Christie Brinkley On Billy Joel And Her Surprising Beauty Secret | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  1. She is attractive but not beautiful. Her face looks unnatural in a close up. Successful cosmetic surgery always looks natural. Top lip 1st indication of cosmetic surgery gone wrong.

  2. Sometimes when you go against nature it becomes a disaster. Aging is natural, enhancing your looks is not a bad thing but too much of something looks bad. Peace out

  3. I think she looks great with or without surgery, I honestly don't care, but I never found her to be a great beauty to be a supermodel. Too American looking. She looks too similar to any blonde woman.

  4. She is amazing, she still have natural beauty, and she is one of a kind that had some work done but looks just natural…because, most of the other women that do plastic surgery do not look good, and She does…also, she uses Anti-wrinkles with I use and works as a miracle…I love it…and I look super young.

  5. She looks absolutely amazing… I'm not sure if she's admitted it but lets be honest she has 100% had work done … her cheeks are too puffy and her jaw line too tight to be natural at 63. Nature is cruel to us after 60 and before that for many, our faces start to show deeper lines etc however good on her regardless of work done she looks simply amazing!!

  6. She no longer looks like Christie Brinkley. Her mouth especially is very different. I’m sick of all these models/actresses claiming that their skin care line is what makes their face look 20 years younger. It’s a LIE. Skin care definitely helps. You also need to eat right and exercise. Genetics also is a factor. But no way at the age of 64 will her skin care line make anyone look as young as plastic surgery will. Also, if you are as thin as you were at age 18, the face loses its fat and sags to some degree.

  7. So I have this horrible genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is a collagen disorder. Your body mutates its own strands of collagen and it causes a million symptoms, like your connective tissue not being strong enough to hold your bones in place. I wonder if Ultherapy would be effective in treating that. Or if it would just give your body more collagen to screw up.

  8. I wish she could be more honest so the rest of us women would not feel like how she appears is natural…………….

  9. List of women who are aging naturally, Christie, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Sofia Vergara. Sure and I'm Princess Diana come back to life ,lol

  10. First of all, regardless of what she has done to keep her beauty, she was just blessed to be born beautiful and with an amazing body. Blonde, blue eyes, perfect features, teeth…all of it. I always said… God must have been in a really good mood the day he created Christie Brinkley. Some women are just blessed from birth and if they take care of themselves, it should continue, but to stave off actual aging, it takes a village of specialists and constant upkeep. She is in the public eye and has the money, so I can understand it if she has this or that done. Most of us are average looking and it wouldn't matter what cream you used or how many injections you get. If you don't have the basic physical beauty to begin with, nothing but complete plastic surgery is going to change what God gave you. Just be grateful if you are healthy and do the best with what you were given. Be a beautiful person inside and you will always be perceived as beautiful on the outside. She's a stunning woman, no doubt about it and she seems like a truly lovely woman inside. She's been truly blessed.

  11. Basically I feel it is a personal choice as to how a person wants to live their life. They say the body is a temple if one chooses to consume alcohol to excess smoke cigarettes and eat fattening food and not exercise . The end result is your appearance will reflect those choices.However if you decide to take the best possible care of yourself even if it means to have cosmetic work done. You still decided to make yourself be the best version of yourself. But the fact remains even if you do all these things you have to be fortunate enough to be attractive to begin with.

  12. This was basically the most phony advertisement for her face cream & products I’ve ever seen! Plastic surgery nightmare!!! This woman’s mouth doesn’t close & she should sue the plastic surgeon.

  13. She is prétentieux….. or how do you say … pretentious the way she tries to pretend French is her first language and she struggled to find the English word for various items…. uggggh

  14. She tried to put a French twist on Publix??? Omg…. she is sooooo irritating…. I think even a French person can pronounce Pub…

  15. She's almost unrecognizable. Has clearly had something done. Her lips looked tucked and face pulled. For 64, she looks good, but not naturally in the face

  16. Wow! Im so disappointed. I thought Christie Brinkley was real. Why do beautiful women have to alter their faces to ugliness. Yes shes still beautiful, but shes fake like the rest of them. Done with anuthr one. Sad.

  17. Of the models from her time, Patti Hansen has aged the best and most naturally. Maybe she has had work done as well, but she has kept the original character of her face.

  18. Optical illusion with extra long sleeves so tops of hands do not show. Same for length of outfit and footwear so legs and feet do not show. She looks good, just not natural by any means. Comment further down believes CB is wearing a lace front wig also. Again, she looks good, just not natural …

  19. Awe, man. I was hoping she would not start going overboard with the plastic but looks like she gave in. 😐

    On the other hand, trolls completely put down and chastised a former 80-90s model(can't remember her name for my life!) that stayed natural. I mean slayed her.

  20. She's still gorgeus but she left out the mini face lifts that started at a relatively young age that kept her from aging without being obviously done. Anyone who gets old saggy and wrinkled and then gets a face lift gets a very unnatural result.
    Average people like us can't afford to look like her….

  21. Megan Kelly knew she (Christy) was LOADED with PLASTIC SURGERIES. She was baiting Christy Brinkley by asking what’s her other beauty secret. She ignored the question. Lol

  22. Do men worry about peptides or they dont!! Why cant women just grow older without all that ridiculousness!!!!

  23. We all have to choose how we want to age. She wants to look 35 forever like Jane Fonda and that’s ok, it makes her feel good. I made the decision at 60 how I want to age. I let my hair go silver, I have an updated cut/style wear a little make up, take care of my skin and try to dress updated but age appropriate. That’s it, I don’t want to try and look 35 but that’s my choice. I want my daughters to be comfortable with aging and not get on the hamster wheel of trying to look 35 forever unless they want to. We have to make choices and should not criticize each other for taking a different approach.

  24. All the haters…so pathetic. She looks great.
    “She is so covered up…her arms and neck…blah blah blah”
    See her bathing suit shot? Lol What exactly is she “hiding” in that.
    Good grief.
    Any woman posting on here would be thrilled to look like CB in their 60s but sure, go ahead and say she looks awful and has old lady mannerisms. Catty and jealous.
    Btw Ultratherapy is a plastic surgery procedure …so what is she lying about people? She also admitted she had her eyes done when she was 30.
    Chill out. If you want to look like an old hag in the last third of your life, go for it. The rest of us can only hope we look that good in a bathing suit in our mid 60s.

  25. If older woman have plastic surgery is fine with me , problem I see when Bella Hagid at 19 completely change her look .
    I love Christy she is real ,beautiful

  26. So much criticism here….its sickening! she is aging gracefully! Key Word: AGING! she has always been over the top and has always had a unique face. You people are so scrutinizing. You're just jealous. Grow Up. You hide your resentment with accusations. You have no probs with her using her looks to make money when she's younger, now she's aging and doing the same thing! Because it's somehow not okay to do when your old? You're just the echo of this putrid society. SHUT UP! SICK OF YOU. GET OVER IT! People are always mistaking me for 15 yrs younger…and I just do my best. On occasion I run into people like you IRL and now it truly blows my mind how you pop out onto videos like this….shameful.

  27. I LOVEEE how's she still friends with her ex husband Billy Joel. HOWEVER the reason why she looks so good is because her face is very ROUND!!!! People who have round faces have a more natural looking facelift, she's had at least 1 facelift already before. People with more narrow long faces will have a facelift that will not look as great. I hope I look this good in 24 years when I am Christie's age. She's still gorgeous!!!!!!

  28. Notice the decolletage, neck and hands are covered?? I mean, she's 64. She looks wonderful!! But show us the other aging places other than a botoxed face if you're pushing anti aging products.

  29. She's beautiful but you can tell she had work around her mouth it looks messed up and her skin has a plasticy glow to it.Here she looked natural a few year before.

  30. Ok, now I see it. She looks nice but I don't think she should have done anything to her face. You can tell it's fillers. She would probably look better as her natural self even if she had some wrinkles. As long as she's happy that's what is important.

  31. What rude unkind ridiculous remarks to make about a lovely woman. Jealous old hens and men who want 15 yr olds running their mouths. Who cares if she has botox and cosmetics? I say go for it Christy stay as hot as you want. You are still a beautiful woman. You are pretty on the inside with that personality. Love ya Christy!!!!

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  33. GET YOUR FACTS Right if you’re going to interview !!!! it was Billy Joel’s daughter( baby) not Alexa’s!!! She wasn’t the grandmother!!!!

  34. Yes she has aged you can tell it in her face ! And she is getting a little help from her friends Plastic surgery and fillers !

  35. Secret? botox , facelift , hair colorist , professional photos and make up, air brushing, proper lighting with distance shots. Woman as they age look for beautiful and natural without alot of makeup as she is wearing and the long hair is for 16 year olds.

  36. For someone her age, she looks very impressive. Indeed she's always going to look at least 50, the biggest giveaway being the skin around her throat area. But she still looks quite impressive, nonetheless.

  37. Christie has been able to remain successful and on an even keel throughout her life and through many ups and downs. She was raised right.

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