Besieged AG Barr Knocks Trump But Still Backs Plot To Help Convicted Trump Aide | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Besieged AG Barr Knocks Trump But Still Backs Plot To Help Convicted Trump Aide | MSNBC”

  1. Mr. Barr. Why would continue to serve under a president who makes your job so hard? RESIGN ! You are closing that steel door on yourself.You are a scape goat for Trump.

  2. trump and Bart standing together….it is so repulsive to look at ! ! Barr should be disbarred. Disbarred Barr;'what a lovely sound and hoped for thought and Prayer ! !

  3. "Impossible to do his job"… as Trump's fixer. Barr must have forgotten what happened to Nixon's crooked AG.
    Meanwhile… Some Bernie supporters spend their time being outraged about a few coin tosses and impossible to rig open voting.

  4. Trump to his Chief of Staff: "…and, ah… tell Attorney General Barr to come in."

    The AG flops down in a chair across from the President and waits silently for instructions.

    Trump: "I'm a little worried about these Democrats. I want you to find out what they've got under their fingernails, you know? Get on the Internet and start tweeting. Make them think that you're not too happy with my administration, and find out what you can."

    Sounds a little like a movie I once saw… but I forget the name of it.


    This is is not major news. The major news is that some Leftists are going to jail for a miscarriage of justice and the verdict will be thrown out of the judge is toast!

    This is VERY bad optics for the Democrats in the 2020 election. Voters are sympathetic and hate the Left.

  6. He didn’t knock Trump. He’s covering his own behind which allows him to continue to serve Trump’s unethical interests.

  7. Barr means it makes him impossible to carry out Trumps corruption! He is being found out! Lock him up! He deserves to go to Prison now!

  8. So Barr felt the backlash and knows in the end he losses everything, while Trump turns his back on him. Add we all know that they are going to use this in effort to get stone a new trail that they can just shut down. Another trump game

  9. Trump and Barr are playing rope a dope to make the people think that they are arguing,all bull crap with them 2 , investigate Barr and the rest of Trump's flunkys,his people will turn on him if they see prison time

  10. it makes his job harder because trump in his stupidity, flaunts the things that should be secret. barr told trump not to worry he'd take care of it. trump tells the world. the dumbest president ever. he is impulsive and can not control his emotions. so trumpty lovers, in case you missed it, ' trump is living proof that you don't need to be smart if your victims are stupid.

  11. Think for yourself question authority !this is a distraction from bring your people proper healthcare,infrastructure,education,the government is reversing every good thing Mr.President Obama did for your country just for the sake of greed ! Barr resign already and we need to see every future leaders taxes! Don’t get bullied America !

  12. Send a SWAT team to Barrs house early in the morning to pick him when he testifies….I think Barr is part of the swamp..I dont have confidence in him anymore..I dont see anyone being charged for the coup attempt and even Judicial Watch doubts that Barr is seriously pursuing justice in the case…Patience they say…

  13. all he's saying to Führer Adolph D. Tweetler is to stop telling the People what we are doing and let us do our dirt in the dark! He's making it hard for them to lie, cheat, and continue with their corruption because they can't craft a narrative around the lies and corruption when Führer Adolph D. Tweetler is bragging and telegraphing their plans on Social Media.

  14. What @realdonaldtrump is doing – is right out of Putin's "playbook" – Trump Forever
    The USA is no longer a Democratic Society in the stages of declining – it is an Authoritarian System in the process of succeeding… watch this …

  15. Barr, like Pompeo, speaks in ambiguities. His critique on Trump is just that he doesn't need Trump to instruct him, or appear to instruct him. He knows best how to move the agenda forward.
    Barr is immune to any sense of justice that aligns with the Constitution. And is therefore, like his nominal boss, unfit for office.

  16. So deprive Trump of his right to tweet speech. If Barr can't do his job on account of tweets, put someone who will. Stop perversion of Justice by crooked Dems. Pelosi quipping after costing millions in tax dollars. How friggin dumb is the government by the "people.". Justice has been corrupted by government since inception. It is and has always been a JOKE.

  17. What’s insulting is that Barr thinks the audience watching this sideshow are stupid enough to not see his corrupt BS of a charade.

  18. Roger Stone is being elevated to a position of political importance he he's never had. Bannon on Roger Stone: Prosecutors have become persecutors. REMOVE PROSECUTORIAL IMPUNITY!

  19. Bill Barr is not suggesting that the president is wrong to interfere, only that he shouldn't do it publicly, so there is less resistance. It's laughable that Barr is "speaking out" just days after he did exactly what the president wanted him to do. Stone's offences were not "minor". He obstructed justice, he tampered with witnesses, he threatened a witness, he made an implied threat against the sitting federal judge and he has been completely unrepentant. 7 to 9 years is the correct range for those offences. He was convicted in a fair trial of all of those charges. He deserves what he gets. The one thing Barr may have misjudged though is that Trump likes to take credit for everything. Suggesting he shut up is a futile exercise that may backfire in the future.

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  21. So Just weeks before Barr goes to face the Congress and answer questions. He is now complaining about Trump interference. Were was he during the impeachment , were was he during the Muller Investigation. ? Sitting on Trump's lap getting a Tommy rub. Sorry Barr we can see right thrue your motives

  22. Whitehouse Operator- Has No knowledge Of FBI,DOJ,FAA,DOT-Boeing Involvement Sitting On ANSI Board

    DOJ & State Department : IAF Is Deliberately Violating U.S. Sanctions With Iran

    ANAB’s Keith Greenway Misleads Government In DOJ-NIST Collusion Fiasco

    How China-Led IAF Utilizes DOJ and NIST To Crush American Companies

  23. They claim the sentence is wrong for lying and yet they want the woman who doesn’t like Trump to go to jail for lying?!
    Barr was given fishing trips in Alaska…

  24. touch' on most of the commits; media stop acting like barrs' extraordinary statement I mean BS statement has any validity and slam him/them like the GOP does you even with lies. when will you so-called liberal media stop with the I'm so fair and brilliant and tell it like it is? ( what impact does your interviews have? NONE) I guess when all media is state run. Oh never-mind it will be to late! I might add you elected trump now you are trying to elect buittgieg

  25. Fear of man is one of the tools of man that keeps man under control. If you don't have a full understanding of what is going on, you may feel so distress and helpless. I read 2 Timothy 3:1-5. I was amazed that words that was written over 6000 years ago describe today's situation. There is a scripture in the bible that calls ministers that are not doing right speechless dog. So that is where I turn to get a understanding of what is going on and not get caught up in the cycle of hate like in the days of Jim Crow.

  26. Barr is a common criminal pretending to be the highest law enforcement officer in the nation. This administration will now be the Republican LOW MARK in our history.

  27. Ari, — > This looks like a bribe to keep Stone quiet. ROGER STONE TESTIFIED THAT HE LIED TO PROTECT TRUMP.. He said he knew that …"if information came out, it would likely look really bad for his long time associate, Donald Trump." …. So, Stone lied to cover up Trump's part in the Russian interference."

    Roger Stone found guilty on all 7 counts | ABC News

  28. They are both lying pathetic men that have no business running our country. We need someone with integrity, respect for our constitution (maybe reading it would be a good idea) and some sense of morality. Please vote!!!!!

  29. I'm betting on Barr on this one. I'm betting he lay down under the bus (between the wheels mind you) so Trump couldn't throw him there.

    What I think Barr is thinking: If I shoot myself in the foot, Sarge may let me go home instead of to prison, or worse.

  30. Seems Mr. Barr is Distensing himself from
    Mr. Trump although he is not Distensing from Mr.
    Trump's individual or Particular Priorities.

  31. He doesn't "admit" anything, ya daft clod: that "Oh, those terrible tweets" stunt is a red herring.

    * * *
    I wrote that first part in response to your thumbnail. Now that we're a little further in, I see you may be getting it.

    But go a bit deeper: Barr's little "rebellion" was Trump's idea and Trump's direction. (Don't suppose that toad would dare take such a step on his own.)

  32. MSNBC is a enemy of the people and the reporters should go to Guantanamo for willingly participating in this Coup. They will be the cause of political violence

  33. Yes, but according to "the theory," the president "was above the law, while he was president" and essentially a king and dictator. So now it chafes that the king and dictator publicly explain all the illegal cover-ups that the preposterous "theory" inventor is doing. Suit yourself, moron!

  34. Barr, you have no idea the water your swimming in. Get in where you fit in is a saying barr. trumps going to knock 60 people down when it gets hot .

  35. gop pumping TRILLIONS of dollars of Debt into the economy,, REPOS easy credit. Tons. Most student load in History. Most credit card debt in History. Obviously, most gov't Debt that's a no-brainer.

  36. DOJ is in crisis, not because of Trump but because of the misconduct of Attorney's throughout the agencies who are partisan and think that they can do whatever they want and get away with it. It;s plain as day that only people who support Trump get prosecuted. Today McCabe probe has been dropped when the IG found that he had lied and should by rights get a much harsher treatment that Stone as he was Acting head of the FBI at the time.

  37. Barr has no poker face! Every time he plans to lie & then does lie, he stops making eye contact with the interviewer and, instead, looks down to carefully form a fictitious narrative as do most lairs. This poor pathetic little man….. exposed by Trump's tweets…… has to work harder to evade history's judgement.

  38. William Barr will go down in history as the puppet that he is. He simply serves as the president’s errand boy. Whatever idiocy crosses Trumps mind, Barr is more than eager to rectify to the bosses liking.

  39. William Barr will go down in the history books as a Trump crony with all the bad, horrible conservative republican decisions made like William Barr's decision in Eric Garner's case not to bring civil rights charges against police, to help Trump's criminal friends get out of jail, to lie for Trump about Russian collusion and on and on

  40. I begin to think that Putin has successfully installed a cadre of Russian agents at the highest levels of government. I have no other explanation as to why these people like Barr and Flynn and Trump and Nunes and Lindsey Graham act in a manner to destabilize the nation. Something evil is afoot, America.

  41. Yeah idk about indicting people for saying mean things about Hillary. After it was obvious the Russiagate conspiracy theory was completely bogus it should of immediately ended; there should of been no other indictments. It's the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine and it's a good thing.

  42. Make it impossible to cover up this criminal actions. Hey Cheetos! Keep doing what you’re doing. Putin made an ace move with this one.

  43. Key points were that he didn't want the president to be tweeting about what they are up to. Secrecy is the art of the devil, right?

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