CID – सी आई डी – Ep 1443 – Secret of the Eye – 15th July, 2017

Hey? Come on.
Come on, guys. Cheer her up. Come on. ‘Murder or Suicide?’ Hello. Who is this? ‘Three days later.’ To whom? ACP Pradyuman? Just hold on.
Sir. Yes, Daya. A man named Bala
wants to talk to you. Bala? What made you remember me
after ten years? A person is remembered
only when he is forgotten. I never forgot about you, ACP. It’s been 10 years, 3 months
and 12 days. Stop your dialogues.
Get down to business. Why did you call me? For my daughter. Your daughter? Tell me, Bala.
What happened to your daughter? My daughter, Kirti,
had taken part in a dance reality show in India.
‘Zoom Dance Plus.’ Three days ago,
she died suddenly. How? The police and even the CBI has declared it as suicide and closed the case. But I am sure that it wasn’t suicide. My daughter would
never commit suicide. Listen, Bala. If the crime branch
has declared it as a suicide case
then it must be suicide. They can’t make
such a big mistake. Also, how can you be so sure that it wasn’t suicide
but murder? Because she spoke to me before she died. ‘Hello, Dad?’ ‘Dad, everything is
ruined over here.’ ‘You know what, Dad?’ ‘I will not spare him.’ ‘I won’t spare him!’ She was upset
over getting eliminated from the competition but she would shoot herself.. That’s not possible. What do you want from me? I want you to reopen
this case and prove that it wasn’t suicide but a murder. I promise you, ACP. I will come to you
and surrender. Purvi, I have a task for you. Find out
if that had happened in the
‘Zoom Dance Plus’ contest. Yes, sir. Sir. – Yes?
– Who’s Bala? Bala is a clever
jewellery thief. He has committed
several robberies. He has looted
jewellery worth millions. Sir, is he still at large? Yes, Fredricks.
We couldn’t catch him. Once I did get hold of him
but he got away. Sir. Sir, I found out
about this case. She was shot
with an unlicensed gun. That was the reason for the involvement
of the crime branch. Murder?
No way! The cause of death
was suicide. The crime branch
has already solved this case. What are you guys
trying to find out? Sir, we suspect
that it wasn’t suicide but murder. Really?
– Yes, sir. The victim was holding the gun. The trigger was
pulled inside the mouth. The body did not
have any signs of struggle. The paraffin test gave
positive reports. It was an open
and shut case, Abhijeet. Even a child can tell that
it was a suicide case. But I don’t know why you
feel that it’s a murder case. Sir, we aren’t implying that your investigation
was wrong. Well.. We found a lead. We would like to conduct
another investigation. That’s all. Sir, what do you think? What really happened to Kirti? ‘Zoom dance plus’
is a dance reality show. Kirti was a participant. She got eliminated
in the 7th round. Her anger did not subside even after
she returned to her room. She shot herself
with the gun. This make-up room has two doors. Where both the doors
locked from the inside? You can already see that people had
to break open this door. Also, that door
is always locked. Did anyone run out of this room when the door was opened? Did anyone get out? No, sir. Daya the chair is
right in front of the mirror. The door can be
seen at the back. And this.. The dead body
was positioned like this. Even if we assume
that this was a murder how is it possible
for Kirti to not see the murderer
approaching from behind? If she did see, then.. She did not put up a struggle. Maybe she knew the murderer. Who was Kirti’s
closest friend over here? A close friend? Nobody, sir. She was so arrogant that no one even liked her,
let alone befriended her. I wonder how
she made it so far. She was not
a great dancer either. Really? All right.
What’s the format of this show? Who decides
that who gets to stay or leaves the competition? As you can see,
it’s a 100 marks format. 60 marks from the judges
and 40 marks from the audience. Every judge gets
a slot of 20 marks. Can we see the mark sheet? The Paraffin test is positive. It means, there was gunpowder
in her hands. The other reports
are also correct. Well, all the reports
produced by CBI are correct. This girl has
committed suicide. She pulled the trigger
inside her own mouth. What do you want me to do? I already know
that the CBI proved that Kirti
has committed suicide. But I am not ready
to believe that. Something is definitely wrong
over here. Something is definitely wrong
in this case. Kirti has been murdered,
Salunkhe. Kirti has been murdered. Do whatever it takes
to prove that Kirti has been murdered. Bala. Tell me. I asked you to do one job,
ACP. Did you forget or accept defeat? I never forget
nor do I accept defeat. Remember we are working
on this case. Don’t worry about me. Think about yourself. You need to be worried
for yourself. Do you understand? Don’t worry about me, ACP. You will never find me,
if I don’t want you to. This case is the doorway that will lead you to me. If you fail this time you will never
even hear my voice again let alone catch me. Darn it! Salunkhe listen to me. Kirti did not commit suicide. She has been murdered.
It’s a murder. There must be some evidence that indicates it’s a murder. Salunkhe, just give me one
evidence. Just one! After that
I will take things further. But where do I get the evidence
from? There is none! What kind of a forensic surgeon
are you? Did you make me
a forensic surgeon? I did not.
– I studied and earned it. What’s the point
of studying when you can’t
even prove that it’s a murder? That’s enough! You are very stubborn.
– Am I? Yes, you can go
to any extent to make things
go your way. All right. All right, boss. I will think about it without considering
the CBI’s report. I will investigate
in my own way. If it’s a murder.. It’s not an ‘If’, Salunkhe. It’s not a possibility.
It is a murder! All right.
I agree with you. The accept the challenge. If it turns out
to be a murder.. Again, with the same thing. It is a murder.
That’s it. All right. If.. Sorry! I will give you
the evidence of this murder. This one has always
given her similar marks. Judge Mona. Any particular reason
for these low marks? Yes, the other judges,
Priyanka and Martin have given her good marks. 15, 18, 16, 20. Most of the marks
are above 15. Mona always gave her
less than 10. Why is that so? I don’t know why she
always gave her less marks, sir. Mona is a film director. Martin and Priyanka
are choreographers. They all come
from different fields. I can see that.
Mona is a film director. The other two
are choreographers. The choreographers observe
every dance move with great care. They have given her good marks as compared to the director. The other two
have given her good marks on the day of her elimination. But Mona has
given her very low marks. How will I know
the reason behind that? We would like to watch
Kirti’s last performance. Yes, sir. Sure. Show us the reaction
of the judges. The audience might have given
her low marks because of that. She fell down
during the performance. ‘The contestant who is
going to leave us today’ ‘is Kirti.’ Everyone was happy
with Kirti’s performance before the fall. I don’t know
about the performance but from the expressions
on the judge Mona’s face I can tell that she
had a problem with Kirti. Salunkhe why did you call me over? Pankaj did you make this report? Yes, sir. I made this report. What is it?
– Come here. Pankaj. Did you make the report
on the previous case? Yes, sir.
– Your report on the previous case does not
match with the forensic reports. Why? That’s impossible.
I checked it twice. Salunkhe has
checked it as well. Do you understand? You report
is not just incorrect but it’s also a false one. Sir, it’s possible
for Pankaj to make mistakes but a false report.. So, is Salunkhe lying? Does he have
enmity with Pankaj? Why? Listen, Pankaj. Pankaj, I can tolerate mistakes but not false reports. I suspend you
at this very moment. Leave your ID, badge and gun on the table right now. Sir.. I am sorry, sir. Pankaj, I said,
ID, badge and gun. Quickly. Dr. Salunkhe what are you doing? Actually, I wanted
Pankaj’s tears. I did this to obtain tears
from Pankaj. Tears?
– Yes. – Why, sir? You will find out.
For now you should know that Kirti was murdered. Kirti did not commit suicide. To prove that,
I will be needing tears from Fredricks
and Purvi as well. I have an idea. Chop these onions
kept over here. Onions? Yes, he wants to eat fritters
made of onions. Chop them up. Is that enough?
– Yes, that’s enough. Please stop it. Salunkhe! What are you doing?
Will you tell us? The science says
that the tears coming from humans
due to different emotions like we collected tears
by chopping onions and tears of joy
and sorrow.. All these tears
are completely different in their composition,
form and structure. They are entirely different
from one another. Really?
So? We found dried tears
in Kirti’s eyes. Okay. Have a look, boss.
This is a sample collected from Kirti’s eyes. Okay.
– We shall compare this with the samples
collected from these three. We can find out the emotions
behind these tears. These are
the tears that came out from these three people. Tears of joy,
from chopping onions and sorrow. It matches with my tears. Exactly, Freddy. It matches with your tears. So, they are tears of joy. Sir, it is clear now! When Kirti died she was very happy. And the person who is happy why would she commit suicide? It is evident that Kirti
didn’t commit suicide. Sir, listen. I sent this her tears sample
to that doctor who is conducting
a research on it. All right, then? Even he agrees
that she was happy. Sir, this fact.. Can you prove it?
– No. There’s research in progress
and nothing is concluded yet. Since it is still under research it can’t be proved
in the court of law. Maybe not in court! But it has been proved for us that Kirti has been murdered,
she’s been killed. Sir. – Purvi,
what are you doing here? Sir, your numbers
were unreachable, so.. Right, there are
network issues here. Why?
– Sir, as per Dr. Salunkhe this is not a suicide case it is a murder for sure. Murder? Kirti has been murdered! But she committed suicide,
right? Yes, but we have found
new evidences that prove that she
didn’t commit suicide in fact, she was murdered. And you all feel that
this so-called murder is committed by me. The kind of scores that you
gave her right from the start indicate that you
didn’t really like her. Kirti was an average dancer. There were other better dancers,
hence I scored her accordingly. But the other two judges
gave her good marks. You need to check
that with them. I have no idea about all that. All I know is that Kirti
hasn’t reached here on the basis of her
dancing skills. There has to be a
different reason behind it. Why do you feel that way? As before the competition.. Excuse me. H-Hi, ma’am. I am a great fan of your work. How did you come in?
– Well.. Ma’am, I pleaded the
security personnel outside and that’s how I came here. Fine, tell me, who are you?
What do you want? Ma’am, my name is Kirti. I am one of the contestants
in this competition. Ma’am, you know when I came to know that
you are one of the judges I got very excited! Ma’am, you know,
I am your biggest fan. I have watched all your movies. Very nice to know that. And ma’am, along with your work I am also a big fan of your
attire, jewellery and all that. I mean.. By the way,
I remembered something. I have a jewellery set
worth Rs. 40 lakhs and I don’t wear jewellery. But ma’am, you do wear it,
right? Ma’am, it will look good on you. In fact, I have brought it..
– I know well what are you trying to get at! You want to bribe me so that I
can give you good scores. – No! Y-You have misunderstood me..
– Whatever you mean I get it very clearly, okay? Just watch the kind
of scores I give. In fact, you shouldn’t
be a part if this contest. Ma’am, I am sorry,
I didn’t mean that. M-Ma’am..
– Would you leave? Or should I call the security? Ma’am, please don’t call them. I said, leave! Did she ever spoke to you
that way again? No. All right. Thank you.
Thank you so much. Sir, what now? Now.. Let’s meet the
other two judges. Sir, why?
Do you have doubts? If Kirti tried to bribe Mona then she might have tried
with the other two judges too. If we look at the scores,
I think she has. because they
have scored her really well when she actually
fell down while performing. Let’s ask Martin and Priyanka. Hey, beautiful! You look like a great dancer. But I have never
seen you around. Are you a wild card entry? CID. Oh! CID. We have come to inquire
about Kirti’s murder. Murder? But it was..
– No. She didn’t commit suicide. She was murdered. Oh! Kirti tried to bribe Mona. She might’ve tried
to bribe you as well. No, not at all. Even if she would have,
I would’ve denied. Ms. Priyanka,
Kirti never tried to bribe you but you still gave her
good scores. And she wasn’t
a great dancer either. She faltered during
elimination round. She fell during
her performance still.. Sir, listen. We don’t judge a performer
just for the dance. There are other aspects. I mean, we look at their
overall personality. And I agree that she fell down but she got up immediately
and completed the dance. Just because she fell down doesn’t mean that she
has to be eliminated Qualities like beauty, expressions,
dance, personality. I mean, everything combined. And Kirti had all of it. Thank you.
– Sure. Sir, I don’t feel that they will give us
any information. They are not
what they look like. They are faking it. Let’s run a background
check on both of them. Sir.
– Yes? Sir, Martin is a well known
personality in the media. And if we believe in these news then he is amongst those people who easily gets attracted
to beautiful women. And he is filthy rich. Any trickery or fraud
related cases. Sir, no. He is clean. He is honest
with his profession. That’s why, in spite of
being so cheap and arrogant he is one of the best
choreographers in India. Sir, this is Priyanka. She lives a
very elite lifestyle. She attends parties every day and often meets big celebrities. Sir, look at this. Sir, I don’t think they would feel the need
to accept bribe. Fredricks, bribe
is not just in money form. There are other ways too. All right?
Exquisite and expensive gifts. Vacation in foreign country. And many more. Sir, right. Kirti tried to bribe Mona
with an expensive jewellery and not money. Hold on.
Purvi, wait! Hold right there. Sir, what happened? What did you notice? Yes! Fredricks, I got it. I know who
has taken the bribe and in what form. Ms. Priyanka,
is this your photo? Yes, it is.
It was taken at Raj’s party. This necklace..
Is it yours? Of course, since I have worn it,
it has to be mine. Very good. Where did you get it from? What do you mean? I have bought it. It looks very expensive. Yes, it is.
It is worth Rs. 4 million. Rs. 4 million!
– Yes. Fine, let’s go then. ‘Go’? But where? CID bureau.
Come on. Why?
– This is a stolen necklace. Stolen?
– Yes. W-Well..
Listen, you.. Why are you all
questioning me then? Y-You need to question the
person from whom I’ve bought it. Yes, you are right. S-So where did you buy it from? Who sold it to you? Well.. I.. Kirti sold it, right?
– Yes, she.. Kirti?
Why would she sell it to me? Well, I.. I.. Actually.. This necklace was stolen ten years ago! Ten years.. Yes.
Bala stole it! Bala? Who..
Who is he? Kirti’s father. Kirti bribed you
with this necklace in exchange for
good scores and you took it! You should have researched
before accepting the bribe. You took bribe from Kirti but due to her bad performance Kirti got eliminated. Possibly she might
have threatened you that she will tell
the truth about you and you, then, killed her. Why are you saying that? I agree that I accepted
the bribe from Kirti. But..
But a murder! I didn’t kill her. You.. Please believe me. I didn’t kill her. We will find out
what the truth is. Purvi.
– But.. Let’s go.
– Come. But I didn’t kill her. Try to
understand. – Fine, let’s go. I really didn’t kill her. Why aren’t you listening? Yes, Doctor?
– Sir we have found out
how Kirti was exposed to the gunpowder. How? It came on her hand
from the door knob of her make-up room. I have done a thorough
inspection of this. Someone had already
put some gunpowder on it. The gunpowder
came on to Kirti’s hand as soon as she
turned the knob to enter. Sir, even the crime branch
performed the paraffin test. But they made one mistake. They didn’t notice
the gunpowder was on the palm. Whereas,
when someone shoots the gunpowder residue
comes in this area. But this portion
of her hand was clean. This means, it was
pre-planned by the murderer. Sir, I have one more finding. It’s something very weird.
– What? Kirti ate something
before she died. She had ice cream,
pickle, fritters and chillies. Isn’t it a very
odd combination? There is another anomaly
which I found out. What is that? I found these
fragments of a silk cloth near the exit wound
of Kriti’s bullet shot. These threads don’t match
the clothes Kirti was wearing. Sir, this means,
someone tied her with the cloth. Someone must’ve tied
the cloth around her mouth. Freddy, if someone tied it
around her mouth then how could someone
shoot through her mouth? Maybe, she was blindfolded. Why would someone
put blindfolds? Her hands and legs were free. She had not even struggled. It could be, the blindfold
was put consensually. A silk cloth is used
as a blindfold. And to feed ice-cream,
pickle and fritters.. Tears of joy..
Sir I have seen this in films.
It’s a way of romance. Exactly.
Daya, you are right. Kirti’s wasn’t killed
with aggression and force. She was murdered lovingly. Lovingly. Why did you people
bring me here? Neither have I taken a bride nor have I killed her. No.. You didn’t accept
a bribe from her. You were playing
with Kirti. Isn’t it? You tied a blindfold
on her eyes and you fed her ice-cream. Then, chillies, pickle
and fritters. Isn’t it? And in the end you shot her. Correct? Why will I do all this? You shared
an emotional bond with her. Isn’t it? Did you recall anything? Or do you want
some other evidence? Have you seen this? This belongs to you,
right? How can you people
enter my house and go through my belongings? This is a search warrant. Okay, fine.
This belongs to me. This was my mom’s. How can this have
an involvement with Kirti’s murder? It is involved in the murder. This was your mom’s, right? That’s why,
you couldn’t throw it away. This handkerchief
has a burnt mark. It is a bullet mark. The bullet you
had shot at Kirti. What did you think? Washing and bleaching
the handkerchief will get rid
of the evidence? When a cloth is washed,
the gunpowder is washed away. Maybe you don’t know,
bloodstains can’t be removed. When we tested it it matched Kirti’s blood. Tell us, Martin. Will you comply
and speak the truth or should we resort
to other means? Yes, I killed her. I had to kill her. Otherwise, she would’ve
destroyed me and my carrier. ‘I know,
I didn’t perform well.’ ‘On top of that,
I fell down as well.’ ‘But, Martin, you have to make
sure that I am not eliminated.’ ‘Don’t worry, darling.’ ‘After all,
this is why I am a judge.’ ‘You don’t worry,
I will take care of everything.’ ‘If would be better if you
handle this situation.’ ‘Otherwise, I won’t give you the
chance to cope with your life.’ ‘What do you mean?
– I mean, if I get eliminated’ ‘then I will expose you.
I will tell everyone’ ‘how you take advantage
of female contestants.’ ‘So, just make sure.
That will be good for you.’ She was not ready
to understand that I couldn’t keep her in
the competition for any longer even if I wanted to. There are two other judges.
The audience is also there. Their marks matter as well. I was sick and tired of her. So, in order to save myself and my reputation I..
I decided to kill her. ‘Kirti, sweetheart!
You were brilliant.’ ‘You..’ ‘Why did you come here?
You eliminated me.’ ‘Are you not satisfied
that you came here now!’ ‘Sweetheart, hear me out.’ ‘I don’t want
to speak to you.’ ‘Look at yourself.’ ‘Why are you laughing?
– Oh, Lord! Sweetheart..’ ‘You know, this is..
This is reality television.’ ‘You know
how all this works.’ ‘You know, your elimination
is a dramatic exit.’ ‘You’ll have’ ‘a wild card entry
in the semi-finals.’ ‘Are..
Are you saying the truth?’ ‘Do I ever lie?’ ‘Seriously?
Thank you!’ ‘Thank you so much.
You had scared me.’ ‘Thank you.’ ‘But, you know what?
– What?’ ‘You ruined my surprise.’ ‘But I have another surprise’ ‘for you.’ ‘What is the surprise?’ ‘We’ll play a guessing game.’ ‘Begin.’ ‘A fritter.’ ‘Pickle!’ ‘Chilli.’ ‘An ice cream.’ ‘Martin, I misunderstood you.’ ‘But now I know
that you love me.’ ‘And I love you too.’ How would you kill
your lover so mercilessly? No one could’ve guessed
that I committed the murder. I had planned it so well. You didn’t shoot her
in the head or the chest. You played with her
and blindfolded her and you shot her in her mouth. So that it looks like suicide.
Am I right? Yes. No one could’ve
guessed that this was a murder. I made a foolproof plan. But we
started re-investigating Kirti’s murder,
on her father’s request. And you were caught. Whenever we target a criminal they are never spared. Now, you’ll rot in prison,
Martin. You’ll be subjected
to severe legal punishment. Tell me, Bala.
– Thank you, ACP. You’ve done me a great favour by
conducting this investigation. Keep one thing in mind. I don’t do favours
to criminals. I just punish the criminals. Did you get it?
Hence, get to the point. No matter what you say,
I have given you my word. I will surely
keep my promise. I will take the next flight
and come to India. I’ll surrender myself.
– Okay. And I will give you
an important evidence which who has bothered you
for way too long. Eye. Daya.. The poison
was on this needle. And it was in this ring. Sir, if the ring
is turned in this manner then the pin comes out. The Eye is a force
which is present in every crime which occurs. What did you say? Eye.. Do you know what is it? Who is it? Tell me. Fast. – I can’t
tell you over the phone. I will meet you and tell you.

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