China Begins Easing Coronavirus Restrictions | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. In the U.S., the crackpots are still partying, and the virus is still spreading. The Govt keeps talking about the value of the Stock Market and not the value of human lives. This is going to be with us for a while.

  2. Don't believe in China's data?Well at least China doesn't have a lying irresponsible self-centred president..haha. America is now "burning", and yet these guys are still trying find negative things to degrade China, wishing for bad news that might come out from there. That's evil.
    Well then, you all deserve the calamity that is befalling upon your country now.

  3. Want to say China fakes again??All I know is that all the Apple stores are open in China and all closed in the United States

  4. Americans are full of deep prejudice. China may be sick more than 80,000 people, but because there is not enough testing capacity and hospitals at the beginning, 80,000 refers to the number of people tested. Even in the United States two months later, there are still many people who have not been tested and treated, but no one has accused the US government of intentionally concealing the truth, which is ridiculous.

  5. China created this virus they are acting like a jokers. They destroying the world for the economy. Only wuhan city affected this virus not effected other city in china. Now its al over the world

  6. MSNBChina "Oww Yes China do much Better than sorry USA, these Trump mothersucker not handle correct like Mother CHINA .. Arrr Yes.. China so much better than USA!!"

  7. Can the numbers be believed? Short answer: Yes. Because one month ago, are getting sick, more and more people are going to the hospitals. Right now, that's not happening. And something so tangible like this the government cannot hide. Maybe the local transmission isn't at 0 yet, but it's got to be close.

  8. I lived and worked in China from 2014-2019. Do NOT believe anything that you read in the media regarding China. The CCP are masters of propaganda and controlling the media and have millions of trolls at their disposal to do their bidding. This reporter knows that she is being monitored by the CCP, and will be harrassed and/or deported if she does not toe the party line and at least portray the party in a positive light. Just read the comments below to see the number of Chinese trolls already posting on this vid. The irony is these same trolls know they would NEVER be able to freely comment and criticize anything the CCP does on Weibo, Wechat or QQ. But they are free to make any sort of comment they want on YouTube because freedom of speech is a constitutional right which they do not have in the PRC. The CCP will resort to any means necessary to keep from losing face because of the "wu flu".

  9. 你们这些老外好搞笑哦。你们都是要死了还在争论china 撒谎没撒谎。你们的特朗普总统智商就像个12岁的小孩子,又中二,又脑残,又叛逆。

  10. Linday said that he is going to write a strong letter to china!!! Lindsay
    is definitely looking out for the poor people of the USA!!

  11. Linday said that he is going to write a strong letter to china!!! Lindsay
    is definitely looking out for the poor people of the USA!!

  12. You can doubt the data provided by China as long as you have sufficient evidence. But according to MSNBC reporters, they only hold prejudice and not evidence. If you seek relief, you will not get the truth.

  13. LoL More like people busted out of the restriction zone and flipped cops cars along their way.

    Pay attention, that's how weak governments lift their restrictions. The feds will be claiming they lifted restrictions early too. Watch. Bet me money.

  14. Dr LiWenLiang made a mistake to disclose the covid in a wechat group chat, which was later forwarded to public. This is not the right way to disclose. There are official channels through which other doctors disclosed. of course it takes longer to confirm, for a new unknown disease.


    Li Wenliang: Publicly blew the whistle on the situation in Wuhan. Along with other doctors at the hospital, he was intimidated into retracting his public comments. Continuing to serve the common good to the very end, Li Wenliang perished of the coronavirus at age 34.

    Ai Fen. Director of the emergency department at the Central Hospital of Wuhan. She repeatedly attempted to warn officials about the virus, only to have "hospital officials accus[e] her of spreading rumor as a professional." She has subsequently been censored heavily on the actual near internet as she attempts to inform the public about what is really going on. Despite being censored heavily by the government, last I heard she is safe and still working to help the sick.

    *Chen Qiushi*: the original subject of this thread. A human rights lawyer and citizen journalist who reported on the situation in Wuhan, boldly defying the communist party's attempt at monopolizing the narrative. Missing; presumed to be imprisoned at an unknown location.

    *Fang Bin*: the other primary subject of this thread. Documented the event and openly called for resistance against the repressive communist government. Missing; presumed to be imprisoned at an unknown location.

    *Li Zehua*: citizen journalist. Missing; presumed to be imprisoned at an unknown location.

    We must not allow the CCP to make them simply disappear, either physically or in memory. Justice starts by remembering their names.

    Spread the word

  16. plz learn some chinese before u go to china, to be a journalist.
    china register all asymptomatic from the beginning, they put it in a single category, not in "confirmed cases".

  17. Restrictions begin to be relaxed here…
    People walking around in full hazmat suits!! Of course they can boast of lower numbers. Are you all ignorant or what??? The virus is not contained anywhere. Only a vaccine can contain this or herd immunity.

  18. In January the American government suppressed medical research from doctors in Washington state who discovered coronavirus patients who had not traveled outside American nor been in any contact with someone who traveled overseas this was an indication of community spread , the American government told the researches to stop testing

  19. Chinese Communist Party is still lying about their numbers and the gullible western media keeps regurgitating it. This woman is naive.

  20. America is so doomed. The country is so torn and more separated than it was in 1860. Thanks to orange clown who keeps gas lighting the country, enabling republican who profited from the corona stock dump, and fox news the country has no idea who speaks the truth. The best estimates are off. I saw a clip which predicts even 4 million cases with 400k deaths. And the death rate is way off, 1% more like 10%, even if you factor in the not reported cases it would be at least 5%. So much for the death rate. As with of the communications it fails to address in plain language to people what the problem is. The problem is not the death how awful it is, death means beds and health personal are free to help another one. it is the deathly sick people who occupy and need care for weeks. Meanwhile they are highly infectious and if there is no more capacity we will see also more not related corona deaths, postponed operations, cancer cures etc …

  21. Lies and more lies. Do us a favorite MSNBC, stop being a sellout. There are no lags in between with the suppress informations and lies. Taiwan as a country had handled this with a success better than China.

  22. China has imposed the strictest blockade of the city. People ca n’t even go to the supermarket to buy food. There are government departments to distribute household items to the people. No one can walk on the street. Everyone wears a mask and everyone stays at home. Can Western countries achieve China's degree of control? This is why China's infection data is low!

  23. Why would anyone still believe what Chinese government says is really beyond me LOL.
    North Korea also says they are doing a good job on this virus containment. But does anyone believe them?

  24. Thank you for being fair on Chinese numbers and their approach to this unexpected mess. They aren't denying the lag, good, and they are learning from it, even better. The presumptive intro by William on the other hand is much less welcoming, how does it help the situation. Are we even looking at it as a reality yet?

  25. That was a great answer Janis Mackey, true journalism as you skirt around the truth. And Joe, Mika Bimbo & Willie just bob their heads like seals. This episode of Kowtow was obviously approved by Beijing.

  26. trump is a traitor but china is lying about this virus. they have had 100k deaths if not millions. this is not going to end well.

  27. We are in World War 3. We now realize what the thousands of coffin liners were for in 2010. Our government been knew this would happen, Instead of building respirators they made coffin liners.I believe that the so called testing sites that are coming to a city near you will give the coronavirus to paranoid people who will voluntarily go to get tested then return home and boom their entire family will be infected. It's sick how the elite is playing with our lives.We need to pray and was our entire bodies not just our hands. It's going to get worse before it gets better. In this time we will need to help each other instead of dividing like they are trying to make us do. God bless yall.

  28. Me just overthinking: convid19 cases fall in China. Everywhere else in the world the situation getting worse. The rest of the world gon die. Chinese will remain and rule.. watch this space.!! They had to make the virus start in their country to cover suspicions.. ?? I don't trust Chinese.

  29. CCP covered up many issues before, why would anyone trust them now?
    Can't wait to see who exposes the true values just like what happened with SARS.
    Also how CCP deals with the "whistle-blower."

  30. How will china pay the countries, for the slight inconvenience it caused…
    How funny would it be if they are just wating for most countries to be paralized by the virus befor thay attack… that would make a good PC game

  31. Wow! Thanks, China ?? Your Wet Markets Gave the US and World the Chinese ? coronavirus and They're Back In Business. Shame on China. God help us all.

  32. Personally, I know and understand the grudge held by many people over the world. Blaming others is just so deeply-rooted in our mind that we would blind ourselves, shy away from objective judgements and end up doing ourselves a disservice.

    If you are a little bit more open-minded, you'll see that China's relatively fast recovery are largely due to:

    1. experiences in disease containment and mitigation obtained while dealing with SARS;
    2. stringent or even draconian measures taken to strictly lock down the whole country for two months coupled with aggresive testing, quarantine and hospitalization;
    3. strong industrialized manufacturing capacities for field hospitals, mobile cabin hospitals, PPE for medics and average citizens, and so on;
    4. powerful central goverment which mobilized gigantic amount of resources, such as doctors, equipments and so on from all over the country into the most-affected regions;
    5. organized and civic-minded masses who cooperated with the government, sacrificed their normal life patterns and obeyed rules; 6. technologies and big data employed to trace travel and contact history and monitor each citizen's covid status.

    The list goes on, every item of which is documented or reported just google it. I can personally verify these as my friends and families went through all of these. Also, since China is the first epicenter, it will recover prior to other epicenters even if the effectiveness of every government is on the same level.

    There are numerous things you can question, of course. But to attribute China's recovery to some conspiracy theories is just ill-evidenced and mind-boggling.

    Besides, if you wanna follow the conspiracy theory line, you can google Fort Detrick story which claims the US as the origin of covid-19. I don't buy it either. In 2020, I prefer science, industrialization, effective governance and international cooperation much more than conspiracy theories!

  33. China has been in the cross hairs of multiple levels of disease for decades. Good job China, you've accomplished what you sought out to do as far as bringing people around mist of the globe to a state of fear and unrest.

  34. 如果新冠肺炎是中国人带来的,那罗斯福号上为什么会出现感染?

  35. Asymtomatic cases???HAHAHA………………You american even can not handle the symtomatic cases…..Sounds like an idot that mocks a genius can not get a 100% correct on his math exam.

  36. All your current methods are similar to those of China, such as isolation and city closure. When China is in the city closure, you are saying that China has no human rights. You will never reflect.

  37. No government will put out actual and accurate numbers; how can they? Many people die from the virus who are not even tested, especially here in the US.  Why attack China for everything they do as if we can do better.  American victim mentality may makes our ego feel better but it diminish our responsibilities.

  38. When is the communist Chinese government going to stop concealing their corona virus cases and death statistics? ??‍♂️

  39. Masks are very helpful, if you can't buy a mask, you can make one yourself. If you think the mask is not beautiful, you can paint the mask with angel wings

  40. All the people shouting about China, but ignore the real information in the news. The Asymptomatic Infection will be quite a big problem when the society try to return to normal. Now China is facing it, and sooner or later you will have to face it. Hope you can have your own solution.

  41. Remember the Spanish flue, in 1918, who killed 50 millions people? Well it originated in Kansas, near an army base, and it's American soldiers who spread it in France and Europe.
    It was called Spanish because Spain was the first country to call the pandemic, the others censured it.
    But in reality it should have been called the American flue.

  42. You have an excellent medical system, the best doctor in the world, you just need a lot of material to protect the doctor and yourself, and then the doctor can save the patient.

    By the way, the United States has now tightened sanctions on Iran, and Iran will have more patients. I thought that those who lost their loved ones could better understand the sadness of others.

    So I'm confused. There seem to be three United States in this world. A movie version, a news media version, and a real-world version.

  43. China is always lying. This virus was spreaded by Chinese tourist during Chinese new year. And then they pretend they become a hero of the world. It will be literally the end of the world when China will be a head of the world.

  44. The media pushing the Chinese Communist Party propaganda as news. You should be ashamed of yourself MSNBC. You were telling us last week that China had no new cases which was a complete lie as well because that's impossible. The best thing that could happen for the United States about be if MSNBC and CNN went out of business.

  45. Its time for you guys to come to China and to see what is the reality. Dont believe in the Western medias of China, many of them are just double standard and shame of them !

  46. China is still putting the world in danger with its fake coronavirus numbers. When will people understand that China is the enemy of humanity?

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