Baklava Recipe – Sharing Family Secrets for Making Homemade Baklava

(uplifting contemporary music) – So I grew up in
Egypt, born and bred, and one of my absolute
favorite desserts is of course baklava, or baklava as we say in Egypt and
today I’m going to show you my family’s secret
baklava recipe complete with all
the tips and tricks to make the perfect
baklava every single time. I’m Suzy with I’m all about easy,
wholesome recipes with big mediterranean flavors. Today we get to indulge just
a little bit and talk baklava. Now if you haven’t
made baklava before it is simpler than you think. First component is of
course the phyllo dough. Now do not freak out. You do not have to make
phyllo dough from scratch. I use organic phyllo dough
from The Fillo Factory. This is available in
your freezer section in almost any grocery
store here in the US. So this is the first component. Second is the filling. Now most baklava recipes will call for either
walnuts or pistachio. I actually like to use both
and I like to add hazelnut and then the syrup
on the baklava is made of honey simple
syrup that is so easy to do right on the stove top. I’m going to actually start
with the honey simple syrup over on the stove. We’re gonna start with
the water, about one cup, and then we have sugar. I’m gonna stir this
in until it dissolves then I’m gonna add my honey
and other flavor makers. I’m using good quality
honey here you guys because it is a flavor maker so try to use the best
honey you can find. About a good cup of honey
goes in my honey simple syrup for this baklava. And then more flavor
makers you guys. I am using orange extract,
about a tablespoon or so. Five cloves, whole cloves. We’re gonna bring this to a boil then all we have to do is
turn it down and let it simmer about 20 to 25 minutes or so. So while this syrup
is happily simmering we’re going to go ahead
and make our nut mixture that goes into our baklava. Now remember I said
that more traditionally it’s a walnut baklava
or a pistachio baklava but in my family I do a trio
of nuts; walnuts, pistachios, and hazelnuts and I
promise you it is amazing. So we’re gonna go ahead and
finely kinda chop these nuts in the food processor. (uplifting contemporary music) Here we go. All three nuts are in,
it’s a nutty situation. (laughs) All right. (food processor whirs) Okay, I’ll show you the
texture that I prefer for my baklava filling. I like it fine enough but I
also like to have some pieces that are a little bit larger. That way it gives a perfect
texture to my baklava. We’re gonna add a
little bit more flavor. I have just a
little bit of sugar and then we’re gonna do about
two tablespoons of cinnamon and then I like to
add a pinch of cloves. This is ground cloves now. It’s just a tiny pinch, maybe even less than
a quarter teaspoon. We’re gonna make sure
and mix it all together. Beautiful syrup is
all ready you guys. So the reason I do
this ahead of time is to allow it time
to kinda cool off and thicken just a little bit. So the finishing touch for
me here is lemon juice, really balances the flavor of all that honey and
sugar in the syrup, really important and I do
it right here off the heat. Stir it right in and I’m
gonna just set it aside and let it completely cool
before using it later. And now the fun part
of assembling our
beautiful baklava. So you got your box of
organic phyllo dough from The Fillo Factory. We gotta open it up. Important tip you guys, this
is in the frozen section so obviously it’s been thawed
in the fridge overnight. Also, before you use it take it out of the
fridge for one hour. This really helps
keep things together. Phyllo sheets are very thin so just be careful
as you pull it out. Comes in a nice beautiful
13-by-18-inch sheets. Super important tip you guys, because you’re probably
not going to work as fast with the phyllo,
I use a damp towel to kinda cover my
sheets as I work so that they don’t dry up. Think of this process as
you would like a lasagna or some other casserole that requires you to do layers
and layers of goodness right? But this is even
better, baklava right? So who doesn’t like
layers of flaky phyllo with beautiful nut
mixture and honey syrup. (groans delightfully) I
am dying, I can’t wait. All right, so we’re
gonna go ahead and just give our
pan a brush here. Make sure that you
get also the sides so that nothing sticks
too much to your pan. This is a nine by 13 pan and my phyllo dough
is a little bit bigger but I’m gonna show you a
trick I learned recently. I fold it in half because
that happens to fit perfectly. Here’s my first layer. This is one sheet of phyllo. Fold it in half and
fits right perfectly. So depending on the
dough that you use, it may or may not work this way. So just make sure that
you grab The Fillo Factory which you can find at
the freezer section. So I laid two sheets of phyllo
pretty much folded in half and then I’m gonna
butter ’em up, butter. I’m gonna keep laying
one sheet a time, fold it in half
like so like this, and then just put
it right in my pan and then go in with a
little bit of butter. How easy and therapeutic
almost, right? I mean you just keep
repeating the process. (uplifting contemporary music) So we have about 1/3
of our phyllo dough down in the pan so far and I’m going to go ahead
and add the first portion of my nut mixture. I’m going to add about
half of this nut mixture right now in here and then we’re gonna
smooth this out all the way to the
corners you guys because if you
get a corner piece you wanna make sure you have
some nuts in there right? Then we’re gonna keep
going with another third of our phyllo dough. If you guys have checked
out my spanakopita recipe and my apple strudel
with this phyllo dough, I use The Phyllo Factory organic
phyllo dough all the time in all sorts of recipes. I love that it’s organic. Just really quality
ingredients here so no need to make your own. You can just buy this stuff
right in the freezer section. To make it nice and tidy just
take a knife around the edge and clean it up. We’re gonna go in with the
rest of our nut mixture. All of it, all of it, all of it and we’re gonna go in with
the rest of our phyllo dough from now on. (uplifting contemporary music) So I think a lot of
people are intimidated working with phyllo
dough but as you see it’s not that difficult and especially if you
buy the higher quality that’s why I buy my phyllo
dough from The Fillo Factory because it comes in
such good shape already I don’t have to worry about it, and just kinda treat it with
care, a little TLC, ya know? One layer after another,
couple layers of nuts, I mean it’s no biggie really. The moment of truth. How do you cut
baklava so perfectly? I am not the expert at
it, actually my husband is but this is how we do it. So just pay attention. You go right in the
middle of your pan, yes and you’re gonna
cut all the way through. You’re gonna essentially
cut four rows before you put this
baby in the oven and then from here we’re
gonna do diamond shapes. If this process here
is not perfect for you don’t worry about it. All right, we are in business. This baby is going in the oven. I have the oven on 350 degrees and it should take
maybe 45 minutes or so until it’s nice and golden. (uplifting contemporary music) All right, this is looking
gorgeous and beautiful. You are look for a very light
golden brown color on top. Super important
trick, cooled syrup, hot out of the oven baklava. This is all you need to
do for best, best taste. (uplifting contemporary music) Well, our beautiful baklava
is waiting here to be devoured but sadly I have to wait a few
hours because baklava is best when the syrup has been
completely absorbed. So best thing you can do is actually do it
one night in advance but I’ll probably come back
to it in a couple hours and give it a quick
quality control test. (uplifting contemporary music) And that’s it you guys. It is simpler than you think. Grab yourself a
little phyllo dough at the freezer section
and make this baklava. The recipe for how
to make baklava is on Make sure you subscribe
and follow this channel for more delicious
videos every single week. I will see you later, ciao. (uplifting contemporary music)

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  1. I’m American, my husband born in Egypt. I like the pistachio type, myself?. P.S. we’ve been married 40 years, so I know a little lol. Your recipes are ALWAYS fantastic. Thanks again for the 20th time.

  2. I know nothing about Mediterranean cooking, but from what I see the recipes all look amazing.
    Thank you for the baklava recipe! ?

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