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Senator Graham, guess what? You’re dead TO ME. At Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court hearing, Senator
Lindsey Graham said that Justice Alito died. He didn’t. Justice Scalia died. And Senator Lindsey Graham didn’t correct
himself. Alito’s alive. He’s 66 and alive. Can you imagine being Justice Alito and you’re
like, “have I heard something that… am I dead?” You know and not many people make it to the
Supreme Court Justice. It’s a pretty, it’s a pretty exclusive club. Senator Lindsey Graham literally needs to
know eight justices that are alive. Bare min, know who’s alive if they’re a Supreme
Court Justice. Bare minimum, if you’re a senator. There had to be something that went off in
his brain but he just kept going. Isn’t that what the Republicans do? Come on, Senator Graham, come on. Throw a dog a bone. Throw an alive person a wink. Scalia was rolling over in his grave cause
you know he had a big head and he was like, “Uh uh uh, remember me, bitch. Remember me.”

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