Caravan Fear-Mongering – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– There’s so many things
for me about the caravan that throw me, right. Number one, the fact is the
people are applying for asylum. I don’t know if you remember
during the campaign, that was the number one
thing Donald Trump said. He said, I’m all about the
bad hombres, kicking them out. He said, if you come in
legally, then it’s fine. If you follow the process, then it’s fine. Now these people are like hey, we’re gonna come in a big group because it’s safer for us and
we’re gonna come and apply. America doesn’t let them all in. I’m not saying America has
to let everybody all in, but now Trump is like, they’re illegal. It’s like, yeah, but
they’re not even in yet. Yeah, but they wanna be illegal. I can see. How are you gonna say people are illegal? Literally on Fox News they’re like, these illegal immigrants. You can’t be illegal when
you’re in your own country. That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. You’re just gonna, like, it’s
getting to the point where Trump and his people are
just gonna come to you in your house, you’re
gonna be some random guy who’s like sleeping in
Nigeria and all of a sudden Trump’s gonna come to you
and be like, you’re illegal. Ah! What are you doing here? I know what your plans were. Trying to be illegal, Anobayo, I saw you. They’re not illegal. They’re people applying for
asylum which is a legal thing. And you know it really
doesn’t help that I, that I’ve picked up on is, Fox makes it an antagonistic
thing but I’ve noticed other news networks in America
specifically seem to focus on what the caravan
means to America and less on what the caravan means to
the people in the caravan. You know what I’m saying? (audience applauding) And I can only give you
this from my perspective as a South African. So I remember when Robert Mugabe was at his worst in Zimbabwe. In South Africa, we would see news about what
was happening in Zimbabwe. But we would see it from
a Zimbabwean perspective. It wasn’t about us as South
Africans, it was about Zimbabwe. They were our neighbors and it meant that there was
gonna be an influx of people coming in from Zimbabwe. Some people didn’t like it, some people weren’t opposed to it. Whatever it was, the point
is, we knew their story. So if you met a Zimbabwean
in South Africa, you would go, oh, I know why you’re here. You know. I know that you didn’t
come here to steal my job and kill me. Those are the byproducts
of what’s gonna happen if you’re taking somebody’s
job or if you have a job. But you didn’t come here
for that horrible purpose. Do you get what I’m saying? Like, the way they tell the
story here with the caravan is they go like, they’re
coming here for you. It’s like, yeah, but there’s babies. It’s women and children. And then they’re like,
but look at those men. That’s how the babies were made. Like, I don’t know what country you
think there’s gonna people where there’s no men involved. But it’s like, what are
those men coming here for? For work. For work, they’re trying to escape. Why don’t they stay in their country? Because it’s crime ridden. If you, like, that’s what I’m saying. If the news focused more on like, hey, what’s happening there? What can you do to fix that? And this is my issue a lot of
the time with how you choose to solve a problem. Donald Trump is showing that
America has resources, right. He’s willing to spend
the money and the troops to go to the border to block them. But I’m like, why not put
that same effort into helping in those nations? I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it’s easy. But it just gives me an
indication of what you wanna do. He’s like, they’re
coming to take your jobs. Coming to take it. You know what I also find
funny about a lot of people in America, is like, they’ll
be the first ones to be like, I don’t trust these Mexicans. I don’t trust these brown people. And then they’ll be like, but
who’s looking after your kids? These brown people. So you trust them with your kids? Yeah, they can look after
my kids when I’m not around but I don’t trust them any other way. Like, what do you think? You realize if these people
are all coming to kill you then it would have happened by now. People are like, there
landscaping gardens, they’re working in companies, they’re raising people’s children. They’re trusting them with
everything except just coming? Like, most of them are criminals. But then why aren’t you dead? Well, because, like, the
other most of them are not. Yeah, but they’re raising your kids. Unless you think that’s
some long ass game plan that they have. Where like people are coming
to America and then like, first what we’re gonna do is, man, we’re gonna raise their kids, and then when their kids are grown up, we’re gonna stay in the house
and help them with life. And then when they’re old, they’re gonna die of natural
causes then we’re gonna go to the funeral, and then we’re gonna cry. And then, we’re gonna raise the children, the next generation. And then, what was the plan again man? I forgot. I feel like we became family
with these people, man. (audience cheering) Get the fuck outta here, man.

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  1. I wonder if this caravan set up shop in front of Trevor’s home, how long would his support last for these people. The problem here is we have too many homeless( which I feel has been brought on by this handout mentality in our society, certainly there are those who are in a genuine pinch and I agree we can help those people get back up,but every day I see young looking homeless who have simply lost any self respect and would rather just take freebies than working like the rest of us suckers. Also housing is scarce or overpriced mostly as anyone in California knows.. but let’s bring thousands of new people in just like that, we’ll figure it out later. Ex-Democrat here by the way…. bye bye blue I’ve seen enough.

  2. I was so distracted by the guys walking around all over the Damn stage that I missed half the video, had to watch it twice.

  3. Isnt that why European immigrants came to America in the past centrury? To escape the harshness and turmoil for a better life? What makes these people so different?

  4. How many illegals will no talent Trevor take to his home and take care of my guess is none? So STFU Trevor you pansy hack. MAGA Up!

  5. I’ve been jumping between both sides of this topic and the reluctancy of either side to understand the other is sickening. This video is leftist so let me break it down why people on the right are nervous about this caravan. When migrants come to a country they have to be given welfare and substitutes that someone has to pay for. The people that pay for that are the middle class, rich people don’t really have to pay taxes the same way and poor people get tax breaks. The middle class is mostly made up of working-class whites so it’s easy to label a bunch of white people trying to deny brown people from getting into the country racists and xenophobes when in reality they’re normal people who just don’t want to pay steeper taxes than they already have.

    Furthermore given the size of the caravan and where they’re from, statistically there will be some criminals among the group, not all of them, not even most of them but there will still be some. Also calling them illegal immigrants is accurate, not to the USA but to Mexico they are, they forced their way into Mexico.

    All that being said they are still people, who do need somewhere to stay and they should be allowed into the USA as long as they follow the proper protocol. All CNN and other left media shows is mothers and crying children while Fox and the right shows isolated incidents of men being violent. Our media outlets are so bias it’s ridiculous. I don’t know if anyone’s actually going to read and they’ll probably immediately call me a racist among other things. But I think now more than ever we need to understand the viewpoints of our fellow Americans, our nation is becoming more toxic because people refuse to listen to the other side, republicans are not all evil, racists bigots intent on making America Homogeneous. Democrats aren’t all socialists trying to weaken America. Life is messy and neither side is good or evil despite claiming otherwise.

  6. I got a question.You should open your door of your home for anybody that’s seeking help without knowing anything? Especially for a group.Not saying everyone in caravan is up to no good but saying all them is good people is just as foolish.Every American who say we should just let them in should take in one family at least.As an American how can we help others first when we got homeless hungry family here.Trill America representer 🇨🇱🤘🏻🇺🇸

  7. The most incarcerated citizens on Earth = Land of the free

    They must have guns to feel safe = Home of the brave

    Highest homicides in the developed world = A "Christian" nation

    Many personal bankruptcies are from health care costs = The richest nation on Earth

    Your country is not a joke, it is pathetic, thanks to you right wingers.

  8. Honestly, my fear is that President Trump will be willing to commit genocide if it gets him a few cheers at his next rally….

    Honestly some f*cked up part of me wants him to, if only to show how dangerous his rhetoric truly is, and maybe spark an international intervention.

  9. These immigrants are strong people, we need more people like them. America is great because we are all immigrants. We all have ancestors that came here…how dare anyone not trust because of the color of their skin. We all bleed red people. I want them here, we need them here. If we didn't, we wouldn't have trevor. Think about it.

  10. I wish someone will finally make the superman comparison. He is an alien immigrant asylum seeker. As alien as they come. Can someone please ask Trump if he wants to deport Superman.

  11. You better fear these sons of #$%^&*(. When these hordes hit our schools and hospitals with the TB Whooping cough and all the disease, Do they have shot cards? Fake news are dirty humans.

  12. Why do you lock your door at night? Why don’t you let people come to you home without asking who they are? Why people need to apply for immigration? Why boarders? Why countries??


    Oh wait he’s not a citizen… Well if trump can get around one immigration law we can get around another!

  14. The volume sound of your youtube is not loud enough. I don't know if it is because I use windows 10 but other youtube channel have much louder volume sounds.

  15. For one thing they are not in THEIR OWN COUNTRY, they have already BROKEN THROUGH 2 other border of 2 other countries…so that tells me if they have done this to 2 other countries, they plan on doing it here in America….They are carrying the flags from THEIR own countries, and burning the flag of OUR country….What is wrong with people that they can only see one side of this? I am in no way saying that there isn't some good intentional people in this crowd, but what I am saying is that the bad people in this crowd are giving the whole crowd a bad name and a VERY BAD look, therefore go to the nearest point of entry and file your claim and see if it works out, maybe even go and file for a work visa/green card, but don't come marching our direction, burning our flag and dissing our President, because that's not gonna work well for you…

  16. I probably wouldn't believe the hypocrisy if not for my US relatives, who hate Mexicans with a passion but have a Mexican cooking and cleaning for them.
    Really? You think they wanna kill you all, but trust them with your food?!?

  17. Im pretty sure 3000/5000 rather than waiting for mexicos customs, took barges across the rivers. So much so, that there was an agreement between Mexico, Honduras, and (im forgetting the two others), that theyd not check for passports and rather just let them in (only really making sure they arent carrying some like pandemic virus inside of them or something.). Not to say I don't understand that they are fleeing. But under the systems defined by the world, the caravan(3000 of them) are "immigrants".

  18. UMMM FIRST AND FOREMOST MEXICO IS THEIR FIRST COUNTRY THAT IS SAFE. They were offered asylum in Mexico and declined so they gave up Their right to claim asylum. What the caravan means to America is more MOUTHS TO FEED. YOU PAY THEIR LIVES THEN.

  19. It’s funny how easily Americans forget that we are the invaders. We did steal Mexico’s land and cut them off after WW2.

  20. Im a migrant seeking asylum In in the US and you may not believe this but George Soros payed me $100 to invade your country. Ill take my welfare check, free iPhone and lakefront property that is still occupied by a nice white family near Cleveland.
    Only you, citizen-patriot, can watch FOX News to uncover my wicked plot, that is so zany it can only be true.

  21. Nobody gets it in tRUMPville. The 'bad hombres' were 'made in amerikkka'. Then we deported them to another crime scene. They're back!!

  22. The Vietnam war's cost was equivalent to $25,000 for every man woman & child in the north. If you would have given half of that to every man woman & child in the north I'm sure they would have embraced democracy.

  23. "Donald Trump's showing that America has resources, right? He's willing to spend the money and the troops to go to the border to block them. But I'm like 'Why not put the same effort into helping in those nations?'" EXACTLY 👏👏

  24. And why should we invest in countries that can't fix themselves? Do we have any obligation to help them? What in it for us? Why waste resources fixing a country that is most likely to collapse once we pull that initial funding anyway?

  25. So this piece of shit's impression of Cubans or any other Hispanic Race is the stereotypical Los Angeles Mexican. How do you not see the hypocrasy in that? Its racism, believe it or not. The equivalent of saying "you all sound the same to me." But he's a democrat and black, so of course you zombies won't catch that.

  26. Hey most actors actresses comedians like Trevor in this case and famous journalist. Make lots of money they should donate one million dollars each one, to the caravan since they so humanitarians and pro of this caravans, they're about help and against Trump; so I think is time all this famous people start getting ready for help all this caravan and more for coming thanks guys you are the best!…

  27. Trevor, you don't know the difference between people from Honduras (Honduran) and people from Mexico (Mexican). The Caravan passed through Mexico but, it doesn't not include people from Mexico. In fact, some Mexicans in Mexico are opposed to the Caravan, too. Also, America is a continent not a country, just like you don't refer to Europe when you refer to France. It is the U.S. not America (the continent).

  28. One: Legal migration to flee persecution requires entrance into the next safe place to escape whatever situation they're fleeing. If asylum was offered by Mexico and it was declined, why should we accept them? Asylum is not given for economic reasons.
    Two: No one cares about the individuals in the caravan. Insensitive? Oh well. The fact that every one of them will be receiving some form of assistance at taxpayer expense is what actually matters. These programs are for actual citizens of our Country. How many are you willing to vouch for and sponsor?
    Three: The opinion of talk show hosts, journalists and celebrities have always been enough to force entire countries to rewrite their constitutions. It must be great to sit and stir up an argumentative stance against a sitting President while you're doing nothing to help the people who slowly and painfully approach the southern border. Rally your friends and opponents to how the President is handling the situation and merge with the migrants. Walk with them. Keep them company and provide them with aid and comfort. After you reach the border, you will be allowed to come back in, after showing the proper documentation, and have a story to tell at your next party.
    Four: Any and all boundary fences, gates or other devices separating you, and those who believe as you do, from everyone else should be immediately torn down. You can't expect to be taken seriously if you hide behind a wall and publicly call for our borders to be completely open. Those who oppose the current solution have an excellent chance to show up the President. Now let's get out there and show everyone how to care for all these poor and unfortunate people without any federal assistance. I believe in you.

  29. Hello? They bring five kids that cost us $20k each a year to put in our schools because… lawns need mowing? No. They need to fix their own countries and did I hear this guy recommend that President Trump use our military to intervene in their countries? Liberals. If you're that upset about it join the Peace Corps and go down there and fix it. We can't take in the world's 3 billion poor that want to come here.

  30. I love the part "I feel we've become family with these people" .. it's very nice, but also sad.
    isn't this what really should happen when you move to new place?

  31. TREVOR NOAH: They aren't going to storm the border……A week later…The caravan storms the border throwing rocks and bottles. You are Fake News Trevor!! Fake news!!

  32. Imagine someone who is severely mentally disabled attempting to make fun of you…. They laugh and laugh, and in there own mind they think they're making valid points. This is how Trump and his supporters view the lot of you… Idiots ignoring truth and blindly hating anyone and everyone who doesn't agree with you on everything. Now that the caravan has arrived… and vandalized the border fence, and attacked Mexican police as well as border patrol, and looted Tijuana shops near the border, how smart do you feel now. First you say "There is no caravan, it's made up for political reasons". Second, you say "Ok it does exist, but it's mostly families and women and children". Now that it's here and it's 80% men, hundreds of which are confirmed felons and MS-13 members, now you'll come up with some other moronic excuse so you can continue laughing and pointing fingers like an idiot.

  33. So now it's the end of November and the "poor innocent immigrants" stormed the fence in order to come in illegally. So let me verify what you all are saying on here that agree with this hack. People X from said country X leave their country voluntarily to make a trek to the U.S. border to apply for asylum (Mexico granted asylum to these folks and they turned it down….jobs too). Now they are complaining that no one seems to want to hand out free stuff to them while they wait. The place that they are staying in has quickly transformed in to a swamp of disease and pestilence (too lazy to try to clean up after themselves). Now mind you according to the left this caravan never existed.
    Trevor also wants the U.S. to spend resources to help those countries. Help them what? Run their country……that's none of our business….What? Should we give them our tax dollars to help them propagate more socialism that has already failed?
    I hate no man or woman that has different melanin than me. I dislike those that believe that we owe them something. That they are owed something for their existence. So long as we have welfare programs in our country we will have the leeches of the word wanting to come here and suck us dry.

  34. Oh, hi Trevor. What's your take about the caravan now? Feel stupid already? Are you still denying facts? Are you still claiming they are looking for asylum? Please watch this CNN segment (oh yes, I'm even giving you a CCN clip) and we'll talk afterwards:

  35. I'm Hispanic and my mother crossed from Havana (Cuba) through the Gulf to reach Florida. Her mother had family in the US. According to my mother, she crossed the Gulf in a small fishing vessel that was only supposed to carry families, but was also carrying convicts—a lot of them. I also grew up in poverty, surrounded by Cuban, Hispanics. From my experience, almost every person I came across (including my parents) were vindictive, very homophobic, VERY racist, are either involved in welfare or piracy (or both), have constant trust issues with each other, and are often riddled with conspiracy theories.

    So if my experience growing up Hispanic has taught me anything, it's that not everyone comes to the United States with the intention of integrating. Believe it or not, different countries have different values and beliefs that do not mesh well, it's just reality. In fact, they look like they come to the US just to trap themselves with language barriers and entitlement. Mix that in with the convicts I mentioned and it is no wonder why many of them struggle. After so much time going to school, I've grown more and more distant from my own parents because our values and beliefs are so different.

    So forgive me if I'm a little sympathetic toward people concerned about the illegal crossing of the border. If they are not willing to go through the process of applying legally, throw rocks at border patrol officers forcing them to use teargas with children present, then I'm sorry, these people do not seem to have any interest in respecting the country's laws, the lives of their children, as well as having no intention of integrating our North American society.

    That is my stance.

  36. I think that last bit might be the best I've ever heard of Trevor. He is truly an important addition to the public debate.

  37. I like you very much. But, why are you being dishonest as to how they ILLEGALLY entered Mexico and tried to do the same to the US? It is funny that now, as we predicted, they have asked 50k each to return to their country, all of the media has gone mute. Why? What does it do for you to be this dishonest about what is really happenning?

  38. All kinds of people take care of you in hospitals and nursing homes and childcare centers. They deserve a living wage for a full time job too – and dependable healthcare.

  39. It’s so crazy cause Americans reject immigrants coming from Mexico and South America into their country in fear that they will take their jobs and kill them when in reality they seek protection, opportunities, and resources to live a safe and successful life. But when Europeans came to America before it was America their purpose was to claim more land and they killed Natives to do it. White Americans are afraid other people will do to them what they did to others. But white America’s way of thinking does not reflect other cultures’ way of thinking. America is terrified of karma because they know one day they will have to reap what they sowed.

  40. The first and most times only word in Spanish many US kids learn is "Loopita". That knowledge could change the world.

  41. Who is the dude walking around behind trevor with a cell phone shooting video? Further, why? There are 2 dozen cameramen with real cameras also walking around, what good is that cell phone vid?

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