactly what Trump has done in the last 3 years. More opportunity for poor Americans and minorities especially have benefited.

  9. Well as you know if the dems accuse you of doing it, you can bet the house that they are the ones doing it. And they can pay whoever, it will be 4 more yrs. You just can't fix STUPID.

  10. 5:10 I have recently seen more young black men behind cash registers than hanging out on corners. Thats a good thing.

  11. Pelosi still needs to resign immediately and go to jail for treason and destroying government property for tearing up President Trump's speach

  12. A soft racism, as if black Americans cannot think for themselves. AOC and the far-left are the bigots. If you don't think like them and black you're a uncle Tom to them.

  13. Every racial group has a lot of diversity of opinions. It may have strategically smart to stick together in the past but the extreme left is attacking everybody's future.

  14. How extremely incredibly insulting to think that Black people couldnt have possibly have their own thoughts and make their own decisions. Its s sickening. I personally work with many black people that support Trump here in central VA. They would be appalled to be told oh theres no way you actually have a mind of your own, Trump must be paying you.

  15. With rent cost these days giving people tons of crappy minimum wage jobs and wanting to lift people off food stamps like he says, doesn't help people at all, this is the worse president in history.

  16. AOC lied and Trump needs to sue her for Defamation. She needs to prove that he is paying people before, she tells the world that.

  17. All I got to say is I’m super black

    Like blacker than Michael blackson and I just can’t get enough of Donald Trump

    I would just like to thank him 🥰 Trump 2020

    I’ll vote for his sons after he’s gone 100%

    Children your father has laid the bricks for you now follow through

  18. Rumor has it she also accused her bank of theft; she couldn't understand how she could be out of money when she still had checks left.

  19. After Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez gets out of politics she can always do porn? She loves to give away free stuff I'm sure there's many people who wouldn't mind getting some from A.O.C.?

  20. 3:05 I think I’m in love.
    “AOC tweets “Oh this was a game show he was handing things out left and right.” I find that incredibly ironic since she is a socialist and all they want to do is hand things out like a game show.
    HA! GOT ‘EM!

  21. So now she is accusing the black community of selling out and they are willing to sell their morals and beliefs for a few dollars. Now that is very disgusting and she will say anything and sell out anyone to try and hurt the president and showed she has no soul. If the president did give out money it was probably to everyone and not to buy them but to help his people since he has the money to do it and he cares about our welfare

  22. Fox News lies and misleads too much. Yes I get other networks do too but these guys take it to a whole different level.

  23. I live very close to Tuskegee AL. There are many members of the Black Community that hates President Trump so much, that they really don't know why they hate him. All I ever hear from them, is the same exact excuse from their white liberal counterparts. Let that sink in.

  24. This race, that race, mixed race ffs there is only one race, the human race, when the hell does Trumps "we are all Americans" message sink in?

  25. In other words, perennial racist AOC accuses black people of having the power of independent thought like all other races have.

  26. Pelosi's Democrats HATRED for President Trump is greater than their love for the United States of America…what a disgrace.

  27. The guy at the end of the screen actually made some sense. 45 is a Master Sabotager-his tweets, his statements and his actions.
    None of these stats about employment for AA matter.
    The AA vote will never go to Trump. Period.

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