100 Replies to “Bloomberg expected to file paperwork to enter 2020 Alabama Dem primary”


  2. All these Crooked Democrat candidates are MENTALLY ILL and are a danger to the United States….. and news flash — Michelle Obama is a man, Barack Obama was born in Kenya. How many other lies do we need to uncover.

  3. Bloomberg has been pouring millions into states to pass illegal gun control laws such as Initiative I-1639 in Washington state in 2018. He is a danger to our Republic and just like other communist democrats surrounds himself with…..you guessed it, guards with guns.

  4. Bloomberg should be horse whipped and his traitrous a** run out of America. Go live in a socialist euro mess with your one worlder buddies. America does not want or need a NY social control freak.

  5. If Michael Bloomberg runs and wins the nomination, Donald Trump can kiss it good bye so can Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Because the 3 of them are so extreme on the opposites ends of each other, they are not where America is at as a whole, They are not! THAT'S THE TRUTH. Michael Bloomberg will get the conservative democrats votes, he will get the swing votes, he will get the independents votes, he will get the moderate republicans that left in huge numbers from Donald Trump's votes (YES HE WILL). And if you people out their think that Michael Bloomberg no matter what political leaning these people they are that Jewish people will not vote for the "1ST POSSIBLE JEWISH PRESIDENT", HUH KEEP DREAMING! He will definitely get their votes, so yes to the extreme democrats and the extreme nut case so call evangelical republicans you have a lot to be afraid of. A LOT!

  6. Good deal the guy that helped get people like aoc, Ilhan and talieb elected wants to run for President, why not ask China’ leader if he wants the job it would be the shorter road to the same end.

  7. Just heard E Holder was considering to enter too. I’m wondering if the guns that were lost in fast & f was some of the arms that murdered the American family in Mexico?


  9. One wonders if he indeed becomes President, will he immediately give 90% of his wealth to the Government like the Communist are insisting on?

  10. I support a democrat for Alabama, but not that rich bastard. America doesn’t need anymore powerful billionaires getting more power from our government. He’s so rich he’s disconnected from the common American, he shouldn’t be able to speak for WE THE PEOPLE.

  11. You mindless dems think Trump is a dictator. Just give ol Bloomberg a try we will all suffer the fate of Cuba and Venesuela.

  12. More successful than Trump ever was and without having to act like a child.
    Ran NYC as the best mayor in history of the largest city.
    Said to be the second hardest job in the world only after the President. Which Trump has made a complete fiasco of.
    Hey, while your defending him, look up how the National Debt is doing, something he said he would pay off.

  13. Mr. Bloomberg doesn't have a "Snowball's chance in Hell"! Not against Mr. Trump!
    He can thank Nadler, Nancy and "Little Adam" Schitt for that!

  14. I think the voting crap in America is just that ! Bring it on so Trump can shove all your asses, with the Swamp, down the Drain ! I'm getting my Popcorn from Amazon !

  15. Trump is done. Is sad because the media have won the war of propoganda. Bloomberg will take all the swing voters that have swallowed the media lies. Good bye america you are not seeing another trump for decades.

  16. He will never be president he is the biggest anti gun supporter ever he is protected by armed security but doesn’t want Americans to have guns

  17. HA! HA! HA! DUMB DEEP STATE IS PANICKING EXTREMELY! Check out YOU – TUBE, “AND WE KNOW"! There you can see the truth!

  18. Yea right, a Billionaire is going to back Socialism and give up his Millions or Billions, yeh Right.. If you believe that then I got pcs of the Brooklyn Bride for sale….

  19. I once met Bloomberg years ago while he was mayor at a restaurant in NYC owned by a friend of mine.This was well before I was interested in politics. Anyway, upon shaking his hand one word popped into my head and stays with me even today…sneaky.

  20. Oh sorry Bloomy but we Republicans in Bama got together and changed the rules from our basement in the capitol. Deadline was last month. Sorry for your bad luck…😰

  21. A Bloomberg-Trump contest would be one between a maker and a faker.
    Bloomberg- $52 billion.
    Trump- FAKE billionaire.
    Trump is the SMALLER man.

  22. Looks like the deep state is trying to pedal one of their elites to stop President Trump. Bloomberg represents dark money and the movement toward NWO take over. If the sleeping zombies research Bloomberg ties to the Clintons, Soros and the 13 bloodlines, that will wake them the hell up!

  23. Its actually scary that he has the ability to spend over $4,000,000,000 alone in the primary…

    He's gonna try to buy his way to the presidency


  25. Trump reasoning in action:
    Convicted murderer who momentarily died says his life sentence has been served 😁

  26. The dem voters love sanders and gabbard…and warren..they do not love biden, the polls are lying..bloomberg represents everything they loathe.

  27. We need Bloomberg as president. Sometimes I eat too many potato chips, every now and then I watch the news more than I should. When I mow I use the riding mower at times. I can go on and on. I need someone that will tell me what to eat, when to go to bed, when to get up, how much work I should do daily.

  28. This man is a communist, if you want your life to be controlled, vote for him. Better than that , move to China , I hear things are really nice there.

  29. I wonder if Bloomberg made billions while being Mayor of NYC. If so I don’t see the media calling him out. Oh wait that’s because he was a businessman before he became Mayor.

  30. This moron will do everything he can to take all guns away. Any smart American will never Comply with any laws to take our guns. Trump 2020, Ivanka Trump/Candace Owens 2024

  31. Bloomberg does realize that President Trump was voted in office because of his polices and exactly what the American people wanted. We didn't vote for him because he was a billionaire. Sooo, with that. Good luck Blommerberg. You'll need tons………

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