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♪ Yeah, trick ’em up, yeah

♪ Yeah, trick ’em up ♪
– We interrupt your
regularly scheduled program
with some breaking news.
– That’s right, Gale.
We go live to our sky chopper
that is on the scene.
– ♪
– [siren wailing]
– Oh, y’all stop looking at me,
and put them cameras away.
You act like you’ve never seen
a pimp on a scooter before.
– Well, a local suburban
neighborhood is on high alert
after yet another
Katt Williams sighting.
– Cap down. Cap down.
– In the event
of a Katt Williams sighting,
do not approach.
If you’re watching this,
please stay inside.
– I look beautiful.
– To the naked eye,
he may seem small in stature
with a history of being subdued
by much younger,
weaker adversaries.
But there’s no telling what he’s
capable of once his adrenaline
mixes with all that hair relaxer
that’s in his system.
– Somebody get this old,
raggedy [bleep]
back in her nursing home.
– For more on this,
we go to Laurie Evans,
who’s on the scene. Laurie?
– Mr. Hardbanger, can you
tell us what you saw?
– Yeah, me and the boys were
assembling a Davenport in back
when we saw the Katt Williams
roll by on a scooter.
And at first,
I thought it was some sort
of drunk black leprechaun.
But then I realized who it was,
and you never quite know if
you’re gonna get its
pimp and pimping Katt Williams
or getting beat up
by a seventh grader
on the Internet’s Katt Williams.
So, we went inside,
closed the garage door,
and promptly called
the authorities, ma’am.
– Safety first.
Probably the best
course of action.
– Once again, do not
approach a Katt Williams.
and in under no circumstances
should you feed a Katt Williams.
– Speaking of, we’re getting
more reports of Katt Williams
and some more footage.
It appears that he’s going
through some garbage.
– Oh, look at
all this right here.
This is the jackpot right here.
These may not be
Louis Vuitton bags,
but they got some good shit
in ’em, that’s for sure.
Oh, is that open bottles
of coconut water?
I don’t drink that,
but [beep] do.
Oh, this will be perfect
for those candles.
This is a beautiful table.
This must be made
from Christmas trees.
– That literally made no sense.
– Agreed.
Lastly, authorities have
issued this statement.
“If you come into contact
with Katt Williams,
roll on your stomach
and play dead.”
– [audience cheering]

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  1. Woow this made me laugh soo much,,, been sad for the past 12hours since X died… RIP X… But thanks guys for laugh I needed it….

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