Councilor Kari Douglas Charged for Breaching Curfew Order – April 8 2020

good afternoon and Vashon brown with the
midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot counselor
for the Trafalgar VIII division Carrie Douglass has been charged for breaching
the curfew order which was imposed to limit the spread of the corona virus the
counselor confirmed that she was last night charged under the Disaster Risk
Management Act and with disorderly conduct the council explains that she
was stopped on her way home after attending to the needs of some
vulnerable persons in her division she said she left the constituency sometime
before 9 o’clock I was pulled over by members of the GPS ordered north of my
vehicles which I complied ah meaning the reason I was on the road and whether or
not I was aware of the curfew I told them I was aware of the curfew however I
was exempt as a councilor of a Municipal Corporation they asked me to provide my
identification I told him that I had my driver’s license on me as identification
he said he did not want to see that he wanted to see a cafe MP issued ID which
I did not have on that sense I told him that it was no secret being a public
elected representative that I was indeed a counsellor and that he could not make
a collar to verify also I received a call from the tone Clark and the mayor
when I call them actually and having done that they tried to also help in
terms of identifying me to no avail meanwhile four persons were arrested in
San Tomas between Monday and last night for failing to comply with a curfew
order the police say a man and a woman were arrested in Hampstead while another
man was arrested in poor man’s corner the fourth individual was arrested in
yellow square several other persons were warned for prosecution and the prime
minister Andrew Holness has announced that the government will extend the
current island-wide nightly curfew other measures to address the kovat 19
pandemic including work from home closures of the islands borders and
others will also be extended in accordance with the relevant orders now
the prime minister will give details the measures during an update to the
nation later today head of the Mona geo-informatics
Institute at the University of the West Indies Moana campus dr. Paris Li ye says
communities in Kingston are more susceptible to the transmission of kovat
19 he was speaking at a virtual special select committee meeting on Tuesday the
details in this report director of the Moana geo-informatics Institute at the
University of the West Indies dr. Paris vo I II disclosed that communities
located below halfway tree are more at risk to the spread of The Cove in
nineteen in the country dr. Leo I II alongside Howard Mitchell and Gordon
Shirley conducted a risk analysis study which revealed that there are more than
40 vulnerable communities in Kingston most below half of entry and that tells
us that these are the most at-risk areas in Jamaica in Kingston as for
communities outside of the Kingston metropolitan region the study revealed
that Port Antonio Spanish stone and Montego Bay are hotspot areas
Westmoreland and Saint Elizabeth were found to have some vulnerable
communities however according to the study the distribution of vulnerable
groups are on even vulnerable groups are people with underlying health issues
seventy-five years and over and persons with little disposable income dr. Lior
IE noted that it is difficult to implement physical distancing quarantine
and curfews in urban areas he explained that areas with high population density
would increase the likelihood of Cove in nineteen and when we begin to combine population population densities looking
at poverty condition looking at the only age concentration looking at diabetic
hypertensive we begin to see very interesting patterns no book may have
certain a high level of of a proportion of all people and medical inhabitants
but it doesn’t have a very highly dense population and it does not
she doesn’t have a very high level of poverty so the common little risk in
those areas are different from other parts of Kingston and other parts of of
Jamaica burns more TVJ news businesses and residents in MAPE and Clarendon are
in the firing line from authorities for failing to observe the physical
distancing measures but while they disobey one Scene a parliamentarian is
ensuring that he takes steps to stay safe more in the support from doing
Anderson an order has been in place since March 25 for Jamaicans 75 and
older to stay home the measure was put in place by the government to prevent
senior citizens from contracting kovat 19 there were exemptions including for
politicians but questions remain about how these representatives of the people
would function well at least one of the older politicians and his team have been
taking steps to keep safe Mike Henry the member of parliament for central
Clarendon was noticeably absent from a handover exercise in May pen on Tuesday
it was the second public event of this nature covered by our news team in
recent days in my pen where the 84 year old MP was not among the politicians
present mr. Henry was represented at Tuesday’s event by the younger Joanne
Williams who explained the position of MP during this time it worked some time
from his home in may pen here but of course we as the executive of the
constituency we also are aware of what could happen as it relates to this virus
so indeed we are we tried to make sure that we don’t expose him while those
safeguards have been put in place for the MP the people he represents are not
as careful especially in the parish capital may pain the police and
political Directorate blamed the businesspeople for some of the breaches
especially in failing to get the people to space out we’re still having
challenges with that especially in our Township especially for the tone of knee
pain where we have a number of businesses still going on
the banks and those eras of observe that purse is not maintained in a social
distancing which is a concern for us and we have our Tony enforcement unit that
will go through from time to time to try remind the citizens that it’s important
at this time that they do so on here no I’m disappointed with the banks I’m
expecting that the banks should be one institution not be able to manage this
this this situation and a better way I’m not I’m not happy with what I’m seeing
at low assess those institution they were speaking Tuesday following the
handover of five million dollars worth of goods to the police and hospitals but
the map and business community do in Anderson TVJ news at least one group is
requiring special attention from the government in the fight against the
covert 19 pandemic craft vendors say some persons within the sector are not
paying taxes hence they fall outside the bracket for financial help for the
sector but finance minister dr. Nigel Clark says there will be some special
requests which will be granted he made the announcement this morning during TV
Jay’s smile Jamaica we’re providing for the people who are
selling in the market and remember what the program is focused on uh are the
vulnerable the people at the bottom of the income scale so the prof end is at a
different level of income from the crafts producer okay
and so our first intervention is at the person in the market the person who is
at the bottom of the earning scale and we are providing an intervention for
them once we’ve done that we can look and say alright you know look at the
producer yes we have something for the small business who is registered and who
is paying taxes and if the craft would use our falls in that category then they
can they can apply to the small business grant but otherwise we’re focused at the
persons who are at the bottom of the income scale that’s what we have to do
at this time to provide a cushion for those who are less likely to have the
resources saved and and that sort of but that’s not to say that the person who
was asked this question we won’t be able to find something for them but allow us
to deal with the hundreds of thousands first dr. Clark also maintains that the
financial downturn during being experienced across most sectors due to
the kovat nineteen pandemic will be temporary he says the government is
ensuring that the country is in a position to make a quick recovery in the
meantime dr. Clark says jamaicans will be able to apply under the covert
nineteen a location of resources for employees care program for benefits when
the website goes live online tomorrow now the website is for
midday news but we’ll be right back please stay with us welcome back continuing the news now in
less than three months the same Catherine ponal instead we’ll have a
drop-in center to help cater to the many homeless persons especially those who
are mentally challenged councilor Herbert Greeks says after much lobbying
the Municipal Corporation has finally donated lands to host over 200 people
living on the streets of the city the nurses quarters behind what used to be a
thriving linstedt hospital are being rehabilitated to house the drop-in
center he says having a formal establishment for the homeless will
encourage more persons to help to feed and give other assistance to this often
overlooked group of people they will come here
when the building is finished to get medication and of course to be fed so
what I hopefully in a while more for mentally challenged people go back to
normal life and the building will have like two rooms one for me one for female
that overnight you’ll have a doctor’s office it will
have two bathrooms are three bathrooms one per star went from you and the
female if I work a recreational area concerns are being raised about the lack
of physical distancing among Jamaicans when waiting outside business
establishments nor newsteam visited several locations across the island on
Monday where we observed a common sight large gatherings and no physical
distancing the government recommended that all citizens remain at least three
feet apart but as we observed no one was following those guidelines while the tax
office in Port Antonio Portland had a queue persons were still tightly lined
up to collect path benefits even the elderly and at this ncb ABM next door
there was no orderly conduct the similar site outside the NCP financial
institution we have four cases on when together that means the value that we
are for more the line of something never lands of
Ramadi now eventually the police showed up so
are you guys we’re up here and see we’re doing up here until the time you’ll be
real then you can come so in for a wonderful tale of a weirdo
here we can’t do it now we also visited yellow since in
Thomas this was the crowd outside the post office and at the crossroads a tax
office in Santander a similar site however there was one location we
observed some persons practicing physical distancing this was the line
outside the post office in st. Elizabeth although persons persons hands were
sanitized before they were allowed entry and some people were observed wearing
masks and gloves the large crowds are observing are raising concerns about the
health and safety of citizens questions this afternoon about whether the
opposition leader dr. Peter Phillips should have released information about
his medical status in a release yesterday it was revealed that dr.
Phillips has been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer the revelation by dr.
Philips has ignited discussion about whether this information should have
been made public at least one member of academia believes the public had a right
to know assistant lecturer of public policy at
the University of the West Indies Moana campus Damian Gordon argues that the
post of opposition leader requires public involvement to a certain level
the public should because the opposition is very important to the balance of
power you know II dr. Peter Phyllis is a Lommy kai is a member of parliament
yes serving several ministerial capacities is currently the leader of
the army parliamentary opposition is also the president of the People’s
National Party therefore II assumes very important public function and as such I
think it is imperative to know that people to know that your public servants
are to know what of these developments that can impact the ability or capacity
of your public servants to properly discharge your duties on to other news
now the Kingston West Police have carried
out raids in downtown Kingston targeting persons behind the recent
flare-up of violence in the division three persons have been killed and
several others injured sunday as gunman traded bullets the
latest victim is 47 year old Morris McPherson a resident of Rosaleen mr.
McPherson was fatally shot in the community on Monday head of the Kingston
West Police Superintendent Leighton gray told our new center that the violence
stemmed from a gang feud he said since Sunday there have been reprisal attacks
in several communities including Oxford Street Rosaleen chestnut lane and West
Street superintendent – gray said the police have increased foot and mobile
patrols and conducted raids in the communities a murder suspect was
arrested on Monday following a shootout between the police and gunmen on pink
lane in Denham town actress Lloyd Kelly Miller died this morning she was born
October 1917 mrs. Kelly Miller was a close friend of Lewis Bennett Covelli
she also lived in Gordon tone sent Andrew Lloyd Kelly Miller appeared in
several pantomimes and other plays she was also a former piano teacher in her
70s she appeared in the movie meet Joe Black
Lloyd Kelly Miller was 102 years old and here’s a preview of what’s coming up in
this evenings health report in the next edition of the health report we look at
how persons should sanitize their hands properly especially during the school
with 19 pandemic ideally it would be better if you maybe like the ladies and
have your little stash of tissues or hand towels paper towels and then as you
use one it is better to discard because the more times that you use it the
wetter it is and the more chance that as you sneeze or cough into it you’re
actually forcing droplets out of it so it’s better to not reuse or store used
contaminated items that’s the health report this evening in primetime news
and to know for today’s healthy living tip squirt some sanitizer into the palm
of one hand and rub hands together and thoroughly rub sanitizer into both hands
let hands air-dry don’t wipe them and use a
sanitizer even when your hands are not visibly dirty such as when you have
sneezed or coughed or you have been near a sick person and the pandava sports for
the first time in its 37 year history the World Athletics Championships will
be held before August as organizers of the 2022 edition in the United States
have agreed to stage the event three weeks earlier than planned to avoid a
clash with the Birmingham Commonwealth Games the championships in Eugene Oregon
had already been pushed back a year after the postponement of the summer’s
Tokyo 2020 Olympics to 2021 because of the corona virus pandemic after a week
of negotiations a compromise has been and that’s the midday news on Vashon
bran don’t forget to join us at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the
new sports and production teams have a wonderful actor

84 Replies to “Councilor Kari Douglas Charged for Breaching Curfew Order – April 8 2020”

  1. Mrs Douglas u r subjected under the same law u break the law u pay a penalty and also a fine in the amount of figures I can't bring fourth forward but have to pay your fine also counselor u r an example u must carry them out peace .

  2. Breaching the curfew yo know what people don't learn from other people they try to create there own well you of to pay to learn so that's w g at happen oh my

  3. Kari, you are just like every other citizen. being Counselor of a Municipal Corporation ,is just your job it does not exempt you from adhering to the laws and regulations set in place, Now lets see which corrupted official will give you a pass. Corona does not care your class, race, economic status or gender (ie. Elephant Man). Use your head.

  4. Be afraid of the one that Kill Corna (JESUS)

    His heart is as firm as a stone; yea, as hard as a piece of the nether millstone. When he raiseth up himself, the mighty are afraid: by reason of breakings they purify themselves. The sword of him that layeth at him cannot hold: the spear, the dart, nor the habergeon. He esteemeth iron as straw, and brass as rotten wood.

    Job 41:24‭-‬27


  5. There are people who are indeed exempt do I'm not sure why commentators don't think before they type. Hopefully she has her necessary paperwork to prove same.

  6. I can bet any money that the charge,or Keri the former PNP councillor, and switch to the JLP party government. That the charge is going to drop, and they are going to transfer the police officers them. Because the lady said she showed them her driver license, and the mayor of K.S.A.C called to identified her.
    I am a comrade, and although she switched to the JLP party government. I strongly believe that the police officers should not arrested her at all. Knowing that she is a public official,the officer incharged of the team should warned her for prosecution. Or just send her home, because after the mayor and other government officials called to identified her.
    The police officers should have warned her,and send her home. Because she is the councillor for the constituency, in any case. The police officers in any circumstances, should always give a person a warning.Before you arrested them if there is no offense committed by the individual. If you give the individual or the group to leave the area,and they refused to leave. On the 3rd warning, then you either arrested the person or warned him for prosecution. But as I said before,I don't believe that they should really arrested the councillor for the constituency for that at all. The only way they should have arrested that lady, unless she failed to complies with the order of the police officers. Anything away from that, she should released from the detention of the police officers.
    I know that some people is going to say she is not above the law, but I really don't see anything that she did wrong there to be arrested for.

  7. She's not exempt from the law! What goes for one goes for all.. Big up the police officers for enforcing the law.

  8. before i comment let me make myself clear i don't like thief i personally feel it at the hands of thieves several times but today i saw a video that make my blood run cold . it seems some ppl catch a thief breaking in a shop i after they tied him up i heard a woman say holness say this and that but tell holness we a kill him yah suh and he was indeed butchered . the actual video was not shown but the audio was clear,r this was on youtube when the young man run off his mouth the other night while he was supposed to be under curfew the police track him down in no time , i am waiting to see what they are going to do about this woman who openly confess to murder live on the internet . it seems the police and the pm only have strength for curfew breakers . i think this incident occurred in Lilliput i don't quite remember but it happened Saturday morning in full view of the entire community .

  9. protocol is protocol. exempt? why would she? How many person can identify all politicians without proper identification? it's time these people understands that they are not above the law and stop taking things for granted. disgusted with their behaviours.

  10. Well she can now left the JLP & bk 2 PNP cause her attitude seems she doesn't comply with rules cause she is untouchable & when she cant get her own way she jump from party 2 party

  11. Leave people personal information alone. Some of us love mes with another and we are way worse than others.

  12. Seems this woman has a problem behaving in an orderly manner! Wasn't she the person who had the stand off with the doctor at Bustamante Children's Hospital? I don't believe we need leaders who can't set a good example!

  13. Just another asshole public figure who thinks they above the law, she knew exactly whats taking place but just wanted to push her little power

  14. Now this councilor lady is really out of Order.The curfew was put in effect over a week now , hence she should travel with all her proper ID at all time especially if she is going to be on the road after the curfew time pass. She should be treated like everyone else since she is not above the law.

  15. I Looove my Jamaican people but why some of them think them above the law,please people do the right thing

  16. Mi like that the police dem nuh Care who u r…arreste r yes. Just like any other citizen. Cudda even Andrew lock up him baxide

  17. Calm down ppl,nobody is above the law but she's a part of the few which are exempt from curfew restrictions.

  18. Counselor, Judge, Politican, the rules still apply for all Jamaican citizens. No one should get special treatment.

  19. What was she doing at Night that couldn't be done in the daylight. She should have known better, she should be charged.

  20. A remember the days when i use to tell police that i left my drivers license at home, that time poor me never even own a license in JA.
    If need id to identify u, bring it with u…but the police need to use their brains at the same time

  21. How can the government manage this covid 19 when it's business as usual in the day⁉️ Andrew u need to lock down, everyone tan a dem yard for a month quarantine, then u will find out who r the affected cases that enter the country without declaring where they're from… instead they're going to n fro contaminating other ppl with selfishness. U can also find the gunmen that way also…ppl stock up on imperishable goods‼️

  22. She did not have I.D to prove her exemption so for her to be detained is fine…but if she can produce the identification in question there is no need for further charge.

  23. Peter Phillips have stage 3 colon cancer..damn!! That's a 40% chance of survival. I hope him can pull thru. God bless y'all for helping the homeless. Truly it is commendable.

  24. She was in the pnp party went to hospital and behave badly. Now she is in the jlp party same bad behaviour. Rule is rule

  25. She should have known better and spoke with the police before she leave out, since she could not have shown proof she was arrested the poor police wasn't sure she wasn't lying what if she was she would laugh all the way home so next time carry your credentials with you. Cant blame the JCF & JDF for doing what they are paid to do. CONGRATS TO THEM.

  26. If you watched the news out of Jamaica, you will the politicians is still not obeying the laws at all. The are not practice the distance between the other person, they are bungling up in parliament. Also I have not seeing none of wearing any kind of masks, I watched the video and. I don't seeing any of them wearing any masks at all, so why they are not complying to the laws too. Because they can spreading the Coronavius disease epidemic amongst themselves, and to their families too, and people into their constituency too.

  27. Problematic much….. isn't this the second time she is in the new for some BS…. either she has no sense or she is in the wrong line of work and is thinks she is above the Jamaican laws.

  28. Laws is for some citizens come on ship and of to turn back.and plane come with strangers and there're welcome.

  29. Councillor or not, dont mess with the law,who do you think you are,?you should have caught the virus, then come with your excuse.

  30. A 84 yr old politician , wow Jamaica is a strange place, him too old fi serve his people why dont you hand over the job to younger minds.
    Oh job security I guess.
    Eat a food culture.

  31. The law goes for everybody, if I was stop and say am I firefighter and didn't have my identification they would not wait till I can make call to prove it, nope, they would charge me, the law is for everybody

  32. Come on! This is stupidly. She had a valid reason to be out past the curfew time. Further, she explained that those community persons were vulnerable. I’ve never voted and will NEVER. This doesn’t make sense. What if her presence there could have saved a life. This cut me to the core. Kmdt

  33. The councilor probably was coming from a Chinese restaurants, Jamaican like fi Nwam foreign food claiming that it is good because it come from foreign.

  34. The doctor is a dum ass covid-19 don’t discrimination bass on economic most uptown people have visa and travel a lot all they do is listen to USA news and repeat what they here they were people in downtown selling mask ? but our copycat leaders telling people not to were them when Asia encourages it

  35. Don't even wanna hear what she's saying cause with her track record I know, everybody know that she lying

  36. This Coronavirus troubles everyone, rich man ,poor man, beggars and thief, so everyone should listen, if the people in high places don’t listen, how you expect the little man to.

  37. Damion Gordon you too nuff! It isn’t affecting his brain and he’s probably functioning better than someone with the common cold. He could be treating himself outside of govt’s time too. Too invasive! Aka fassss!

  38. As much as this is a public platform, one would expect that people would be able to follow a simple news clip and understand the arguments. Responding to some comments is a waste of time. No one is saying she is above the law. She provided an ID. The police wanted her to prove that she is a councilor. She didn’t have that ID. She suggested ways to identify her status, ain’t nothing wrong with that. I don’t walk around with my ‘status ‘ ID. I walk with my license. The issue is , she claimed she was assisting the vulnerable. That can be found out. Almost everyone is ignoring that. All we are focusing on is the name Kari and her status. Jamaicans are the best! ???????? SMH. I MISS Jamaica, but not the politics that’s associated with everything. That’s why I willllll never vote. Makes no sense to ME.

  39. When the police do dem job dem hired to do dem get push back from so-called upper class ppl in ?? it’s like they expect only poor ppl must be held n charged by the police? How double standard?

  40. Police state sorry but I dont belive this epademic look out for 5G yall god Gun get All de wicked one luv My carribean People

  41. Bro every one have the same life every one of them need money a the same time,every one have family smh, you have more people outside sell more and inside so you need to look out for every one a the same time

  42. She's no excuse where's her work ID she should've on her person her attitude stinks kick her out of her position she's not above the law what goes for the goose must goes for the gander,next if she did get let off the hook she is going to do worse.

  43. Stop taking things from the Chinese ????. You all going to sick. Check out what is going on to black now now to day has I text you this. The kick out most Black people on the road, and say that they have covid19. No lie. Even a pregnant black woman, their did not let her in the hospital. A black man with a white wife. They tell the white female they will take out her house from her husband and put him in Quarantine. When he is not sick. I will post the link to China being racist to black people now in China

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