Chelsea latest news: Jorginho records ridiculous statistic at Chelsea that sums up his style of play

Chelsea fans were understandably over the moon when they signed George in home from Napoli for 57 million pounds last summer the 27 year old arrived with a reputation for being a world-class player who could dictate the tempo of games in midfield with slick and accurate passing and it all started so well George Young who helped Chelsea win five out of five opening fixtures in the Premier League can go 12 games unbeaten [Music] with the Italian at the heart of their play is really look like Chelsea would be title contenders but their challenge quickly fell apart [Music] three defeats in six games some more Ezio Cerys side falwell behind liverpool Tottenham and Manchester City in the table [Music] unfortunately for George inho a lot of the blame was aimed at him dot while he’s a phenomenal passer of the ball Chelsea fans have grown frustrated with Georgian hos tendency to pass side words rather than forwards [Music] it says a lot that some people have even compared him to Jordan Henderson who has long been criticized for doing the exact same thing at Liverpool [Music] what hasn’t helped George in ho is that a rather poor statistic has emerged since Chelsea’s 0-0 draw against Southampton last week that completely sums him up [Music] according to the premier league’s website for the tweet below Georgian ho has played a huge 1896 passes this season more than any other player without recording a single assist America Laporte 1791 an antonio Ruediger 1718 have played the second and third most passes this season but for the sake of perspective will focus on Arsenal’s granite czaka 1653 [Music] the Swiss who is arguably more defensive than George in hope has at least recorded one assist in the Premier League and even scored three goals georgian boy on the other hand has only scored once in 20 appearances if’ he’s going to be a success at Chelsea he needs to start contributing a bit more going forward get Chelsea latest news updates directly to your inbox subscribe thank you for subscribing [Music]

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