Biden’s Iowa Brawl – Between the Scenes

– I don’t know if you saw
this video of Joe Biden, fighting with like
a voter in Iowa. (audience laughing) So, there’s this guy in Iowa and clearly Joe Biden’s
hosting like a mini town hall or something and the guy gets up and I mean, I don’t know if
he’s being ill intentioned. All I know is the guys says, he gets up and he says, he basically says look Joe, I’m not a fan of what
happened with Ukraine and he says, I’m worried
about your health as a person. I don’t know if you’re fit
enough to be president. He says, and also,
I’m a little concerned about what happened with
your son in Ukraine. You gave him a position
there to make him money. And the guy doesn’t have
his facts straight, granted, but he says that
and then Joe Biden, I thought he was
just gonna be like, well look, that’s not true. My son, I didn’t give
him any position, they hired him and maybe
it’s a bad look now. No, instead (laughs)
Joe Biden stops him and then he comes up
and then he’s like, you wanna talk about fitness? And then he’s like, do you
wanna do push ups right now? (audience laughing) Huh? Do you wanna do push
ups, do you wanna run? We can do it. He said, we can do it right now, and then it’s just like, and the guy that he’s
speaking to is slightly heavier set than Joe, right? So now this is looking
really bad in the video. And it also doesn’t
help that in the video there’s like kids
in the background and like all the
people in the picture are just like doing this, but all the kids in
the back are like oh! Oh, oh!
(audience laughing) (laughs) So they’re
making it worse. And then Joe Biden, he
like says to the guy, he says, he’s like
that didn’t happen, and then he says to the guy, he’s like, you’re a liar! You’re a liar! And it’s like,
yeah, maybe the guy doesn’t have his facts right, but he’s like, you’d wanna
argue with me and you’re a liar! And the guy’s like,
no I saw it on NBC. He’s like, you’re lying! You didn’t see it on NBC. And he’s just, it
doesn’t look great. It really doesn’t
look great, you know, and then the worst part is, and this is what blew up online, is that Joe Biden, I don’t
know if it was a Freudian slip, I don’t know like, people
are now arguing about it, but then he says something
something something and then he’s like,
“Listen here, fat.” (audience gasping) I’m, sir, and then he goes. (audience sighing) Yeah and then he says like, ah. (audience laughing) And then his team
came out afterwards and they’re like, no, he
was saying listen facts, and it was like.
(audience laughing) And I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if it was
slip of the tongue. It could’ve been that thing, like you know that
thing that happens in “Austin Powers” when
you’re like fighting someone and there’s just like
mole-y mole-y mole-y mole-y mole-y mole-y. (audience laughing) You’re like don’t say
mole, don’t say mole, don’t say mole. He’s like, mole! Mole, mole-y, mole-y,
mole-y, mole-y. (audience laughing) So yeah, it was genuinely
not a good look at all. I don’t know what’s gonna
happen in this race. It feels like in this race, if every candidate didn’t speak, everyone would have been
better (laughs) off. (audience laughing) And I mean, including Trump. If Trump never spoke,
if the Democrats never, I think like, the thing
would like get further (laughs) along with less drama. Just (shushing)
everyone, (shushing). (audience laughing) Just, who wants to be president? Okay, okay. You and (mumbles). Okay, all right,
let’s move forward. That’s it, that’s it, that’s it. At the debate, what do
you think, healthcare? All right, all right, move on. You?
(audience laughing) Cause people just
like bury themselves. It’s like
self-sabotaging campaigns where it’s just like, you’re
not even going against anybody. (groans) And you’re just like man, you wonder what the
debate’s gonna be like. Joe Biden does this every time. Him and Trump just
love this thing. I don’t know if it’s
like a thing that happens to older men, they always
wanna prove themselves. Like it’s the grandpa thing. Like my grandfather used to
do that to me all the time. You know what I mean? Like, so what would
happen is my grandfather would take the car. It was my mom’s car. And he was supposed to go
to the store and come back and then he would drive
away for like six hours and then he would come
back and then the whole day we didn’t have a car. And then my mom would say to me, tell your grandfather
to give you the keys and he’s not gonna drive the
car again, like tomorrow. And so I’d go, grandpa,
mom wants the keys, and he’d be like,
you’re not taking the keys from me mister!
(audience laughing) Then I’d be like, but mom
said I’m gonna take the keys. Then he’s like, you
want to see who’s a man? Do you want to see? Then I’m like,
where did this come? I did not challenge
you to a fight. (audience laughing) I did not. It’s just like a
thing that older men, they always wanna prove. You wanna go? (gravely yell) You wanna go? (upbeat music)

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  1. Happy Joe Biden finally Rebuked the Lie. It's propaganda and Americans should be Aware of what Trump people are feeding the public as news. The man heard the misinformation on Fox Blues or Propaganda radio. Concern?
    Trump has lied 15,000 times as President. That's alarming

  2. These old guys. Maybe they're like that because they grew up during a time when toxic masculinity macho culture was less challenged and then never bothered to question it.

  3. I actually meet a Biden supporter here in Los Angeles and he literally couldn’t justify his reason for supporting him other than Obama nostalgia; god help us 🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. So true about old men. They double down on being controlling assholes because they know, if they were out in the wild, they'd be taken down by those younger than them or left out of the group to become dinner for someone else. Congress is a perfect example of clueless old geezers who should have been put out on the back 40 years ago.

  5. Hey anybody notice Slow Joe Biden withheld a 1 Billion dollars in AID to Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma Holdings ? Joe Biden even says it on a video and that is fact . Same company which paid Joe Biden son $83,000 a month. Same drug addict son with a dishonorable from the military and no experience ? Democrat R Crooks and JP actions proves it . Just GOOGLE the video !!!

  6. I am most certainly voting for Trump again. A lot of 18 year old voters are charged up to vote for trump as well. Keep doing what you do, it seems to be working. #blexit #walkaway #pepe

  7. I'm not a Joe Biden apologist. I also think that Trevor is a smart and refreshing voice. But if he is going to act as if he's reporting on what happened, in this behind the scenes "sober moment," then he needs to tell the truth. Then again, they/we are all apart of the machine to some extent. Keep your eyes open people!

  8. Imagine Trevor defending Trump like he defends Biden.. awe poor guy maybe he likes kittens and he was grappling pussies

  9. We need to talk about Joe Biden By KEVIN D. WILLIAMSON September 1, 2019 6:30 AM

    There are two possible explanations of Joe Biden’s inability to tell the truth about things: One is that his mind is failing him, the other is that his honor is. In neither case is Biden fit to hold the office of president of the United States of America, and Democrats would discredit themselves and endanger the nation to nominate him.

  10. I really do not get it when some try to confuse us (the viewers) when we hear an awkward sound in any video that we watch. For example, at the end of this video Joe clearly is telling this gentleman ''fat''. Now he is claiming that he said ''fact''. Alike, we recently heard someone farted on MSNBC and then they told us that this was '' the sound of a mug scrapped on the table''. Who do they think we are?!

  11. Are Republicans allowed to participate in these so-called polls? Because it would explain how he still manages to top them despite being unelectable.

  12. Isn’t the big difference between Trump and Biden that corruption with Trump fits the context given the repeated pattern throughout his life but with Biden may be there have been lapses but shady dealing doesn’t fit the narrative of his life?

  13. Are you STILL here in MY country little African boy? What is your PROBLEM?… GO HOME… your people need you… mine have enough trouble with your remote ancestors…

  14. This was the worst between the scene conversation I have heard. Trevor Noah is struggling to come up with some reasonable conversation but failed like a kid who tries to narrate a story poorly. Is he not prepared?

  15. Joe Biden is no fool, he knows what he is doing. To beat trump you need to be a jackass like him. This generation enjoys voting crazy people 😂😂😂

  16. Biden is a classic case of white guy who is a bigot but thinks that because he is working with non whites means that he is not a bigot this is the real battle between TRUMP and BIDEN the former is envious of the latter position of how come he gets away with being a bigot and i don't both are two sides of the same coin with the same ideology just the way to go about it differs because This BIDEN proofs time and again that he is from the same clan as Trump only a little liberal

  17. make no mistake Trump or Biden either way racism is screwed if Biden wins democracy might come out ahead but it will do nothing for racism or discrimination!!!

  18. At the end of the day trevor is pretty much a sensible guy. But man what do you have to say on the impeachment based on hearsay ?

  19. Vote for Bernie Sanders if we want these things to get implemented:
    -Medicare For All like all other developed and western countries.
    -Stop all unconstitutional wars and bring the troops home.
    -Stop giving money away to wealthy companies and individuals (and let them pay their share of taxes like it was before they bribed most politicians to help not pay or pay way less then the working class or the poor as a group).
    -Support the working class and the poor in the US.
    -Support all minorities.
    -Get free education for all.
    -Get the Green New Deal past and create millions of new, green and well paid jobs.
    -Support for the family farming farmlands.
    -Support oppressed people around the world like The Palestinians, The Uighurs, The Rohingyas, The Kashmiris and more … .
    -Make more peace with other countries and not more wars.

  20. Trevor don't lump Bernie into the self-sabotage thing. I know you're supposed to ignore him, but please don't lump him in with the neo-liberal dems.

  21. I can't help but wonder how terrible you would make this look if it was Trump, but since it's Biden, it must have been a slip? GTFOH!!!

  22. Trump is your racist uncle, we did that four years and he’s in war with French wine and cheese but love N.Korea’s dictator 😂 And Biden is your crazy uncle, he’ll fight everyone , tell embarrassing jokes and never remember them 😂 There should be a limit age for the presidency like other jobs have and 70 years old should be the limit. Both of them have nothing to lose so they don’t care about bad press or public opinions which is very dangerous in a president who’s supposed to represent the people.

  23. Biden needs to work retail during the holidays. He'd learn some humility real fast. Dude's so arrogant and out of touch, he's the worst.

  24. That voter COULD have CHOSEN to express his questions in a less insulting way…. I'm not mad at Joe. There's a reason why people choose their words more carefully than their message.. You can't step up to a podium with figurative boxing gloves on and not expect a figurative swing… ijs…

  25. Can someone just make Bernie the president already? All he wants is for you to get free Healthcare and education. Does that really sound that bad?

  26. Well Biden is senile and has character depravity from that senility. But really, why did Barisma hire Hunter Biden? His brilliant resume as a historian or lawyer?

  27. That voter was so scared too. He probably was a republican, hitting the propaganda points. But he should have expected that in a town hall. His behavior was fucking disgusting. He's been in politics for how long, and he couldn't keep his cool against one scared voter? Then how will he deal with North korea? Pushups?

  28. That is a sad fact about democrats, they don't hate Trump, they act like they do to get votes, but they really don't. They all have their own agenda to be the "winner".

    Biden is the best shot to win against Trump, even Trump knows that, that's why Trump even get dirty himself in Ukraine scandal.

    All the other candidates simply team up with Trump and trash Biden .

  29. It could have been a teaching moment, but instead, he insulted the voter. Politics have gotten to a place where candidates or officials insult their constituency…those people don't need your vote. Trump insulting people who don't agree with him or question his stances, he doesn't need your vote. Biden could have fixed this man's opinion of him, but instead he insults him. Why is he the frontrunner?

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