Breaking News Norwegian Jade Breaks Down In San Juan Puerto Rico 10 Day Cruise Cancelled!

hey everybody its Bruce here with
traveling with Bruce I’ve got an update
here on the Norwegian Jade cruise ship
today’s date November the 19th 2018 this
cruise ship left Miami on Friday the
16th of November and was starting a
10-day Caribbean cruise and Sunday
yesterday she was here in Puerto Rico
and it was here when the captain
notified all passengers and we’re
talking up to 2,500 of them that the
ship can take them no further than here
of the ship has a mechanical issue the
speculation is it’s an engine problem
with propulsion and the ship will not
leave this port the ship is working
otherwise as far as room amenities food
air conditioning water the passengers
are being looked after but they’re gonna
have to get off the ship by Tuesday
morning that’s tomorrow and the cruise
line will refund their entire cruise
give them a credit towards a future
cruise based on what they paid on this
one and they’re also offering them a six
hundred and fifty dollar cash incentive
to make their own arrangements to get
back to the mainland if they’re from the
USA for example now the cruise line is
also telling the passengers that are
attempting to charter aircraft to fly
them back to the mainland hoping that
this will be done tomorrow but they’re
gonna need a number of planes because of
an average plane can handle 130 to 150
people we’re talking over 2,000 people
you can imagine how many flights are
needed here we might have three or four
or five airplanes doing several round
trips just to get these folks back to
the mainland in the meantime they were
supposed to be st. Thomas today it’s not
happening they’re gonna stay here
instead they can use all the amenities
but unfortunately the rest of this trip
has been canceled so we’ll have to
follow this story and see what happens
the Norwegian Jade with upwards of 2,500
people has to cancel a trip three days
into a 10-day cruise doesn’t happen
often but when it does it’s expensive
and a lot of holidays ruined but what he
gonna do
join me Monday to Friday five o’clock
Eastern Time we talk cruise ships every
day Saturdays at 2:00 Eastern I’ll have
more on this story later today if
possible and subscribe for further
information we’ll talk to you soon bye

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