Connecticut Virus Cases Near 2K With Over 30 Deaths | MSNBC

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  1. And the CIA is down for the count 25% call off. Ok FBI, stop wiring the Prez' & batter up. f? b? I? Uh oh, who'll help computers read Intel NOW?

  2. I wanna see how many democrat vs republicans are dying from this Wuhan virus. Isnt that really the only number that matters? Remember people GET OUT AND VOTE!

  3. Yes sir baptism of blood, baptism of fire. Medic!!! the truck drivers leap of faith and the passer byes airway, out the side of his face, out of his neck, out his chest, I tried to help, I did not have enough highway airway hands, no one else wanted to jump in for some of this………………..makes me wonder sometimes, baptism of blood loss and who is the boss?


  5. 03/30/2020: In several countries, there is increasing evidence in relation to Covid19 that „the treatment could be worse than the disease“.

    On the one hand, there is the risk of so-called nosocomial infections, i.e. infections that the patient, who may only be mildly ill, acquires in hospital. It is estimated that there are approximately 2.5 million nosocomial infections and 50,000 deaths per year in Europe. Even in German intensive care units, about 15% of patients acquire a nosocomial infection, including pneumonia on artificial respiration. There is also the problem of increasingly antibiotic-resistant germs in hospitals.

    Another aspect is the certainly well-intentioned but sometimes very aggressive treatment methods that are increasingly used in Covid19 patients. These include, in particular, the administration of steroids, antibiotics and anti-viral drugs (or a combination thereof). Already in the treatment of SARS-1 patients, it has been shown that the outcome with such treatment was often worse and more fatal than without such treatment.

  6. The first and
    foremost responsibility of a government is to protect its citizens. The Trump
    government is failing miserably.

  7. A confrontation over the past two generations that our species has repeatedly won against 'the littlest of things' has been turned into an economic catastrophe and a potentiallly devastating medical emergency by the flaws of one man who by his actions and words shows he is unfit and unable and unwilling to carry out his oath of office.

    R E S I G N

  8. Why can't these a$$holes just say "The Governor?" Leave the politicization to the orange sh*stain and his base. Just serve up the news without all this gamesmanship M'Kay?

  9. Media talking point: Do current restrictions go far enough?
    Answer: This isn't China. You can't lock America down. So stop asking!

  10. Journal your symptoms. Your healthcare pro will value you. Fast perfect answers to their checklist a huge help. Journal.

  11. Yeah one of my firehouse dads got me a Job in 1985 an Anchorage contract dog pound lab rat "don't ask". As they all knew, I do firehouse blue's clues. Semi autistic I guess, anyway blues clues something to do. They were told not to ask, flash, flash what's this? what's that?.

  12. NYS, New Jersey and Connecticut, Blue States and Pennsylvania, a Red State, setup indentitical business shut down and containment laws. What was the point of setting them up in only one if you could hop in your car, drive across an imaginary line on a map, and drive home contagious?

  13. "The 15 people within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that's a pretty good job we've done." Trump Feb 26 2020
    If only Trump had been informed the day corona began. His response would have been …
    "The 15 people within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that's a pretty good job we've done." Trump Feb 26 2020

  14. ?????? U.S. Shipped Tons Of COVID-19 Supplies To China As Trump Dismissed Threat Here
    Now desperate, the U.S. is accepting face masks, gowns and gloves airlifted from China.


    ????Watch "Trump implies hospital staff stealing masks: 'Maybe worse than hoarding'" on YouTube

  15. Trump wasted more than two months downplayed the outbreak, instead of ramping up medical supplies & equipment.

  16. SPECIAL SALUTE with RESPECT to all the Medics, Cleaning Staff, Police, Truckers, Retail Staff, all the FIRST RESPONDERS during this Crisis

  17. ?☠☠?

  18. New York was unfortunately bound to be hit hard by this since New York is a major world hub. Both foreign tourists but also Americans returning from Europe etc have made New York a hot bed for Covid-19 in USA.
    No matter what people say, this situation has gotten worse because USA as a whole was utterly unprepared.
    Over the the past decades, the US healthcare system has been slowly bled dry. On top of that, since Trump took office, he has closed down vital parts of the US response capabilities regarding pandemics. The Trump administration actually conducted an exercise about a pandemic ironically originating from China with a SARS like virus (like the Covid-19) in first half of 2019. The conclusion of the exercise was that USA was completely unprepared for a pandemic of that kind.
    In January, US intelligence services warned about the Covid-19 outbreak in China. They warned that this would land on the shores of USA shortly so preparations should be made. Nothing was done and that is the sole responsibility of president Trump.
    Even when Covid-19 exploded in Europe, Trump did nothing even when it should have been clear at the time that the virus had already landed in USA in great numbers and were being spread by carriers who did not immediately show symptoms.
    Hopefully, the world will learn from this. The lesson is that profit is not as important as the health of populations. In reality, the best thing would be to burn the stock market to the ground and only focus on real values and not propped up paper values as is the case in a stock controlled market.

  19. Why do only Democratic states not have supplies? It is not the Federal Government's job to make sure you're doing your's.

  20. She tried to force the issue, but failed….and you can see the
    disappointment on her face….He wouldn't give her the bad
    news that she was crying for…probably lost her job over it…LOL

  21. Trump started his work on the virus the exact same day South Korea did theirs. South Korea immediately made drive through testing a priority. South Korea has had 9661 cases and 158 deaths. Trump says we won't be doing drive through testing.

  22. Maddow said the USS comfort was months away from being deployed.
    USS comfort in NY harbor.
    Can we play "GOTCHA" with MSM?
    Nope, all forgotten on to the next drive by fake new

  23. Just wait when it hit Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Nevada, and others tRump area, you will hear tears crying out why us president

  24. @bOB Loblaw said it BEST:
    Trump, Jan. 22 – “We have it totally under control”
    Trump, Feb. 10 – “We're in great shape in our country. We have 11, and the 11 are getting better.
    Trump, Feb. 25 – “You may ask about the coronavirus, which is very well under control in our country.
    Trump, Feb. 26 – "When you have 15 people and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero…
    Trump, Feb 27 – “It’s going to disappear. One day – it’s like a miracle – it will disappear.”
    Trump, March 6 – “Anybody that needs a test, gets a test. They’re there. They have the tests. And the tests are beautiful.”
    You don't think Trump's lies have consequences? Ask the families of the thousands who have already died as a result of this imbecile's incompetence. #VOTE2020!!

  25. Red States partying because their dear leader said this is a hoax. They are going to pay dearly while their rich Republican Congresspeople get first-class healthcare and hospitalization.

  26. Our dear leader is offended by non tRump voters. Be nice to our dear leader and vote Putin tRump 2020. Grab them by the pussycat.

  27. Trump kills people without remorse, his own people/citizens, because he is a sociopathic liar and con artist.

  28. Hi US can return to normal as is evidence from Singapore, HK, Malaysia,Taiwan, S Korea, Japan and China. But we have to isolate stringently and inform police on people having parties, playing on the beach, play games in groups. See
    It may take longer times and adjust regulation according to condition of the spread.

  29. For a week now, Virginia, Maryland, and DC have been coordinating on the DC metropolitan areas as most of Virginia and Maryland cases are in the DC suburbs, so when you look at 400 cases in DC, you need to add more than 500 from each of the two surrounding states to get a view of the problem.

  30. Horrible that Trump was not doing his job like usual His people he hired are no better. He got rid of the people that knew what they are doing.

  31. Funny how people that are dying from natural causes being listed as Corona deaths.. BVut hey.. I'm all good with TRUMP if there is a Anti MSNBCannibal operation underway

  32. People are still traveling outside of New York and allowed to cross state lines, that is a problem since they are not taking the situation seriously and spreading the virus. When you have over 40,000 confirmed cases in New York, you unfortunately need to stop travel all together in order to stop the spread and save people's lives. It's not easy and the situation is getting to that point quickly.

  33. Now this governor totally misused EU/ Italy data in a bizarre uneducated rant a few days ago It’s inappropriate and rude ! Denmark is returning to normal slowly using a very relaxed approach joining NEVER CLOSED DOWN Sweden ! and Norway joining just after Scandinavia’s Easter break ends That’s to totally distance themself from this Very BIZARRE Virus Episode ! Borders remain closed besides the Denmark – Sweden border that’s open because Sweden never closed it !

  34. The hospitals know how important it is to have ventilators handy, even extra ones should one fail. Think of how many patients are going into the hospital and onto ventilators and you wonder why some hospitals are hoarding ventilators

  35. Trump had some ventilators sent to New York, but there was a problem that didn't work. And the mayor there said that's okay we'll fix them. Trump tried to make the mirror in New York mad, but it backfired. Trump is such a failure.

  36. ??‍♀️still no Biden? what happened to Biden?
    the only one with solutions to your Countries madness is Bernie.. be kind keep safe ???☮?

  37. All the Republican attacks on our health care for decades is the Pandemic now

    Donald Trump is just the latest republican attack on humanity and civilization

  38. Don't worry. Connecticut has mostly Republican voters. Donald Trump will make sure you get all the supplies you need! (but screw NY and CA )

  39. News flash, Governor Lamont: The "6' rule" only helps if an infected person coughs or sneezes.
    -But the virus can "live" on any surface, outside of the human body, for up to 14 days. You can get it by touching door handles, or groceries, or your mail! Why the heck do people not realize this?

  40. So as various state governors are struggling to stay ahead of this virus, the Trump administration is having the CDC & FEMA redirect equipment to preferred states loyal to him rather than who needs more urgently.

  41. Reality:
    Here's a graph of the cases over time.
    The U.S. is in deep, deep trouble.

  42. lymes disease was revised up from 30,000 to 300,000 by the C.D.C a while back and believe it still is a far superior threat tothe people yet no lockdown for years in the past of this stealth disease/infection

  43. Hey Gen Info, probably haven't taken their depression meds since Nov. 2016. Meds will not help their condition, but God, but with God comes revelation of truth and surrender. That would be impossible due to the fact that they want to tell to believe or accept their Ideological Philosophy. No agendas, seeking truth. Independent voter, never, EVER. Again vote democrat. David

  44. It's not just Trump's fault. It's every piece of garbage billionaire, Republican, and Democrat who insist on death panel for profit healthcare and destroying the U.S. manufacturing base. These crooks in Congress were trading on inside information rather than preparing America. The lack of seriousness by our crooked leaders is at least partially responsible for the easily influenced dingbats who still gather in large groups.

  45. This what happens when the country neglected Health care system. You care much fighting useless wars to other countries in billions and now you get other wish by thousands of Americans died by this pandemic.

  46. The US has 20% confirmed cases of the worldwide amount of people…..and RISING. That is not a small amount, since it is airborne, rural states might not be as safe as they think. Stay safe people, stay home, confinement is the best to protect not only yourself but mostly others.

  47. Hi I am a former employee of MSNBC, that would not buy into their agenda.

    Don’t believe a single minute of our platform we are the enemy of the people.
    We are trying hard to get our power back!

  48. Maybe Connecticut could have spent some money and time preparing for a crisis like this instead of buckling to the state worker unions and giving all the taxpayers money away. Socialist CT is Bankrupt.

  49. Fighting over ppe deliveries from Asia seems like y'all are fighting about who gets the biggest Trojan horse to potentially make the problem worse.

  50. Front-line workers are devastated, but Trump crows,''My Shows, are highly rated'' Shouts arise among
    Pandemonium, but Trump alone offers phony 'Medicine'…. And then he blames O'bama?! WTF?

  51. China ?? have to apologize to rest of the world for spreading Wuhan Virus…
    WHO(UN) is already taking over by China ??…

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