11 Replies to “Berlin Wall 30th Anniversary: Inside Stasi Prison | NBC News NOW”

  1. What a great story. Sadly if Trump had his way we would have prisons like this in the US. Prime example those that push the fake news about Trump's wrong doings. Imagine the 1000s that would already be locked up.

  2. Refugees from Communism: "It was horrible, they locked us up for expressing our ideas, we lived under constant threat of aggression.

    Socialist Millenials: "Ok boomer"

  3. How about inside of wasting US taxpayers money still occupying Germany in 2019. There isn't the slightest chance that Germany will start WW3 to take over the world and the USSR is no more. So, stop peddling this utter crap to steal tax money.

  4. Communism has ruined so many countries and still ruins countries in Europe to this day to this moment people suffer in Europe especially in the Balkan states

  5. We have children in concentration camps – on our soil, in 2019 on our dime. We do not provide them with basic hygiene products.

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