Bloomberg Surrogate: ‘Judging The Candidates By What They Have Done Recently’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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  1. … "moments they misspoke"?

    Lady, he openly embraced atrociously racist policy. And he only ever apologized for political convenience and expediency.

  2. Bet they won't say that about the black men they threw in jail for decades. Or the poor ppl that can't live off of one job. But billionaires apologies and tears always get forgiveness.

  3. How convenient. He doesn't have to go through rallies, debates, town halls like the others. He gets to hide behind a big ad agency. He can say Trumpian things but it's in the past. But of Fox, um MSNBC love him.

  4. “Recently” being the operative word because Stop & Frisk was a long time ago! (that’s what the Bloomberg surrogate wants)

  5. I think Bloomberg is the candidate that has the best chance of beating Trump. Things have changed and the culture has changed since Bloomberg was mayor and beating Trump is the only thing that matters to me. The White House janitor would make a better President than Trump.

  6. My vote is not for sale. This election is not for sale. Bloomberg being voted president will just open the floodgates for even more oligarchs in the future to buy our democracy. The presidency would be chump change for these Bloombergs out there.

  7. The Durham Investigation has gone into overdrive. You can hear the Democrats freaking out on all channels – AM talk Radio, TV, and on Social Media now.

  8. Bloomberg has apologized. EVERYONE has made mistakes. Those not accepting an apology only make themselves look unsympathetic.

  9. This is a classic example on how we slip into accepting Authoritarianism. By finding a way to excuse or accept immoral behaviour because it is convenient. The GOP did it with Trump, first attacking him until he won the nomination, then they fell in line. Now a significant portion of the neo-libs are doing the same. It is grotesque. These people have spent the past 4 years complaining about Trump’s behaviour and now they will accept and endorse another just as bad because he wears a different colour armband willing to oppose their enemy, not realizing they are both their enemies.

  10. You can see how uncomfortable this surrogate is defending Bloomberg. She is ashamed of herself. She must be getting paid a lot.

  11. Dems have been promoting violence for 200 years. Slavery, secession, segregation and socialism. Not much has changed, other then they are more open about it now.

  12. Chris Matthews is awful. He thinks Bernie is trumpian in service to non Democrat Doomberg, who never caucased with Democrats in government, who is a LITERAL oligarch.

  13. The media does not acknowledge that a person can change, learn, or grow. This is axiomatic, taken for granted, and very depressing.

    Seems like it weighs us down,, from far left all the way through to the far right, we all feel it. Something in common at last: we're depressed by the idea that people are forever defined by who they used to be. Do you figure you've evolved in your stance on things, (say, politics?) during the past 20 years?

  14. Bloomberg will buy some Democrat VOTERS. Democrats need to ask themselves, who has served me and who has made every effort to improved this Country.

  15. The "surrogate" has received over 3 million dollars into her campaign accounts in 2016 and 2018 by Bloomberg LP. He bankrolled her career and owns her message. GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS

  16. Not trying to hear it… this dude systematically targeted black and brown people with "stop and frisk" racist haven't institutional terrorized black people like that since jim crow

  17. Stop and frisk. Stop and frisk. Republican Bloomberg increased stop and frisk under his watch. Plain as day that all Republican Bloomberg wants is steal money from the working class like every other republican president since Reagan.

  18. HAHAHA the hypocrisy is so enjoyable.
    Forgive this man, for he is guilty of the crimes of the orange man. But, he is better because he is sorry.HAHAHA
    Bloomberg really tried to run for a third term. Where are the cries of Fascist. Racism Sexism. Oh he is forgive by his donations.
    The pious left deemed his man worthy.

  19. Yes MSNBC and the cult of Mr. Clean, the cult of the dazzling urbanite rule of global corporate law. We shall be hearing a great deal more from the dazzling urbanite of the global cult of law. Hillary Clinton was the dazzling urbanite shoe-in. Their metrosexual rule of corporate law queen. Yes, the shoe in, the queen of corporate law school. the queen size shoe fits. Bernie's no class bolshevik civil rights attorney's got another thing coming. Spin spin spin the corporate eugenic washing machine is coming up to speed. Dazzling clean metrosexual corporate Nazi's, can you picture such a thing?

  20. There is no greater evil than the "Clean Evil Entity" the clean machine visionary. The Hillary Clinton cult of the metrosexual, Mr. clean-shaven corporation has arrived, vitamin me me me sharkskin for the win fortified. Some folks love that shark skin

  21. republican voters saw a guy who admitted to assaulting women, is an outright racist, dumb as a sack of dirt, and was caught cheating Americans with a fraud university….and said, "that's OUR guy!" 😄😆🤣

  22. the more the media harps on something the more the viewers will tune you out, this did not work with Trump learn from your past mistakes

  23. This lady tries but even she doesn't believe what's coming out of her mouth to defend this guy. That's a special skill that unfortunately trump knows how to seek out.

  24. Add to the callousness of racial profiling* Mr Bloomberg's glib arrogance in manipulating the NY City Council to change tenure laws for the Mayor from two terms to three and then changing that law back to two. He burnished his political resume in making himself the only three term Mayor of the city
    Additionally, his stubborn refusal to acknowledge that government is not run like a business and must work with the legislature in Albany to realize the Mayor's agenda that required his acceptance that three men in Albany held power over his plans to build a new NY Jets sports stadium above the west side railyard.
    He alienated two of those men, the majority and minority leaders, and in failing to build that stadium the Jets moved to New Jersey.
    And let's not forget his attempt to limit the size of soda containers.
    Vote for a more experienced and less priviliged, paternalistic candidate.
    Mr Bloomberg is little different from DjT*.

    *Stop and Frisk ended in the 11th year of Mr Bloomberg's 12 year tenure as Mayor.

  25. Bloomberg is the WORST than Trump because he’s able to implement racist policies with competency while putting minorities to sleep at the same time.


  26. People keep saying MSM is corrupt and pushes for establishment candidates
    then why can't they see the opposite is also true , if they see a
    candidate literally being ignored & smeared you would think they
    would at least ask the question , why ; but they don't , a big
    example is the deep contrast between Tulsi & Mayor Pete ; But yet
    mayor pete gets coverage and glorified while Tulsi gets literally no
    coverage and when she does its mostly slanderous . TELL ME WHAT IS
    Mayor Pete resume :

    mayor of South Bend, Indiana, from January 2012 to January 2020

    From 2009 to 2017 as a naval intelligence officer in the United
    States Navy Reserve, attaining the rank of lieutenant 
    deployed to Afghanistan for seven months in 2014
    a Harvard
    graduate , end of story ;

    Tulsi resume : Founded Healthy
    Hawai’i Coalition as teenager In 2007
    Tulsi graduated from the
    Accelerated Officer Candidate School at the Alabama Military Academy,
    where she was the first woman to finish as the distinguished honor
    graduate in the Academy's 50-year history.
    served in the U.S.
    Senate as a legislative aide to Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI) where she
    advised him on energy independence, homeland security, the
    environment, and veteran issues
    Served two tours of duty in the
    Middle East (Iraq / Kuwait) Currently serves as Major in Army
    National Guard deployed with her unit to the Middle East. During this
    second deployment, in addition to leading her platoon on a wide
    variety of security missions, she also conducted non-military
    host-nation visits and served as a primary trainer for the Kuwait
    National Guard. Tulsi was one of the first women to set foot inside a
    Kuwait military facility and became the first woman to ever be
    awarded and honored by the Kuwait National Guard for her work in
    their training and readiness program
    Elected to Honolulu City
    Council in 2010,  serving as Chair of the Safety, Economic
    Development, and Government Affairs Committee and Vice Chair of the
    Budget Committee.
    In 2011, she visited Indonesia as part of a
    peacekeeping training with the Indonesian Army.
    Elected to
    Hawai‘i State Legislature at age 21 in
    2012 Elected to Congress
    4 times with over 70% of the vote One of first two female combat
    veterans ever elected to Congress
    House Foreign Affairs Committee

    Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific
    Subcommittee on Middle
    East and North Africa
    House Armed Services Committee
    Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee
    Readiness Subcommittee

    House Financial Services Committee
    House Armed Services
    2013, Tulsi received the JFK New Frontier Award, created by the John
    F. Kennedy Library Foundation and The Institute of Politics at
    Harvard University to honor Americans under the age of 40 who are
    changing their communities and the country with their commitment to
    public service

  27. Bernie: we are going to tax multi millionaires and billionaires out of existence…

    Bloomberg: this sound like fighting words?

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