Bloomberg and The Legacy of Stop-and-Frisk – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

You know, the biggest
issue I think I have, and many other people have,
with Mike Bloomberg and how he’s defending his
stop and frisk record is that he doesn’t seem to know
what he’s defending. And that, for me, is a problem. You know? He goes, “Oh,
I apologize for the policy.” And people are not
as angry about the policy, I think, as how
the policy was targeted. Because for so many years,
especially in America, black people have said, “Hey, the police are targeting us
just because we’re black. They treat us like
we’re all criminals. They’re not just trying
to go for criminals.” And what would people say? The people – “Oh,
you’re overreacting. Cops are not just gonna
throw you against a wall. You must’ve done something.” And I can imagine for a long
time, for many black Americans, it must’ve felt like being gaslit. You know what’s happening to you. You say what’s happening to you. And people are like,
“That’s crazy.” And I can imagine how for
many white people in America they’re like, “That is crazy. You just get thrown
against the wall? Why? You must’ve been
doing something.” ’Cause white people are like,
“I’ve never been thrown against a wall. That
would never happen to me. What, what, you just get thrown
against the wall? That’s it? I see cops all the time. I say, ‘Hello, officer,’
they say, ‘Hello, sir,’ and then I keep walking. You just get thrown
against the wall? That doesn’t make any sense.” And then a lot
of black people are like, “You white people are being
racist ’cause you don’t…” And white people are like,
“That is insane. Cops will not just throw…” And I can see how people
have lived in these worlds for so long. And then now you have audio
of Mike Bloomberg saying… And that audio, for me, if you
break it down into pieces, has so many issues with it. First of all, the fact that he
says if you look at criminals and victims of crime, et cetera,
you can xerox – you can just copy and paste
it and put it out there. It shows me that you
didn’t even care about the differences
between black people. You made it seem
like black is crime when, in fact, black is
most affected by crime. That is the thing
that you did there. Alright? That’s the first
problem I have. Secondly, the fact that
people don’t seem to realize the ramifications of
treating people like that. Imagine if you are
a black kid living in Mike Bloomberg’s New York City. Every day you’re getting frisked
and thrown against a wall. Huh? Put over the hood of a car. Every day this is what cops
are just – this is your life. Now imagine if you are a black
kid who lives in this world. A cop gets you, pulls you,
throws you into a wall. “You got something?”
“No.” You carry on.
Next day it happens again. Maybe next week, maybe
next month, whenever it is. At some point, what do
you say? Fuck the police. Alright? And then you
get people like, “Why don’t you respect the police?” Why don’t they respect me? They don’t protect and serve me. These people come and
throw me against the wall and treat me like a criminal. You know what I mean? And then what does
that kid do one day? They see the cops,
they go, “Screw this. I’m not staying around for this.” They run away. The cops pursue. Now they catch you.
What are you – you’re evading arrest,
you’re resisting arrest. Now you get arrested for
resisting arrest. Then you go to jail.
You can’t afford bail. Now you’re in prison. What does prison turn you
into more likely than not? A criminal. Alright? And even if you don’t become
a criminal because of that, you are still in the system now. We’ve seen how these kids
get locked up. They can’t afford to come out. Now they are living
a life of crime without being a criminal. And then you’re just
like, “Oh, but these kids spend all their time in jail.” How did they get to jail? “Why were you running from the cops?” “Because I was tired of
being thrown against the motherfucking wall.” I’m not gonna stick around for that. I remember that in high school. I didn’t wait. The bully
came, and I was like, “Oh, shit,” and I was gone. I wasn’t gonna stand
there and be like, “Yeah, well, good afternoon, bully.
Nice to see you again. Different thing today, yes? Are we gonna talk this out?” No, at some point you knew
the bully was gonna do what he was gonna do, so you ran
before they even got to you. And then people are like, “Why
are these kids running away? They don’t respect the police.” But do the police respect them? And that is something
no one can deny. If you’ve ever been in a rich
neighborhood specifically, not just a white neighborhood, but a rich neighborhood, you will see the
relationship that police have with those communities. It’s very different. Because they know if they
throw the wrong person, search the wrong person,
frisk the wrong person, that person knows someone
powerful enough to make sure that their job is in danger. And those are the dynamics
that you’re dealing with. So my problem with Mike
Bloomberg is he’s not saying, “I’m sorry for targeting
black people. I’m sorry for treating
black people like second-class citizens.
I’m sorry for gaslighting black people for so long.” No, he’s just like, “I’m sorry
that stop and frisk happened to affect black communities.” And it’s like, no,
it didn’t happen to. You designed it to.

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  1. It matters that Trevor is teaching these things to an audience (in house and online) with a lot of white people. Because we are not taught these things in schools, and very rarely will friends sit down and explain history to us. And they shouldn’t have to. It’s important to get the information, though, so I appreciate Trevor for laying it out like this.

  2. I for one truly appreciate this one Valentine's Day… Thank you, Trevor, for showing love to Black, Brown, and Hispanic people who have faced these injustices for too damn long! God bless you all and let's love each other better!

  3. My landlord is well off but he drives a super rusty, should be in the junkyard but still runs, looks like a total POS Subaru. He gets about 6 calls a year to the police about a "suspicious vehicle" in his neighborhood. He is WHITE but still gets the calls. BTW his house is very well kept, except for that suspicious car out front.

  4. hope Trevor talks about Bloomberg's support for redlining and blaming the financial crisis on poor people of color instead of banks. that interview is almost as bad as the stop and frisk one. this guy was a republican in 2018 how are people this uninformed ?

  5. Great points. Our "criminal Justice System" is like a greasy slope – once you begin to slip, it is always easier to fall faster, and the further you fall, the harder it is to get out. Of course there are real criminals out there. But our system now makes victims of itself.

  6. "Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery."

    -Malcolm X

  7. Trevor Noah you nailed it! Exaxtly how it is in south Los Angeles. I used to run from police because they planted drugs on me when i was only 14 years old. They pulled up next to me and some friends. Put us against the wall and threw drugs by my feet. Ever since then ive never trusted them. I know police that have shot my friends. One in the back of the head because my friend was running away, we were tired of being bullied so we ran all the time. Sad truth i hate police til this day. Theyre all corrupt because if youre not corrupt youre not allowed to be a cop. I have an uncle who got out the la county sherrif department because the cops would go around doing crooked shit and my uncle wanted no part of it. Im so proud he left. .. heres a fun fact. When he left the sherrifs that street patrol he joined the jail house. I seen him once when i was 18 my first and last time in county jail. I hid from him and til this day he doesnt know lol

  8. Not angry about the policy?!? It's a fourth amendment violation. They better be angry about the policy. Who gives a shit which particular group was targeted. It affects EVERYONE if they get away with this garbage.

  9. Bernie2020. He's the only one I trust to begin to right these wrongs. Trevor didn't use the word Class, but that's what he's describing with the differences between economic brackets.

    I used to live in Chicago, now I live in Oakland. I'm tired of protesting these police shootings. Dems need to move past these token promises and actually fucking do something,

  10. People have a hard time seeing someone else's perspective. Im gay, and some of my family members tell me "I chose this". How can you speak for something you haven't lived through?

  11. Bloomberg now has to justify what he said in the past? If he makes it as your Democratic candidate, you guys gonna let Trump win again?

  12. My son is part Black.. Mostly Dine' (aka Navajo) Do Not Ever Touch My son Or His Hair. Denver da learned her lesson.. Yes da

  13. I live trought that in los angeles, every day getting harassed by cops infront of my parents just walking down the streets, white people would never know how it feel and never will understand, i have no respect for the police i dont insult them but i dont trust them.

  14. Response to every American out there who still counters with the argument that "statistics show…". If you're purposely targeting a certain group of people, then of course statistics will increase for that group of people. The simplest logic that is historically the hardest for people to grasp. Great job Trevor making it plain as day!

  15. I am upper middle class white male, and I always thought it was shady how some of my poorer friends disliked the police so much. Then one day i watched a homeless woman try to get help from a police officer. I had to reevaluate what my friends were saying.

  16. I'm from SA and this is so true, we still fear the cops even after years of democracy. Its crazy how that fear is instilled in you as a black person. Now I can't imagine being searched by them every other day cause I'd feel the need to use a different street or just get away when I see them.

  17. I am perplexed as to which one of the democratic candidates to vote for I want Trump out of office so I I'm desperate to want just anyone. However I am reminded by the era of mr. Bloomberg and stop and frisk. Also as apologies are good to do why are you apologizing when you're running a campaign why have you never apologized before. Is this campaign a sincere fight to become a leader for America or what else is it if not two gain power.

  18. I am an immigrant and I love Mike Bloomberg. He made NYC a safe and comfortable place. Everyone I know who saw New York "before and after" Bloomberg appreciates the difference

  19. when you haven't been targeted it does sound crazy ~ its racism you've been unaware happening EveryWhere EveryDay that creates a whole cycle of events. review what happened to Louis Henry Gates in his Own wealthy neighborhood 😐

  20. I had previously believed that it was just fairly dishonest that Bloomberg didn't even launch his campaign until a year had passed. That was enough to disenchant me with the man. Granted, I've never lived in NYC.
    It seems to me, though, that his concern is valid; he wanted to do something to bring down the occurrence of crime in minority communities. It also seems to me, though, that this would've been accomplished much more effectively by directing the NYC police department to target its recruitment to minority communities.
    If you grow up surrounded by crime, you want to do something about it. So if, one day, you come across a recruitment poster for the local law enforcement and you recognize the ability to direct the authority of the police against crime that you understand, that is going to be appealing. Sending officers to patrol communities they are from surely accomplishes a lot more in terms of community health than randomly stopping and frisking people.

  21. Wonder will Trevor ever run for president for South Africa… he would be good at it, with the right mindset. Really hope he can change the world somehow

  22. My thoughts exactly! That's what I heard from authority all the time. I walk into the principal's office with fresh gashes in the back of my arm and two bleeding holes in my neck and they said "You must have done something to provoke this kind of behavior from the poor kid." It's the same bullshit out on the streets and it keeps getting passed down by generation.

  23. As someone who has very strongly criticized Noah for his treatment of Bernie and shilling for Warren, I have immense respect for him telling it like it is here.

  24. My parents live in Brooklyn NY, My mom works at night and gets harassed on a daily basis, her co-workers beaten…….you know what racial demographic is doing all this, at almost a 100% of the time????
    Trevor lives in a nice safe white gated community, when he moves to my parents neighborhood, then I might listen to him, and im sure his beta …… won't make it pass a week

  25. Bernie is fighting since the days of MLK. Black people need to unite for Bernie. He is your and our only hope. Don't get fooled by Biden, Pete, and other establishment candidates. This is your only chance. VOTE FOR BERNIE in the Primaries. You gotta put a full stop to this unjust racial police system

  26. I wonder who Trevor and these other talk show hosts are going to vote for I think and hope Seth Myers and Trevor vote for Bernie Bernie2020 and maybe Jimmy kimmel

  27. Yo Noe, buddy I'm feeling What you talkin bout. Ever since I was an early teenager them lights been smacking me around! gratitude for what you doing behind that desk. #Respect from the 773

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