Bolivian president Evo Morales to resign amid calls for new elections

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  1. He's already left the country
    Escaping like a little rat
    Poor as celebrating that they going to have democracy again
    The hilarious thing is he blames white people, rich people and the Gringos
    but if you have a look at the celebrations of him leaving it's all poor Indians that are celebrating


  3. "He basically said, and went into some detail, that there were two individuals from Florida, Mr. Parnas and Mr. Fruman, who were working with Mayor Giuliani, and that they had set up the meetings for Mr. Giuliani with Mr. Lutsenko. And that they were interested in having a different ambassador at post, I guess for because they wanted to have business dealings in Ukraine, or additional business dealings." -Marie Yovanovitch, former US Ambassador to Ukraine

  4. American MSM is completely useless. What is the pres accused of? obviously something but we will never know because they are not telling anyone anything that is actually happening in the world and dont have time for anything other than Trump derangement.

  5. Knowing the History of South American I'm going to say this Evo Morales guy rigged the Polls, got himself elected and then got caught. Yes or No?

  6. First "indigenous" leader of Bolivia….
    Someone should have taught him how to wipe and use plumbing properly, before running a country!

  7. From our border to antartica I don't how many countries maby 30 40 all of them have gold oil farm land and there all a mess does not matter what government they get as long g as they lift marrie and not God she will grind them to the ground I'm not a Christian but it is starkly apparent

  8. Another socialist country gone to hell and people are uprising. Hmm.. seems to be a general pattern among all socialist countries.. and I can't help but wonder why?

  9. If you still support the Commiecrat globalists, then you’re either a brainwashed idiot, or you’ve never heard of Snowden’s NSA leaks during the Obama administration. Hideous people

  10. Nationalist populist movement is growing around the world each day rejecting socialists agenda of failure. Bolivian Police joined the protesters, Americans could learn from this after all the anti Police hate from the left

  11. In this day and age it stuns me that the levels of corruption in 99% of the country's from Mexico south.
    All 3rd world crap holes.

  12. Will we see the nation looted by international corporations again? Probably lets see how the people like having their rain water controlled by a corporation in another country!

  13. Was a russian puppet, he sold mines dirt cheap to Russia who litteraly destroying Bolivia, so many children are sick from pollution from mines leaking into water

  14. This is another US backed coup of a legitimately elected leader that doesn't tow the line. US trying to reestablish hegemony in the region.

  15. Another socialist out of touch leader is gone. The ignorant socialist of United States take heed. George Soros money will not help you.

  16. Well done to the people and military of Bolivia! Now if the rest of the continent south of the Rio Grande could take a clue from Bolivia. Stop coming to the US illegally expecting hand outs. We're broke. Go home and do what the brave people of Bolivia did.

  17. The predatory capitalists will save the country, bring jobs back home, sell of resources for US interests and bring big banks to power like in the US. Central government under socialist pretext doesn't work but predator capitalism will ruin all middle class and bring everybody into poverty! 45 million US on food stamps and 2 million in prison! So what is the answer?

  18. to think if we could clean up all these corrupt country's down south, we would have nice places to go when our country goes to poop.. imagine that

  19. Let's see if this time there will be no fraud !!!
    For we Brazilians can no longer stand the stampede of refugees, Africans, Venezuelans, surely now with the left election the Argentines and even the Bolivians !!!
    For God's sake Trump, save us !!!

  20. The cowards of the world yet again fail to see that the solution was and will always be any government that is pro – humanity and pro – environment, that is exactly what Evo Morales represented. Instead the ignorant choose to listen to lies about obtaining a democracy. We have not witness anything close to a democracy in the world. Even here , what we call a "democracy" is really a 2 party dictatorship. Knowledge is power.
    Being Pro-Enviroment is like being a true Rebel in today's world. Rebel!

  21. The organized crime headquarted in Cuba backs Evo and Maduro. The resignation seems to be a tactic used before in Venezuela. Many international auditors have confirmed fraud. Evo is very dangerous!! This is not over yet…

    God bless you all for your support, Bolivia needs all your support against its narco-goverment.

  22. Now we need these presidents to resign:
    Ortega from Nicaragua
    Maduro from Nicaragua
    Lopez Obrador from Mexico
    Castro from Cuba
    Fernandez from Argentina

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