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  1. Our Governor is from New Mexico, Land of Enchantment, she put the gas to the pedal early by closing schools, stay at home was in place for the seniors. Our governor did this way, before the Federal Government did one solid decision. The Governor, has done so much, to look after New Mexico. I Love New Mexico. Proud

  2. Here a quote I like "Let us not seek The Republican Answer or the Democratic Answer but the right answer let us not seek to fix the blame for the past let us accept our own responsibility for the future."  John F. Kennedy

  3. My prayers for you and your family. God send a light of hope and healing to all who are suffering. I sent this out so many times during the past months, to Senators, Congress no one answered this question. Is this true ? Report of how the Heath Care was not Prepared, since 2009. News Report suggests government knew pandemic preparedness was inadequate. Would the government send our soldiers without ammunition? I hope you all don't pull another Vietnam. Concerned USMC Veteran. I am proud of my daughter working in the frontline to get supplies for three hospitals to protect Doctors and Nurses. I know a lot of families that have many family in the frontline. Make are voices be heard for our Sons, and daughters, mothers, fathers, friends in the frontline. Dear, heavenly Father please put a protective shield over our Nations Frontline Workers and all over the world. In Jesus name . Amen

  4. Can't compare Cali to NYC…much less dense state…NY is an international hub…Cali is a car economy…let's hope the numbers stay low

  5. How many have not been tested, so many are walking around with Coronavirus. So many Homeless have been forgotten.

  6. At least THESE classic videos are funny….


  7. And yet Republican governors across the country, not all, act like they don't know what to do or are afraid of Trump. It's sad that people we put in charge of our states in a moment of crisis need Trump to tell them what to do, like Florida's governor or Georgia's. I do hope none of them will win reelection. But we know the card they will play, "the coronavirus wants to take away your guns and abolish the 2nd amendment."

  8. Prayers for the President ?❤️ He has done an amazing job up to this point in time.. Grateful for the Chief and his administration!! #2020 Trump

  9. My bet is that there was a wave of the virus that ran through CA in December/January and because there was no testing, people recovered, and sadly some probably passed and it was written off as flu, pneumonia, etc. There is no way that a shelter in place order of 3/19 is the total answer!! Not with the influx of Chinese into LAX and SFO.

  10. I'm glad to see that the state with over 12% of the US population is being responsible. We can't count on Trump to be.

  11. Well done California, thank goodness the governor acted quickly, meanwhile Trump admitted that if the US had postal votes, the Republicans wouldn’t win, that’s not a answer, just proving that they cheat, what a country America has become, it’s certainly not a democracy!

  12. So proud to live in California and have Governor Newsom in charge. Great Job Governor! We are all proud of the work you are doing. Stay home, SAVE LIVES!

  13. 瘟 CCP The most evil virus CCP = Satan Reject CCP God bless you
    瘟 CCP The most evil virus CCP = Satan Reject CCP God bless you

  14. Are old white Democrats in Beverly Hills, SF and Silicon Valley going to give their ventilators to the younger illegal aliens when CA runs out of ventilators in the coming weeks? After all CA Democrats have been telling us for decades Illegals are just as important as American citizens? I can't wait until they show us Republicans how they're supposed to be treated!

  15. Wonderful good news. Our State Governors are doing the best that they can.
    Social Connecting while doing Physical Separation.
    And, we individually can do the best we can by doing Social Connecting while maintaining Physical Separation.
    Lets do the best we can and stay positive.

  16. We can't get tested in California unless we're admitted to a hospital
    If you're sick they tell you to stay home unless you can't breathe

  17. Should of…could of… would of … think about it. Shut it down , it may save humans. If you don't do this start saying you're goodbyes to your families.

  18. Thanks for uploading.Video is the 06:0 0-06:02 EDT portion of today's  1st hour of the broadcast [Fri 03 April 2020].

  19. Do you have any evidence it's not the humidity and temperatures? For example, San Fran vs San Diego differences?

  20. Between 2 and 8 million American deaths were the calculation 3 months ago. Recalcitrant sabotage is a republican rebel competence. Getting away with murder is their job. Drumpf is a wildly successful leader, from the standpoint of the 'white supremacist terrorist' base of support. "love it or leave it" is their Official State slogan. – N. Carolina KKK

  21. These deaths are the tip of the iceberg for America. You have seen nothing yet . With your third world health care your country along with India is going to be ripped apart by this virus


    it's your one chance of hope



  23. It's the subway system in NYC that created the major outbreak.
    Homeless are walking around asking for donations through NY subway right NOW.
    They actually THREATEN people into giving them money, or they will break social distance or even cough on you.

  24. See LINK BELOW: As of Fri.03.April.2020, there remain 11 states, All w/GOP Governors, who refuse to issue statewide "Stay in Place" /"Stay at Home" orders. Their public stated resistance to enacting such is due to local economic fears; showing that they continue to value incoming revenues over temporary common sense health precaution measures.

    And, Presumably, on their personal levels, their anxiety ridden concerns that Trump won't support them in their future re-election bids if they go "Full Metal Jacket"by enacting the orders; which will lead to a full shut down across the nation; which the Trump Administration has ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to handle.

    There were 13  states as of Weds.01.April,2020. Georgia and Florida, also GOP led states, just enacted their orders within the past 2 days. A little "Late to the party", but at least they have joined the effort now.
    NYT's ARTICLE w/Map: The "Resistors"are the Diagonal Lined and White states:

  25. As a Californian Gov Newsom has been an amazing leader. Compare him to the Stone Age leaders in the South.

  26. Was ready to move out of California but this pandemic has changed my mind. Just wish it wasn't so expensive to live here.

  27. Generally speaking, this is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. All of the states still not issuing state wide shelter in place and the lack of a national order r bc they r all republicans who put profits before ppl. Their failure to crack down on their states means it will take us all longer to get to the other side where we can return to normal life and more ppl will be infected and die. The Great Depression, Great Recession, Katrina, 9/11, hurricane Maria, Covid 19, etc all occurred when we had a Republican in the WH. All of these situations were made much worse than they needed to be bc republicans believe in allowing corporations make decisions about what’s right for a country or state. These situations disproportionately effect the M&L classes. We also see republicans, more than Dems, use these situations to shift income and wealth from the M&L classes up to the upper class and corporations. Some European countries gave $ to corporations but they had to retain their employees at 75-95% of their normal salary for the duration, no matter how long or short, until this issue is over, their healthcare isn’t tied to employment, they have no or very little in student debt, less personal debt bc the wealthy and corporations have to pay more of their fair share of taxes, and some stopped rent/mortgages payments, etc. In the US, we asked nothing of the large corporations, gave them a huge slush fund, and instead added $600 to unemployment for 4 mos which still doesn’t cover everyone, doesn’t maintain healthcare for those families, and leaves many w/out or w/little food bc republicans have been cutting safety net programs for decades to help pay for tax cuts for the wealthy and huge government defense contracts for their friends to get rich off of. This is why we r seeing so much more unemployment in the US than many of the European countries who took a different approach. While all Dems r going to give the M&L classes a better deal than any republican, only the left-wing politicians who support progressive policies, a more equitable society, and r small dollar funded will truly give all 3 classes, small business, and large corporations a fair shake. We know this by reviewing how we did it in 1932 when we elected FDR and a Dem congress and how progressive policies took us from the depths of the Great Depression to a Superpower in a relatively short period of time, by around 1945, resulted in the lowest income and wealth inequality by 1950’s/1060’s this country had seen ever or at least in a very long time, and the improved quality of life for M&L class Americans. Bernie would have won in 2016 and would have won in 2020 if dem establishment hadn’t tried to block him and prevent him from winning. If Bernie was in the WH right now, many fewer ppl would have become infected, many fewer would have died, we would have followed more closely w/South Korea’s response and outcome, and the stimulus would have been individuals and small business focused with strict strings attached for any business taking taxpayer $. Every M&L class voter should keep this in mind when voting. The hit the M&L classes have taken in these types of events r monumental and they add up. Many M&L class ppl were still trying to recover from the Great Recession and, here we go again, which under republican policy, M&L classes will never fully recover bc they have shifted income and wealth from the M&L classes up to the upper class and corporations in this stimulus bill. If under Dem establishment, M&L class ppl will recover more but not all they had, and if under left-wing progressives/Democratic socialists, M&L classes would see a full recovery plus some as the policies return the income and wealth from the upper class and corporations back down to the M&L classes where they were around 1950’s&60’s. We don’t have to accept what we have been for the past 40yrs. Please consider this when voting and vote for the ppl who support a more equitable society.

  28. That's the state that religiously lies about it's budget, debt and illegal population
    Oh sure those are real numbers

  29. Short term gains are better than saving any of the peasant class. Now get your a$$es out there and BUY, BUY, BUY, support your masters' beast system.

  30. Newsom and Inslee had the first outbreaks in their states, and they have acted immediately. Consequently, they have flattened the curves in their states. California is the most populace state in the country, LA is as populated as NYC. If Newsom had not shown such foresight, the death toll in California would be the largest, instead Washington or California have fewer deaths than New York, New Jersey, Michigan or Louisiana.

  31. , welcome to the great awakening. now the fake swamp news and the corrupt bonehead democrats and republicans will be exposed. the smart people will understand. the brainwashed boneheads will remain brainless boneheads. awake! , /

  32. Right, because California shut everything down before almost everyone else.. any state that’s not doing this is on a path the worse…

  33. Pelosi and California hid information from the rest of the United States to make President Trump look bad while Americans died!

  34. It sure didn't bother all these countries when they passed pro-abortion laws and have since slaughtered countless innocent little babies, guess little babies didn't have time to get on the news to complain about it? Well I got news for ya, their spirits complained plenty! God sees abortion as cold blooded murder of the innocent! The bible says the innocent blood shed upon the earth cries up to God for vengeance. Could it be God has lifted his protection from us and allowed satan to attack us directly and viciously, just as the world has done unto his children? We have spit into Gods face in our selfish rebellion and disobeyed his law! Repent, while you're still alive, for God shall not be mocked by anyone!

  35. It’s such a weird, sad coincidence that all if the states who are doing the worst job handling this, just so happen to be red states. Just a very, very weird coincidence

  36. Gavin and the Dems are pushing to topple this economy over this bug. Then from the ashes, they will in fill with socialism.

  37. The time for state against state is OVER! This virus doesn’t care about what state we live in or what political party we choose. WE ARE ONE NATION! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE INDIVISIBLE AND ONLY TOGETHER WILL WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Watching this virus walk all over us and divide us is like a one two punch and the man leading the way is using his very influential platform to be criminally dismissive while running a campaign.

  38. Incompetent Governors will be responsible for thousands of lives in their States. And blame it on someone else. The competent Governors may save thousands of lives cause they listened to the experts. You don't believe in science then you die. Easy as that..

  39. Governor newsom and Cuomo are the types of leaders we need now. The exact opposite of buffoons like desantis and Kemp.

  40. It's a Virus. And the Oh-So-Smart humans are unable to deal with a Virus who can't even think
    Truly, the smartest species on the planet!
    Hooray for humanity! ??

  41. Thank God, Governor Newson acted very quickly. We are understand this state is not out of the woods. The freeways are almost empty for over 3 weeks. To other states, Please stay home! Mr. war time President close non essential business for a couple weeks, and relay a safety order. You can save thousands of lives!

  42. Dont celebrate yet and dont get complacent Californians.We can get through this but it will require great effort & discipline from everyone.

  43. Due diligence. Listen to experts. Nothing wrong with a prayer too. Really have done an amazing job with this pandemic. This used to be the standard as opposed to the exception in America. Listen to the doctor and take your medication. Keep doing the right thing Cali!!!!

  44. Benefits of not having elected a GOP governor like Ron De Santos, Brian Kemp or any other Trump bootlicking, sycophantic piece of fascist garbage, moronic, science denying, greedy halfwit.

  45. not a god…not a Illiterate dufus…regular everyday people responsible for making a difference…remember remember the 3rd of November…make a difference.

  46. Way to go, California!!! You're a model for the idiots who find reality inconvenient, but will find it even more so when they've received news that they're infected.

  47. We in California are entering week 4 of shelter in place.
    Some states out there are still waiting for that Easter miracle. ?‍♂️

  48. Lets give credit to whom credit is due. My Governor, Gavin Newsome saved my life and the lives of millions of California residents by bearing the brunt of this CORONA Virus pandemic on his own, and consulting medical and scientific experts and then doing something that has never been done in our state before, issuing a full state-wide shelter in place order. FOX News and Friends at that time constantly undermined the Governor's decision to do so, and as a result, many FOX news viewers listened to the fake news castors and contracted the CORONA Virus and many have died because of it. I even seen where President Trump is trying to take some credit for the successes that California has made in fighting this pandemic. Again, lets be clear, our President and his administration did nothing but send boat loads of infected people with the CORONA Virus to our state without much oversight, and allowed this disease to run rampant through our state in the first place. We Californian's really know what Trump has done for us, boy do we know!

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