Brock Lesnar mauls Dio Maddin: Raw, Nov. 4, 2019

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  1. the fiend can help rey mysterio beat brock lesnar – then Brock returns to smackdown and there are both on fox – ratings up and money up ! HOPE WWE see this 😉 like for them to see it

  2. Rey is like that little mexican kid that you bullied all day n comes back with a weapon to ambush you and hit n run after

  3. Lol I love how Heyman always threatens to unleash Brock, then when Brock attacks, he looks shocked and sympathetic 😂😂

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  5. Brock Lesnar should be facing off against Bobby Lashley, but no WWE got Lashley in a stupid love triangle storyline with Rusev and Lana.

  6. Rey beat Brock over 15 years ago for the belt
    I hope he does it again
    I love this storyline
    Brings back memories from when I was a kid

  7. I really appreciate what the other person did for Jerry Lawler the wwe universe had to give him respect for that one 👌👌👌👌

  8. Being A Black Man or just a person of ❇ In The WWE must be like being lactose intolerant while working in a yogurt Factory.😔

  9. He lost it. Brock Lesnar finally got to taste the medicine that he never tasted before. HIS OWN. yes. He lost it. He asked for it. And he got what he deserved

  10. Brock Lesnar will Beat Dio Maddin in in One the First Round and The First Minute wich mean 47 Second's like Muhammad Ali beat Sony Liston in 47 Second's in The First Mimute and The First Round on a Cold Night at the 25. Mai 1965 in The Legendary Madison Square Garden in NYC, NY, USA for The WBC World Heavywight Championship.

  11. I like what Rey mastero did to Brock Lesna. Broack Lesna is so intoxicated with his power. The officials should stop what they do wrongly every time, why must they hold or stopped Rey mastero from attacking Brock Lesna. Where were they when Brock Mauled Dio Maddin. If it were King Lola that Brock Lesna attacked?, the officials will allow it and if King Lola overpower him they hold him back and none of the officials will come to rescue anyone attacked by Lesna. They should allow those who can beat Brock beat him very well.


  13. Good Thing that was not a solid tube he was being hit with. Little Man Mysterio. This just enrages Brock, next time he mite break little man ray in half. Just think what would really happen if this all wasn't scripted?

  14. I watched this part a bunch of times when it aired. Dio is super new to me.. his commentary is pretty ok. Seeing this made me respect the hell out of him. There was that moment when he first pushed Lawler back and faced off with Brock.. his size alone made it pretty intense and cool. It makes me want him back when he is better to hear him on commentary again 🤓👍

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