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This is a Breaking News. I’m your host
Jerry Stone, here with Bob Finnegan.
We are receiving rising reports of a new
epidemic sweeping across the globe.
It comes with increased risks of heart
disease, cancer, and even tooth loss and
male impotence. And it’s caused by a
consumer product found in grocery and convenience stores.
The product kills half of its consumers even when used exactly the manufacturer intends.
And it’s estimated to be killing 10 people a minute worldwide.
Its manufacturers made
744 billion dollars selling these deadly products in 2014 alone.
Now let’s go to our correspondent Lauren.
Thanks Jerry. I’m live from Kentucky. And here, 30% of people are hooked.
Half of them are likely to die. The rate in other countries is even higher.
This stuff is aggressively marketed around the globe, and
the companies that sell it spend millions of dollars on lawsuits and lobbyists to ensure nobody stops them.
What?! They sound like super villains.
I mean, why isn’t this a national emergency?!
Who is behind this killing machine?! Are we, are we talking about bacon…?
No Bob, you can still have your bacon, just go easy on it. We are talking about Big Tobacco.
What? I thought that problem was behind us. We need to stop Big Tobacco.
Without action, one billion people will die from tobacco this century.
Become a lifesaver.

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