Catfishing My HUSBAND MATT to See if HE LiES! (Surprising Secret to Reveal Truth)

I cannot let nuts right now I just can’t
fish my husband and now I’m going to secretly meet him you know I think you
might have the wrong idea hold on the worst the worst possible
situation right now whoa hold up Sam Pam no this is not okay right now
look at this I’m sorry I showed you guys that but you have to see that I have not
heard from that and then I just saw Matt hug a girl did you see that a brunette
not me at all what is going on but he’s that’s Matt’s computer hold on okay Sam
Sam I just saw Matt my husband hugging some girl out there with brown hair I
don’t know if it’s his crush I don’t know what is going on and he just got an
alert on Instagram from some girl you guys think I should open it and see what
the DMS are I feel like if he’s hugging another girl I should go in and see
what’s going on okay stop it’s some girl with blond hair and it says wow your
eyes are so blue what does that mean is Matt cleating on me do I have to go in
catfished him do you guys think I should what is going
on right now hold on okay she has no photos on the account it’s almost like
she doesn’t want me to find out who her true identity is hazy and bam it’s
rebecca’s amol oh right now I just saw Matt hugging some girl outside and then
he got a DM from another girl on Instagram I don’t know what is going on
but I’m going to go and confront him to see what’s going on
Satyam hey Matt Matt hey Matt who are you talking to
we’re talking about I just saw you outside we were you talking to oh I
think it’s like a homeless person yeah no no a homeless person you hugged them
I know everybody needs a hug everyone smile I’m kind of cold I got to get this
you serious Matt sam pam matt is acting really weird
right now but you guys saw what I saw right that doesn’t make what hey I think
we need to talk Oh why are you being suspicious I’m recording you right now
okay asking you honestly what about the remote where’s the remote
Oh remote I think it’s in my my backpack no oh yeah I just need a simple by the
time where’s my mouse I think it’s in here I’ll seen a little bit Matt he can
wait up for me about what hold on he left his laptop on I can get into his
Instagram I can catfished him I can see if he responds because I can see his
Instagram – yep do you guys think I should catfished him I mean he’s acting
so suspicious right now who was he hugging that’s definitely suspicious and
I’m his wife so you guys let me know if you think I should catfish him right now
smash the thumbs up button hopefully this turns out okay I just don’t know
what’s going on same to him he just got another DM from a blonde girl different
from the girl he just hugged the girl that diems him before and it just says
see you soon don’t forget she can’t know and then there’s a location there’s a
location okay but maybe Matt’s not gonna respond like maybe he gets hit on by
different girls instant he just thumbs up the comment
that’s where he’s going that’s why he left Sam fan okay Sam I’m gonna go spy
on him at this location see what he’s doing with this blonde girl who’s
obviously not his wife and then I might have to catfished him today that’s not
like that though like why is he doing this so we have the
location I’m not sure if Matt is going to be there but I’m gonna put together a
spy bag just in case so I got Fame merch let me know if you think I should
catfished him I think I’m gonna go to this location and if he shows up and
meets a girl then I might have to get into this guy’s so just in case so if I
end up catfishing him I might have to meet him in real life so I’m gonna have
to go in disguise save him you guys remember that wig I’ve
used it before but I know he won’t recognize it with some boys so I have my
bag with my disguise hopefully I won’t have to use this hopefully if I can fish
him he will not fall for it and he’ll just ignore me because he’d marry the
smashed a thumbs up button if you think I should catfish ham I think we need to
get to this first location so I am here at the location it looks like it’s right
down below and it’s a coffee bean now I don’t know if Matt is actually going
here he said he had to leave but this girl did send this location so we’re
gonna go down there spy on the girl see if Matt’s meeting them I just hope this
isn’t happening comment below if you think Matt is gonna
show up here so we’re just gonna go spy I’m gonna head down see if Matt is going
to be there I don’t want a catfish Zamfam that is the same girl that
we saw in the Instagram photo with blonde hair I’m gonna see if I can see
her face I’m gonna get closer because Matt is definitely sitting with
a blonde girl right now that is not me his wife she’s handing them something
it’s like a mystery box what do you think that was sampie I’m
gonna get back to the car check out I said step ok xanthium as you saw Matt
was there meeting some other blonde girl and it looks like she gave him a mystery
gift so let me know at this point if you think I should catfished the laptop
another message maybe it’s from this blonde girl and I can find out more
information it’s from another blonde girl another girl different than the
first one ok let me open she’s also making a
comment about his blue eyes why is everyone making a comment about Matt’s
eyes looks like she sent coordinates to but it’s like to a park
Matt’s typing back right now he’s typing back blue heart Matt just typed a blue
heart you guys that means he’s going to meet her I’m going to this location and
I’m gonna confront him obviously it seems like Matt has a thing for a blonde
girl so I need to figure out what is going on hopefully I get there before he
leaves okay so I’m now here at the park I’m not
sure if Matt’s here yet or if he left I have no idea but I have to check this
out and see if he is and I want to confront him but you guys I want to know
what I should do what do you think should I spy on him or if he needs a
girl or should I just stop it and confront him I’m kind of torn on what to
do I’m hoping that he’s not actually showing up here and that I’m just being
extra paranoid and maybe they’re like high school friends or something it’s
weird he’s been acting so strange okay Xin Pham wish me luck okay so this
is the location the second blonde girl sent to Matt save him look okay so I’m
not really sure where exactly he’s supposed to be let me know if you guys
see him I cannot let Matt see me right now I need to figure out what he’s doing
and why he’s meeting all of these girls has he been cleating on me the whole
time we’ve been married maybe I’m comet Belov what you think is going on I’m
gonna try to speak under the bleachers so I can hear what they’re saying giving them something again did you see that girl who does she look
like this is going too far if Matt has been doing this the whole time we’re
married that is not okay I think it’s time you guys I didn’t want to have to
do this before but I’m gonna catfish it I’m gonna set him up I brought the
disguise and I’m gonna meet him at a location and then I’m gonna confront him
so I’m gonna create an Instagram account I’m gonna DM him on Instagram and then
we’re gonna find out the truth to see what Matt is really doing did you see
that I was literally spying on my husband with another girl I wanted to
confront him but I just I feel like I want to find out more information before
I do this like how many girls has he been with I just want to know is this a
prank I really hope this is not a prank I think I need to catfish him now like
I’ve seen him with two girls so far I’m gonna catfishing him I’m gonna see what
he does because what if he’s meeting a bunch of girls I’m literally going to
make an account right now you know what I need to get in disguise I’m gonna get
into disguise and create a fake account so I look like somebody completely
different I’m sad I have to use this but I’m using this five bag okay so here is
the wig Sam Pham I just thought about this when I was disguised as an uber
driver I wore this wig I wonder if Matt’s gonna
notice that it’s me if I wear this I’m hoping not because I was wearing a
beanie and Matt doesn’t notice like details like that okay also most the
girls were in like sweats but I can’t wear his FM sweats I’m gonna wear a
dress I’m gonna step it up because you know what I’m catfishing him and he
meets me I’m gonna be the best-looking and catfish girl there so I first need
to take a photo in this they obviously can’t look like myself I’m gonna wear
classes too because he definitely recognized my eyes what do you guys think do you think
Matt’s gonna notice me I’m gonna create my profile before I get into my dress
just like do a headshot I’m literally creating an account on Instagram this is
ridiculous all right so I have to take a profile
picture I’m seriously like not okay with this so I have to make sure the Zamfir
merch doesn’t show Musa girls have like profile shot so I’m just gonna be like
alright so I have the photo which is my profile photo so now I just need to DM
him I’m gonna say what the other girls were saying your eyes are really blue
now we have to wait and see if he responds I feel like he’s probably
driving so he’s not gonna respond very fast so we might have to wait he’s
typing he’s typing he’s on Instagram with girls okay we can
barely see what’s the location maybe I do like a tea shop right like a Alfred
tea and then I’m gonna send the location okay let’s see what he says
thumbs up he’s going okay I gotta get into my dress I gotta get fully changed
I just catfished my husband and now I’m going to secretly meet him and I’m gonna
see if he knows it’s me if he does realize it’s me I am going to be
confronting him right then and there we have arrived you guys I just
catfished my husband on Instagram he’s supposed to be meeting some girl with
the pink hair I changed into the dress I’m just gonna see what he’s doing there
why he’s meeting all these girls also you guys comment below what questions I
should ask him I’m obviously gonna ask him if he’s married and I want to know
what she says I just realized I’m gonna have to take off my wedding ring okay
my name is Wilma and I’m about to catfish my husband in real life also I
can’t carry this big camera but I’m gonna put a little spy camera right here
so you guys can see what’s going on I almost forgot every girl so far has
given him something which is really weird I should probably get my husband
more gifts but I got him a Tesla anyways I don’t have anything but I have this so
maybe I’m just gonna give this to him because you know dry skin it works great
yeah that’s the gift I’m gonna give him because I don’t have anything else hey hey thanks for the DM your sit
down okay thanks for meeting me yeah yeah I’m
happy to be here do you have anything for me oh yeah I brought you a gift
yeah it’s for dry skin it’s great works great okay so are you uh are you married
yeah but why does that matter if she’s never gonna find out are you seeing
other girls I saw two here’s a third one the third one today yeah I guess in the
last 24 hours a couple girls or a few and you’re more
two and then three and you’re married yeah yeah and she’s okay with it she
won’t know she’s not gonna figure out figure out it Oh
what you know I think you might have the wrong idea why I gotta get what okay
thank you thanks for this wait hold on hold on hold on
Xena Pam did you guys see that he literally met me he said that he’s
married but it doesn’t matter and that she wouldn’t find out I’m going to go
confront him right now he got a message he must have gotten a message from
another girl like maybe he just didn’t like me he wanted to go to a different
girl maybe because I wasn’t blonde he’s only met with blonde girls so far
so good let’s get in the car let’s find out where he’s going he is meeting
another girl he left me to go meet another girl and she is a brunette she’s
not even a blonde hold on there’s a location it looks like it it’s a parking
lot he’s meeting a girl in a parking lot what is going on right now I’m going
there and confronting my husband because this is not okay I didn’t think I was
actually going to catfished my husband and now he’s going to meeting another
girl this is the worst the worst possible situation right now Zam p.m. Matt just left me well not me I
was in disguise catfishing him he left me for upper net what is he saying I
don’t know if I can get close enough but this is not okay this is the third or if
you count me the fourth girl that matt has seen today she’s been lying to me
this whole time I try to sneak okay Sam pain I can’t really hear I’m gonna turn
the camera hopefully you can hear exactly what they’re saying agent agent
see if these girls might work for the GM ID this might have been a setup to trap
Matt I’m obviously mad at him but right now I just need to get him out of here I
need to save him and rescue him he cannot get trapped by the GM I see I’m
comment below what you think I should do right now I can’t let that you might see
me but I’m just worried about Matt and I’m just gonna do it too it’s not just
go no I don’t know what Matt what were you doing with those girls all we do is
your spam what do you mean your friends okay Matt you’re the one being sketchy
what do you have to say for yourself I think we need to go back
you you

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