BREAKING Trump Fired Comey,Comey Told This SECRET To Trump. – News

Trump Fired Comey,Comey Told This SECRET To
Trump. Despite former FBI Director James Comey’s
many shortcomings, like letting Hillary Clinton get off easy, he has once again proven that
Trump is the right man for the job. The Left hates admitting that. During James Comey’s Wednesday hearing,
he made a startling admission: 300 of 2,000 terrorist investigations involve refugees.
Trump was right again! The liberals are putting their heads in the
sand, again. They refuse to hear the truth about their benevolent “refugee” project.
We cannot simply allow refugees — especially from war-torn Muslim countries — to come
into our country. Thank goodness Hillary Clinton didn’t win
the election. Could you imagine? She would have opened the refugee floodgates. We would
have more unvetted refugees than all of Syria itself! The Left hates to admit that globalism is
a failed project. With globalism, our borders are unsecured and American jobs are taken
from locals. We need to protect our economy and our communities from the horrors of globalism. The Democrats embrace globalism because they
think the immigrants, refugees, and illegals will vote Democrat. They never even stopped
to question whether this is a good idea. They just don’t care, and the mainstream media
spins this disaster into a victory. We need to oust these Democrats from office,
and we need to replace them with true conservatives, so that we can finally have some pro-America
legislation. We own the government, but the RINOs are preventing Trump’s policies, which
are supported by We the People. Trump needs to drain that swamp. We cannot
allow the RINOs to win. These so-called “Republicans” are not our friends. They only want to derail
Trump’s policies. Worst yet, we still have to deal with Obama’s “deep state” holdovers. These holdovers are leaking classified information
to undermine the president. Does our president have any friends besides us, patriots? Why
are so many people committed to harming America? The Left, the RINOs, the deep state holdovers,
and every other horrific swamp-dweller need to be ejected. They need to leave our great
capitol. The mainstream media is working overtime to protect them. Trump will continue to push back against the
globalist swamp. The swamp creatures will soon be forced to leave with a combination
of term limits and firings. Thank goodness we have such a levelheaded president. We need
more action… not less! In the meantime, we can all celebrate that
Comey has been fired. Had it not been for Comey, we would have indicted Hillary Clinton,
and we would have finally seen some much deserved justice. At least Trump has the courage to
do what needs to be done.

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