Breaking News: Talk 2 Mark by Bo Sanchez

[Bo Sanchez] I am so excited for you. You will receive
a revelation. You will receive a fresh
gust of wind from the spirit for your
life, here in our show Kerygma TV. Hi, my
name is Bo Sanchez. And welcome to
Kerygma TV. We are going to tackle the
four Gospels, and try to understand in a
deeper way, who Jesus is? And what’s this
salvation and our story what’s that
all about. And I know you will be super
[Rissa Singson-Kawpeng] Welcome to new YOU. Today, we’ll be
talking about volunteering service and
love. Blessed Teresa of Calcutta once said,
“Charity and love are the same – with
charity you give love, so don’t just give
money but reach out your hand instead.”
The gospel is all about love. As we
talk about that this month, why don’t
we give some love by volunteering to
community services, outreach programs, and
parish activities? Here are some benefits
of volunteerism. One, new friendships.
Volunteering opens you too many
friendship opportunities. You meet people
with the same passion and interest as
you have. Two, a happier heart. As a
volunteer, one cultivates an increasing
sense of empathy, and a positive shift of
priorities. A study revealed that such
changes improve a person’s happiness by
7%. As American author Mark Twain
remarked, “The best way to cheer yourself
up is to try to cheer someone else up.”
Three, a life with significance. To live a
successful life is one thing. To live a
significant life is another. By reaching
out the help, especially those who need
your presents, skills, and time the most,
you are setting an example on how to
live meaningfully. The love you share to
others in whatever way can empower,
impact, and influence their lives
big-time. And that goes on forever.
[Audee Villaraza] Listen
guys. We are on the second installment of
our series called “Breaking News”.
Everybody say, “Breaking news”. Last week, we
spoke about the gospel. Talk about what
the gospel is all about. And today, we’re
going to talk about the first gospel
ever written; the Gospel of Mark, alright?
Then, let’s start by saying our favorite
prayer at The Feast. In the name of the
Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Stretch your
hands in the air, and say, “Today, I
receive all of God’s love for me. Today,
I open myself to the unbounded,
limitless, overflowing abundance of God’s
universe. Today, I open myself to God’s
blessings, healing, and miracles. Today, I
open myself to God’s Word. So that I
become more like Jesus every day. Today, I
proclaim that I’m God’s beloved. I am
God’s servant. I am God’s powerful
champion. And because I am blessed, I am
blessing the world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light
unto my path.
How many of you have big plans this year?
Big plans. Grand plans. Majestic plans.
However big your plans are, guess what?
God has bigger plans for you.
He really does. Did you guys know that
Mark was not one of the original 12
apostles that Jesus discipled? Shocking
news for some of you. How could Mark have
written the gospel, if he wasn’t one of
the Apostles? I’ll tell you why in a
minute. But let me share with you
some background information about Mark
first, alright? Bible scholars and some
church fathers believed that Mark was
present in the Garden of Gethsemane
with Jesus. At the time, when Jesus was
being handed over to the Roman
authorities by Judas, who betrayed the
son of man with a kiss. You remember that
story? They believed that Mark was
present there. They believed
that Mark was the young guy that was
being mentioned here in Mark 14:51 — which
says, “That a young man followed Jesus,
with nothing but a linen cloth about his
body. And they seized him,
but he left the linen cloth and ran away
naked.” That sounds like something that
only a young guy would do, you know? Run
away naked. Older guys would think twice
about not wearing a shirt. Am I right? But
that’s just my opinion. Tradition also
says that, “Mark, it was Mark’s house that
was the venue for the Last Supper, where
Jesus celebrated the Passover.” But you
know what?
Whether or not these conjectures are
true, I really believe that the reason… Or
one of the reasons why Mark was able to
write the Gospel… Listen to this. It’s
because Mark hung out with the right
people. Question: Are you hanging out with
the right people? Are you sure?
Do you have the right crowd surrounding
you? That’s good. See, Mark grew up in
church. Mark grew up in church. But when I
say the word ‘church’, I don’t mean the
church is the building that we all know.
Let me explain, alright? When Mark was
growing up, when he was young, his mom
by the name of Mary. She opened her
home to many of God’s people.
It says here. Actually in Acts 12:12. It
says that, “When this had dawned on him…”
They’re talking about Peter. “… he went to
the house of Mary, the mother of John
also called Mark, where many people had
gathered and were praying.
Peter knocked at the outer entrance, and a
servant named Rhoda came to answer the
Now, this next verse will be very obvious
that Peter would look like he would be a
regular visitor at their house, because
why? Because they recognized him just by
his voice without even
seeing his face. It says, “When she
recognized Peter’s voice, she was so
overjoyed and she ran back without
opening it and exclaimed, ‘Peter is at the
door.'” The reason why Mark was exposed to
God was because his mom made her home — a
church. Can any of you relate to that? Yes?
When I was growing up my, mom exposed us
to the church. At a very early age, you
know, we would pray the rosary every
evening. Regardless of whether I would
fall asleep before the second mystery
would be read. Because when you’re young,
when you read the rosary, it’s like… It’s
a perfect sleeping pill, right? Let’s be honest.
When you get older in life, you know, you
start appreciating the rosary. And that’s
how it was. But my mom exposed us to even
the gift of service, you know. During
summer, every Saturday, my mom opened our
home in Taytay. A lot of children
from the nearby slum areas what was she
doing? She was teaching them catechism.
She opened our very own home to all
these children, and started talking about
the Bible. Started talking about Jesus.
Started talking about the love of God.
Can I speak to all the parents in this
house? All the parents, raise your hands.
Parents, make your home a church. Your
home should be the first place where
your children should get exposed to God.
It should be the first place, where they
learn and experience all about Jesus. So,
that when they go out into the world,
they’re not looking for their value and
their worth from someplace else, or from
somebody else, because they’re already
getting it from home. If you’re seated
beside a parent, or you’re standing
beside a parent, tell that parent,
“Make your home a church.” That’s right.
I’ll give you two ways to do it, alright.
If you don’t know where to start.
Two ways. First is, start a Light Group in
your very own home. If you don’t know
what a light group is… A Light group is a
group of people who gather every
week, every month, and they pray. They
share. And they break bread together.
Expose your children to this wonderful
world of fellowship. Make them know that
that they’re not just living for
themselves. The second thing is, start a
Feast Light in your very own home. What
is a Feast Light? It’s a Feast Video. We
talked about it here in the Feast all
the time. You know, you gather a bunch of
people in your own home, in your office,
and then you play the video that we
preach. That’s where unchurched people
become God followers. Expose your
children that this wonderful world
of service. Let them know that it’s a
beautiful thing to serve God’s people.
That’s how you change their life, alright?
Now, let me speak to all the young
All the young ones here, make some noise!

Listen up. Did you guys know that Mark
when he was still young… He was still a
young kid. He was already following Paul
and Barnabus doing their missionary work.
Wherever they went. It says here. In Acts
13:25. “When
Barnabas and Saul [that’s Paul] had
finished their mission, they returned
from Jerusalem, taking with them John, also
called Mark.” He was still in a young age,
and he was already serving with Paul and
Barnabas. And later on, you know, he
eventually became the secretary of Peter.
And we all believe that it was Peter’s
influence that eventually became the
foundation of Mark’s Gospel. Paul and
Peter were Mark’s spiritual mentors.
Let me tell you about my spiritual
mentors. Bo Sanchez, started serving the
Lord at the age of 13.
Mike Vinas, the Builder of Feast Bellevue.
The one who preached here a couple of
weeks ago, also started serving the Lord
at the age of 13.
George Gabriel, I don’t know if you
know him… But he’s one of the best
preachers that I know of. He’s now in
Australia. Also started serving the Lord
at the age of 13. These are just some of
the few names that I have encountered in
my journey in 10 years in serving the
Lord. And they have changed my life. If
you ask me. I started
serving the Lord at the age of 27. But if
I could turn back time, I really wish
that I could have served the Lord
earlier. So, here’s a piece of advice for
all our young people here. From someone
who wishes that he could have served
the Lord earlier, serve God early. Serve
early. Serve God now. Don’t delay it. Don’t
postpone it. But do it now.
Who is your Paul? And who is your Peter?
Who are your spiritual mentors? Start
looking for these people, and surround
yourself with the right people, who will
eventually change your life.
[Bo Sanchez] If you want
to understand Mark, it’s really about one
question. Ask me ‘what’? Jesus asks, “Who do
you say I am?” at the middle of the whole
Gospel, 16 chapters.
And that’s kind of like the whole theme.
Mark’s going to always ask, “Who is Jesus? Who
is Jesus? Who is Jesus?” And 1:1,
right after
Mark says, “This is who Jesus is for
me. Let’s go!”
Are you ready? Say, ‘I’m ready’. Here we go.
Let’s dive in Mark 1:1 says,
Mark says, “This is who Jesus is for
me. The beginning of the good news about
Jesus the Messiah…” Everybody say, ‘the
Messiah’. That’s why he’s happy, Messiah (Masaya).
“Jesus, the Messiah, the son of God…” And
then, this is what Mark does. “He lets
heaven, hell, and humanity answer the
question; who is Jesus? 11:1.
Jesus comes out
of the water from baptism, and then the
Father speaks and says, “You were my son,
whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”
So the father says, “You’re my son.”
And then, hell speaks because the demons
that are being driven out by Jesus, they
speak out and they say… 24:1.
I should have a little voice again.
“What do you want of us, Jesus of Nazareth?
Have you come to destroy us?” Precious… My
precious. “I know you are – the Holy One of God.”
Even the demons are confessing who Jesus
is. And then, in the middle of the
book chapter 8, Jesus
asks the Apostles. Let’s read that 27,28:8.

“Who do people say I am? And they replied,
‘Oh, some say John the Baptist; others say,
you are Elijah; and still others, one of
the prophets.” And then, Jesus asks them,
“But who do you say… Who do you say I am?”
You can’t tell me what other people say.
Your neighbors say. Your friends say. Your
parents say, no, no. I want to know, who do
you say? Can you poke somebody in the
shoulder and say, “Who do you say”?
It’s Jesus.
Friends, everybody say, ‘I’m listening’.
There’s no such thing as second hand
faith. God has no grandchildren. He only
has children. You can’t say, “Well, my
mom and my dad, they go to church. And
they’re Catholic. And well, I’m a
Catholic, and you know? They’re
very religious. So I kind of like… Grew
into that.” No! It’s got to be personal.
Everybody say ‘personal’. You’ve got to know
Jesus, and decide for yourself who Jesus
is in your life. When Jesus says, “Who do
you say I am?” you know, forget what
everybody says, “who do you say”? I can
imagine all the Apostles gathered
together. Kind of like… Uh, oh.
And you know, looking at one
another. “Come on. Somebody speak. Somebody
speak. Somebody speak.” you know. There’s
this awkward silence. Jesus says, “Who do
you say I am?” And if they were Filipinos,
they would be pointing with their lips to
one another.
And finally… Finally, the
awkward silence was broken with a brave
one, Peter. You know, steps in front and
says, “You are the Messiah”, you know. And
you can just imagine like… You know, it’s
like… And finally, Jesus says…
And he agreed. He commended Peter and
he said. This is an amazing
thing. It’s like Peter got the
correct answer, and he got an A+. If
he was a little kid, he had that
purple star on the
stamp on the hand. It’s like
everybody “Wow, he’s summa cum laude.”
Like, “He got it. He got it right”,
you know. And then,
Mark will show you that getting the
right answer — does not being anything.
Because right after, just right after… You
know, he gets the purple star on the hand.
Right after he gets the medal, you know.
Right after he gets an A+, Jesus
starts talking his crucifixion. He says…
Let’s read that. “He (Jesus) then began to
teach them the son of man must
suffer many things to be rejected by the
elders, and the chief priests, and the
teachers of the law.
And he must be killed…” Killed! Everybody say ‘killed’.
“… and after three days rise
again.” He spoke plainly about this, and
Peter, he got cocky. “What Jesus? What?
You’re going to die? You get
crucified? Hell no! No! No! No!
And Jesus, you know
what Jesus did? In 17 seconds from
star pupil, Peter is gone. The most
unpopular kid in the block, because Jesus
said, “Satan. From star pupil to Satan.”
That’s what Jesus said. He said, “Get
behind me, Satan! You do not have in mind
the concerns of God, but merely human
concerns.” Can I interpret this? May I?
Jesus was telling Peter, “You’re like the
devil. The devil’s that I
cast out, they know me. They confess who I
am, but there’s still the devil. You know
Christ, but do you follow him? You know me,
you’ve got the correct answer a few
seconds ago, but do you follow me?”
My dear friends, I have an announcement
to make…
Even if you know the correct answer, it
means nothing, if you don’t follow him.
You may know who Christ is. You may know
you know the Trinity, and you may know
the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. You may
know some stuff about religion, but do
you follow him? I want you to know this —
that if you really really really know
him, you will give your life to Him and
live for him for the rest of your life.
He will be the reason why you wake up in
the morning. He will be the purpose of
every breath. He will be the thought in
your mind, and the love in your heart. He
will be the song that you sing by day.
My friends, please understand
this. This is what it means to know Jesus.
When you know Jesus, he’s not something
that you pray to when you have problems.
He’s not someone that you go to on a
Sunday. If you really really really know
Jesus, you will live every breath of your
soul to him, who is your king and your
Lord. And then, Mark says, “Do you know why
Peter himself could not grasp what
Messiah meant?” You see, they
wanted… Maybe I’ll backtrack a bit.
Mark will tell
you who Jesus is. Right there in
9:35. Jesus says, “Sitting down, Jesus
called the twelve and said, ‘if anyone
wants to be first, he must be the very
last and the servant of all.'” And then,
10:44. He says this, “For
even the Son of man did not come to be
served, (together) but to serve, and to give
his life as a ransom.” Who is Jesus?
Messiah. Who is Jesus? Servant. Who is
Jesus? The guy who will die on the cross.
Who is Jesus? Peter said, “No, no, no!” All the
apostles said, “No, no!” Why? Ask me ‘why’? They
did not see the Messiah as a servant.
They saw a messiah as a military Messiah.
You see? At that time, the Israelites were
under foreign oppression; the Romans, they
were part of the Roman Empire. They were
conquered by the Roman Empire. And so,
they were praying for a military Messiah.
Jesus to be Dwayne Johnson. Bulky, you
know. Who would ran against the armies of
the Roman Empire. Who will lead an army
of Jews of Israelites,
who would destroy the
foreign oppression. That’s what they
wanted. In fact, … Now, this isn’t very pure.
You know, it’s like…
“Lord God, you know, please destroy
the foreign army.” And wow! That’s
so noble to be so nationalistic. Yes, but
it’s not that pure. Ask me ‘why’?
Because you read in chapter 10, Gospel of
Mark — that they were debating on who will
be the greatest among them. You see?
This was the idea.
Jesus would become president of this new
country that they will establish once
they kick on out the Romans. And, so if
Jesus was president, then Peter
would be vice president. And then, James
will be Secretary of Justice. And John
will be Secretary of Education. And Judas
will be Secretary of Finance. Am I
speaking to somebody here? Now they
had plans. Everybody say ‘plans’. But God
says, “I have bigger plans for you”.
You see, when your plan is selfish,
it’s small. You understand what I’m
Everybody say ‘selfish plans are small’. We
settle for small. We settle for small,
because we’re thinking of ourselves. They
wanted a military Messiah to liberate
first century Jews from the Romans. God’s
plan was to liberate all of humanity in
every tribe, country, and natio,n from
beginning to end.
Past, present, and future, there’s a bigger
plan. And what I want you to consider now…
Everybody say ‘I’m listening’. That
whatever plan you have in your life, God
has a bigger plan. And whatever small
plan you have, you’ve got except it’s
small. Because if you don’t, you’re going to
have wrong expectations when your
prayers are unanswered. God sometimes
doesn’t answer your prayer, because he
has a bigger plan. Are you with me on
this? And
I was talking to a young guy, after the
talk. He was very brave. He said, “Brother
Bo, I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in
God.” And I said, “Why”? And he told me why.
Young fellow. He said, “I prayed to God
for the comeback of my girlfriend. That
my girlfriend and I would get back
together, and it didn’t happen. So I don’t
believe in God.” You know, my reaction
was like your reaction right now. I
wanted to… But I bit my lip, because
that’s his reality. And I know
love problems are painful. So I
I bit my lip, and I just told him this.
God is more than a vending machine. Some
people think that God is a vending
machine. You need something. Drop prayers
and you get what you want. My dear
friends, it’s exactly like the audience
of Mark. Mark was speaking to a group of
Christians, who were being persecuted. And
some were being brought to prison, and
and some were being punished, and some
were being put to death. And I’m sure
some of them were asking, “Where’s God in
all this? Why are we being persecuted? Isn’t
he going to defend us?” And the answer
was… God is a bigger plan. “I’m doing
something. You don’t see it, but I’m doing
something.” And in our lives, there are
times in our lives, we don’t see the
answer to our prayer. Because we’re
praying for the wrong thing that God is
doing something far bigger. The reason
why we’re praying for that small thing is
because we do not see the big thing that
God is doing. And what happens is… In our
selfishness, in our small-minded thinking…
Maybe it’ll be better, if I
illustrate this to you with one
conversation I had with another teenager.
He came up to me after one of my talks,
and he said, “Brother Bo, I have an
ambition. I want to be a millionaire. Is
that too big to dream?”
And I looked at him. I smiled. I said,
“That’s it?
Millionaire?” And he said, “Oh, okay.
Multi-millionaire! I want to be a
multi-millionaire. Is that okay?” And I
said, “That’s it?”
“Multi-millionaire”? And at that point, he
got lost.
You’re like totally lost. He said,
“Billionaire? Isn’t that too big?” And I
this is my answer to him. I looked him
straight in the eye, and I said, “Look
around you. There’s so much poverty in
this world. There’s so much hunger in
this world, and you’re going to think about
yourself? It’s not enough to be a
millionaire. If you’re going to go into the
world of money, you’ve got to be a
millionaire maker.”
The way you clap your hands is revealing
to me — that you don’t know what I’m
My dear friends, can I speak to you heart-
to-heart? Our plans are so small
because we think of ourselves only.
That’s all! I bumped into two young women.
Never met them. Joan
and Terry. And then, they say, “Brother Bo,
we attend The Feast in Makati Salcedo.”
And I said, “Wow, that’s fantastic!
what are you doing here in Mindanao?”
And they said, “You know, with other
friends from the Feast and with the
support of our Feast builder John Silan,
we started a ministry. We built a
library with filled with books. And six
laptops in a very poor school in Marawi.”
And I was just like… “What? You did that”? And
these women they told me, “Brother
Bo, that’s what happens when you attend
the Feast. You just…
At a certain point, you realize that
you’re so into you, and into your
problems. You’re so self-absorbed and
then, the Feast
gradually pulls you out of that, and says,
“No, you’re made for bigger things!
You’re not just for yourself. You’re not
just for your selfish dreams.” God has
bigger plans for you. Two young women,
donating a library. Raising money so that
they could help a poor school
in faraway Marawi. That’s
what happens, when you attend the Feast. I
want to warn you. A day will come, you
will start thinking less of yourself, and
start thinking more of what God can do
in your life for others. I want to say
this. God, just doesn’t want to bless you.
I’m sorry. I hope you won’t be so
disappointed by that. God doesn’t just
want to bless you. He wants to bless the
world through you. That’s his plan. Audee
was right. Make your home your church.
Make your home a church. Gather people
there. That’s what happened to me. I was
14 years old, when the Light of
Jesus family was born. The first Feast
was held in my garage, in our little
garage. We didn’t call it Feast at that
time. Just a prayer meeting. But you
know, when you open a prayer
meeting in your home, and that’s what I’m
encouraging all of you to do, you know.
Think about it. Start a Light group in
your home. Start a Feast video or Feast
Light in your home. Gather five people.
Ten people. But I’m just going to warn you.
When you do that, it’s dangerous. All
sorts of weird people walk in. Really!
In our life, so many people went into
our home, you know. Thieves and scammers.
And we had a drunk person who came to
our prayer meeting every week. Drunk.
We welcome them.
He was there. The crazy part was that he
would prophesy. You know, he had those old
old-style prayer meetings where
everybody’s quiet. And then, somebody says,
“My children, I love you.” you know. And we’re
so inspired. He likes doing that. That
this drunk guy, he stands up and it says,
“My people, I am your Lord.
I declare all your sins are forgiven.” You
know, I was looking around and people are
being touched. They’re like tears
rolling down their cheeks. “And I declare
I am your God, and your sins are forgiven.
I forgive you of your sins.” And then, he
says this. “I forgive you of all your sins,
including mine.” The tears, you know, went
back. “What’s this guy?” “Oh, it’s just drunk.”
“Oh, he’s the drunk guy, okay.”
So we had crazy creatures walking into our
home, but you know what? It was okay. Ask
me ‘why’? Because of the most wonderful,
phenomenal human beings walked in as
well. And for the past 38 years, we’ve
been so blessed with so many beautiful,
wonderful people. One of them happened in
1982, Light of Jesus was just two years
old. We were still meeting in that garage.
There was a 57 year old woman walking on
the street of our house.
She heard beautiful music. Walked-in.
Never left. Never left. Her name is Tita
Neneng. You know, some angels don’t have
wings. She was one of them. She was a 5
foot, 220 pound,
silver-haired, happily single woman, who
would always give happiness to people. I
remember, I was 14 years old… And even if
I was very young, people respected me.
Because I was her leader, and I was the
guy who preached. Even I was so young. You
know, when I enter the room, people will
greet me.
But when Tita Neneng enters the
room, they would worship her. Ask me ‘why’?
Because she would bring puto, dinuguan,
pansit. Ask me ‘why’? She owned the
canteen — that was her business. She was an
entrepreneur. She owned a canteen and
every time we have a meeting, she’ll
bring all this food, and you know, we
loved her. When I was 18 years old, I was
blown away. She taught me a beautiful
gift. When I was 18, I was praying for a
car. And after one prayer meeting, she
came up to me with a thick envelope. Put
it in my hand and said, “For your car
Brother Bo.” I counted, 50,000
pesos, happened in 1982. When 50,000
was 50,000. And I just
said, “How in the world can this? I know
she’s an entrepreneur. But
still, she wasn’t swimming in money.
50,000 was a big chunk of her
wealth. I walked up to her and I said,
“Tita Neneng, I can’t accept this. I’ll
turn this over to the community. I think
the community Light of Jesus
needs a van more than my personal car.”
And she said, “It’s up to you what you
want to do. I’m giving it.” I did not accept
her money, but I accepted her love. And
she taught me to be generous from the
very start. I was 18 years
old at that time. And I just realized,
“Man, I want to be like this woman. I really
want to be like this woman.” And she
continued to serve and serve. At the age
of 69, sad news.
I received a phone call. Tita Neneg had
a massive heart attack, and it killed her.
But for a few seconds she was revived. I
visited her heart in the hospital. And
she was lying down in bed and I said, “Tita Neneng
praise God! You’re alive!”
And she said this, “Brother Bo, binigyan ako ng
binigyan ako ng
pill. Nilagay sa ilalim ng dila ko.
50,000 daw. Sayang naman kung hindi ako ma-revive.
Kaya ayun, na-revive ako.
She was saying to a non-Filipino. She was saying
this, she received a bill of 50,000 and
that she was revived because she found
out about the price. But then, she
said, the next line… She said, blew me away.
She said, “Brother Bo, I want to serve in
Anawim.” And I said, “Yes, of course.
You can visit Anawim.” For those of
you who don’t know. Anawim is our home
for the elderly. Where we pick up old
people from the streets, and give them a
home. And she said, she wants to serve in
Anawim. And I said, “Yeah, you can visit.”
She said, “No, I want to live there.” And
that’s what she did. She lived in Anawim
for the rest of her life. Cooking
breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the old
I visited her one time. And she
told me this. She said, “Brother Bo, I’m
so happy here. I’m so happy here. I can
die any time. I just want to serve the
Lord for until my last breath.” God heard
her prayer she served until the age of
My dear friends, Tita Neneng,
she won’t settle for small plans. She
only wants God’s bigger plan for her
life. Entrepreneur. Earning money.
Giving a lot away. Serving the
poor. That’s what you’re called ‘big plan’.
Sure, earn as much as you can. Please?
But please understand that money is not
yours. God has big plans for you. God has
big plans for your future. Can I invite
you to pray? In the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
Put your hand over your chest. Just say
this prayer with me. “Lord Jesus, I thank
you for loving me, and for the bigger
plan that you have for my life.
I say ‘yes’ to your big plan. I want to
follow you all the days of my life. Jesus
[Commercial Break]


[Bo Sanchez] You need to help me make this happen.
Because so many people are desperate in
need of God, and God’s love. And Kerygma
TV is entering homes, and hearts, and
blessing so many people. Can you help me?
For any amount whatsoever that you send
to help this ministry, broadcast God’s
love, we will give you the first message
of this series. And for, you know, if you
decide to give 2,000 pesos or more, to
bless people through the ministry, I will
send you the entire series. And not just
the entire series. I’ll give you and send
to you also my best-selling book, “God is
bigger than our biggest problems”. And I
want this book to be your comfort and
your strength. And the contact details
are on the screen. You can just
contact us and tell us,
“Yes, Brother Bo, I want to be your
partner in this ministry.” Without your
help, we cannot be able to do this. And
really from the bottom of my heart, just
want to say ‘thank you’. This is Bo
Sanchez, here praying that God will… You
know, touch your heart. And make
us part of your life. And this mission
of blessing in the world can be part
also of your heart.
[Didoy Lubaton] Hi, this is Dr. Didoy Lubaton. And
welcome to Health and Home. In this
episode, I’d like to share to you how to
have meaningful activities. We only have
a limited number of time and years, in
this earth. Everyday that you have, you
gotta make sure you have good meaningful
activities. It brings meaningful to your
life. It’s also meaningful to other
people. I would like to give you some
principles to help you make better
decisions, with regards to making and
listing down your meaningful activities.
First principle is this, ask yourself.
Whatever you’re doing, “Is this hurting me?”
or “Is this helping me?” For example,
whatever you’re eating now, will that
food help you or hurt you? You sleeping
at night, you having gadgets on the bed.
Is this hurting me? Is this helping me?
You doing nothing within the day.
You’re jobless. Staying only at home.
Hurting me? Helping me?
Make sure all of your activities are
helping you, and healing you, rather than
hurting you.
Second principle; you always have to
remember this particular rule, but you
don’t use and what you overuse, you lose.
For example, if your body — your muscles if
you don’t use it, it will atrophy.
If you don’t use your brain, it will also
lose its sharpness. But also if you
overuse your muscles, your muscles will
be fatigued. If you overuse your brain,
your mind you will also lose your mind.
You’re going to worry a lot.
So always find and strike a balance
between activity and rest. You always
have that choice to sense your body.
Sense through your body, and through your
mind — is this too much? Or is this too
little? Because at the end of the day
nobody else could make the decision but
you, I encourage you make meaningful
activities, so that you have a meaningful
life. This is Dr. Didoy Lubaton from
Health and Home. See you again.
God is the author of secret scripture.
That divinely revealed realities, which
are contained and presented the text of
Sacred Scripture, have been written down
under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
God inspired the human authors of the
sacred books. To compose the sacred books,
God shows certain men who, all the while
he employed them in this task, made full
use of their own faculties and powers so
that, though he acted in them and by them,
it was as true authors that they
consigned to writing whatever he wanted
written and no more.” Still, the Christian
faith is not “religion of the book.”
Christianity is the religion of the “Word”
of God, a word which is “not written and
mute word, but the word is incarnate and
living.” If the scriptures are not to
remain a dead letter, Christ, the eternal
Word of the Living God, must through the
Holy Spirit, “open [our] minds to understand
the scriptures.”
Song: More like Jesus by Brooke Ligertwood/Scott Ligertwood

[Bo Sanchez] I want to pray for you. You could lift up
your Novena to God’s love, or from your
phone, or from your wallet. If you didn’t
bring it, just lift up all the dreams in
your heart. But I want you more than
lifting up your dreams, I want you to
surrender your life to God. And give him
the freedom.
Give him the freedom
to bless you, according to his bigger
plans for your life. Sometimes, we pray
for small plans, and small prayers.

I want you to say this prayer with me.
“Father in heaven,
I surrender my life, my heart, my mind, my
future to you. My family, my job,
every part of me, I surrender.
And I thank you,
for the bigger plans. I thank you for
the bigger blessings. I thank you. I
follow you. Amen!
Miracles. God is a God of
miracles. And some people think that, “No,
he’s done that. Maybe a long time ago. He
doesn’t do that anymore.” No! I see
miracles every day, and come pray with us,
right now. In the name of the Father, and
of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Father,
you are the God of miracles. And you
created this universe by the power of
your Word. And so, we claim in faith right
now — that you’re still in the miracle
working business. And by the power of
your word, you can bring healing and
wanders into our lives. And so, we say ‘yes’
to all that you want to do. We open our
lives to you.
Father I pray for every person watching
this show — that this person receive you
as a miracle working God. In Jesus’ name.
Amen and amen. In the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you so much for being part of our
program. And our little family. This is Bo
Sanchez. Here in Kerygma TV. Live a
fantastic life!

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