China warns S. Korea, Japan not to deploy U.S. missiles: Asahi Shimbun

after the intermediate-range nuclear
forces treaty between the u.s. and russia collapsed in August
China has reportedly warned South Korea and Japan not to deploy Washington’s new
intermediate-range missiles Japan Society been reported on Tuesday that
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his South Korean and Japanese
counterparts during their talks in August that should Seoul and Tokyo
deploy Washington’s missiles it will severely affect their relations with
Beijing according to the report South Korean Foreign Minister Kang jung-ho
responded by saying that China should first withdraw its retaliatory measures
regarding service deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system the newspaper
said that China’s pressure seems to reflect its vigilance towards
Washington’s policies to contain Beijing and the aftermath of the expiry of the
intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty which banned Washington and Moscow from
deploying such missiles around the world

13 Replies to “China warns S. Korea, Japan not to deploy U.S. missiles: Asahi Shimbun”

  1. China has a short memory of Japan ruthlessly taking over the Country & doing double the damage Germany did. U.S Helped you…Keep your Camps I know they work just leave Hongkong alone…Thanks Ji Ping…🙏🕺

  2. What did you expect South Korea and Japan are not sovereign countries they are but ass lickers of the west lapdog to united snakes of americunts.

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