Backlash Over SoulCycle & Equinox Owner’s Trump Fundraiser | The Daily Show

It’s as integral a part
of American politics
as low voter turnout
and terrorizing babies.
Now, historically,
rich people have hosted
fund-raisers in America
for political candidates,
and this happened regularly,
and it didn’t garner
much attention.
But in the age of Trump,
all of that has changed,
as one billionaire
just found out.
Calls are growing for members
of Equinox and SoulCycle
to boycott
those popular fitness clubs
after it was revealed
that the chairman
of their parent company
will hold a big-dollar
fund-raiser for the president.
According to the invite,
tickets are up to a quarter
of a million dollars.
Many customers,
including celebrities,
taking to social media
and threatening
to boycott the gym
and its spinning studio,
Comedian Billy Eichner
going further,
saying he is canceling
his membership.
Chrissy Teigen tweeting…
What? Chrissy,
what are you doing?
You can’t just work out
in the library.
People are masturbating
in there.
Show some respect!
Come on, Chrissy!
(laughter and applause)
But that’s right.
The owner of Equinox
and SoulCycle
is throwing a fund-raiser
for Donald Trump
at a house in the Hamptons,
so now there are growing calls
for people to boycott Equinox
and SoulCycle.
And to all those people
canceling their memberships,
I say good luck.
Have you ever tried
to get out of a gym membership?
It is impossible.
People don’t know this,
but the real reason
Harriet Tubman fled the South
was to escape
her Planet Fitness contract.
A lot of people don’t know that.
She’s like,
“I heard in the north,
they let you pay
month to month.”
And in the wake
of this backlash,
the Equinox owner, Stephen Ross,
released a statement
defending himself,
but I’ll be honest.
I think
it only made things worse.
NEWSMAN: Ross defended
his relationship with Trump,
saying, in part…
Okay, uh,
let’s get something straight.
If you’re hosting a fund-raiser
for Donald Trump,
I don’t know if you can call
yourself a champion
of racial equality
and inclusion, all right?
You’re not a champion.
You can call yourself
a contender of racial equality,
you can call yourself
a part-time participant
of racial equality,
you can call yourself
a dabbler of racial equality,
you know?
Not a champion.
(cheering and applause)
You’re not a champion.
like, if racial equality
was a sport,
you’d be playing pickup games.
That’s basically what this is.
Because, you see, like,
Ross has come out
and, basically, what he’s saying
is that he supports
the business side
of Donald Trump
but he doesn’t support
the racism side of Donald Trump.
But you realize,
if you actually listen
and analyze what he’s saying,
what he’s actually saying
without realizing it is
that he can afford
to support Trump’s business side
because Trump’s racism side
doesn’t affect him.
That’s what he’s saying.
(cheering and applause)
And here’s the thing.
Here’s the thing.
SoulCycle and Equinox both have
very liberal,
diverse memberships.
But when the news asked
these members
how they would participate
in the boycott,
their feelings were mixed.
I’m really bummed to hear
that the owner of Equinox
is involved in, uh,
Trump’s campaign.
-Really bums out.
-I don’t like President Trump,
but, uh… but I’m not gonna go
canceling my membership over it.
Yeah. I’ll cancel.
There’s a gym
right down the street.
If he goes through
with this, uh, fund-raiser,
I’m probably gonna be out.
I’m not gonna cancel.
(chuckles): No.
I’d rather have plantar
fasciitis without treatment
than having to support
in any way
anything affiliated
with Trump supporters.
(cheering and applause)
Yo, that was…
That was so specific.
You know, normally,
people give you a general thing.
He was like, “Yeah, I’d
rather have plantar fasciitis
“in my left leg,
right below the knee,
than to support.”
But that’s right.
Some people are torn,
but many people say,
if this happens, they’re out.
And, you know what,
I’m joining them.
In fact, I haven’t gone to
the gym in the last three months
in preparation for this moment.
That’s right.
(cheering and applause)
That’s right!
So, once again,
Americans are faced
with the unending question,
should you support a business
if some people in that business
back a politician
you don’t like?
Well, we’re no closer
to finding the answer,
but we did try to offer
some solutions
to people at these gyms,
with help from our very own
Jaboukie Young-White.
Now that Equinox and SoulCycle
are canceled,
liberal New Yorkers need
a new #resistance alternative
to their pro-Trump workouts.
That’s why I’m here
to promote my new woke-out plan.
♪ ♪
Now we’re gonna do
some Squad squats.
-Are you familiar
with the Squad? -Yes, I am.
You’re going to be doing squats
and shouting out names of people
in the Squad.
Rashida Tlaib.
Ayanna Pressley.
Ilhan Omar.
#resist. #resist.
Get those Muellers in.
Crunch those redactions.
Unlike the report, everyone
is gonna see that beach bod.
Okay, so, of course,
in any workout,
you’re gonna be doing some reps,
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, definitely.
Okay, and these reps
are reparations.
So go in your wallet.
Take out some money.
And just give me, like,
ten more of these.
Even though
you’re too young to vote,
what you can do to stay fit
is run and register
five people to vote
in five minutes.
Can you do that?
Take this clipboard.
Jaboukie Young-White, everyone!

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