Breaking News Engine Fire Reported On Carnival Legend Entering Glacier Bay National Park Alaska

it’s Bruce here with travelling with
Bruce I have a story here from Carnival it’s about the Carnival legend cruise
ship in Alaska we have an engine fire to report for this ship that apparently
occurred a couple of days ago the news is just now leaking out thanks by the
way for subscribing to my channel giving these videos thumbs ups I really
appreciate that here’s the story folks today is September the 22nd 2019 two
days ago on the 20th the Carnival Liberty cruise ship was entering the
glacé Glacier Bay National Park waters when an engine fire broke out in engine
room number five announcements were made at 7:15 in the morning to get fire crews
down there right away all employees and crew members were
immediately placed on their stations just in case the problem with an engine
fire of course is that the engine room is at the bottom rear end of the ship it
is an enclosed area very difficult to get to and if it spreads it can really
cause havoc here’s some photos from a ship fire that happened on the ecstacy
right in Miami Harbor this was if you want to have a fire this is the place to
have a fire you’ve got the fire crew boats everything here people can
literally walk off the ship onto piers I mean you’ve got it made if you’re gonna
have a fire here but look at the damage that was caused when the fire got out of
control this could have happened here but
thankfully did not and I guess we have to thank our lucky stars for that there
could have been a catastrophic damage catastrophic pollution released into
these pristine waters from all of the water that had to have been used to
fight the fire at the moment we do not know if any water spilled out or was
dumped out by this ship into this area from the fire of course any water you’re
gonna put on a fire in an engine room the water is going to be oil soaked
gasoline contaminated you name it and if this gets pumped out look out there
could be fines coming we’ll have to stay on top of this story the carnival legend
left Vancouver on September the 17th will return to Vancouver September 26th
she’s going to be in Skagway today Juneau tomorrow Ketchikan on the 20
forth back to Vancouver on the 26th the cruise line insists that no one was in
danger no injuries were reported and all is well
this is the area where the fire took place somewhere in this region here this
is what I call the middle of nowhere there could have been help brought here
had the ship needed it but it might have taken a day or longer this is towards
the very end of the cruise season for Alaska there aren’t that many cruise
ships here anymore not like we have four or five a day coming in here in the
first place so I think everyone dodged a major bullet here first thing in the
morning a couple of days ago and I don’t know if we’ll get any more details about
this story because cruise lines are very reluctant to share this kind of
information anyway there is the story about the carnival legend thankfully
everything is all right thank you for joining me today thank you for all your
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25 Replies to “Breaking News Engine Fire Reported On Carnival Legend Entering Glacier Bay National Park Alaska”

  1. Nothing but troubles for Carnival lately.
    Hopefully listeners aboard the ship will send you their videos of the fire.

  2. Bruce thanks , for the news , maybe u can give travel, hacks , & deals. We love royal Caribbean line.Thanks for the news.👈🌞📮🏵

  3. We are scheduled to cruise on the Legend next January. Hope Carnival gets everything under control by then. Not a good year for them.

  4. That was Alaska taking matters into its own hands for that cheap fine carnival faces for illegal dumping lol. Happy all are ok. It’s not uncommon to have ship fires in my experience. Good thing the crew is trained extensively

  5. From Facebook Legend group;
    Hi everyone! I have not yet introduced myself to this group, but I will be your Academy of Fun lecturer on this amazing Journeys cruiee thru the Panama Canal. I will be back next week with info ony lectures, but I wanted to pop in to lay some rumors to rest.

    I am on the Legend right now (Skagway, Alaska). Yes, there was a small fire on board. It lasted slightly longer that 90 seconds and caused no long term damage to any of the ship systems. The crew handled it magnificently and had there not been announcements most passengers would not have had any idea it had happened.

    The ship is NOT listing. Yesterday while in Sitka the ship was leaning to one side and then the other, but this was intentionally done to lean the ship so that the gangway could remain level as the tide level came in and went out. Yes, seas were a bit rough but that is because we were in the outside passage.

    The Fantasy did have an incident in the Pana Canal. This was due to pilot error–the pilot is an employee of the Canal–who forgot that the Fantasy Class ships have wings in the back that extend beyond the sides of the ship. Had the ship been pulled forward in the channel this would not have happened.

  6. Bruce, I love your videos. Right to the point. I hate long videos. We are Carnival Platinum and don’t need all that unnecessary info. Thanks!

  7. I sincerely hope that no pollution ended up in Glacier Bay. I have been there while on a cruise in 2017 (not Carnival, thank God) and it is beautiful! I hate to think of that pristine bay damaged by cruise ship negligence.

  8. Unfortunately these things happen on every cruise line. Just curious as to why so many people make it sound like Carnival is the only one that ever has issues? Do they not hear news about things that have happened on other lines or or do they just like to make Carnival sound soooo bad?

  9. Hi Bruce.  I was on the Volendam at the same time.  Few to none of the cruisers seemed to be aware of the Carnival ship fire and it was not a topic of conversation.   Inner Passage and Glacier Bay area waters are blue and pristine.

  10. Thanks for the news Bruce, I can't believe they were struck down with an engine fire in such a restricted area. Glad they got it under control but WOW. Thanks Bruce your doing an Amazing Job😆😆😆

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