100 Replies to “COVID-19 update: Trudeau says benefits could be deposited within 3 to 5 days of applying”

  1. wonder what reasons could explain why the pandemic has hit Germany, Southern California, Western Canada, etc so much more mildly. Germany and Western Canada both seem to have wildly different testing styles than each other but also Italy or the US. all 3 regions had very terrible flu seasons recently (while Italy and NY had mild ones). BC and Vancouver also took social distancing early — so much so that doctors in Vancouver noticed a huge decline in its current 'bad' flu season in early February. and also Van is like 35% East Asian and Southeast Asian and they all wear masks since February

    Germany never avoided exponential growth but has had low fatality rate — similar to Western Canada and SoCal — maybe flu related?

    but BC and Vancouver also never ended up getting exponential growth — and has now flattened the curve
    – maybe related to the way it tests WAY more assymptomatic [negative] people that other countries (in an effort to give hospitals and care homes the 'all clear' and control high-risk clusters)
    – or the fact that so many ppl that wore masks and social distanced in early Feb not only stopped COVID-19 exponential growth in March but even stopped a bad nfluenza A and B season in February

    gotta be some common themes between them because western Canada and eastern Canada are sure having difference experiences, as are California and New York, and Germany and Italy

  2. Wake up Canada, Trump and the US government don't care about our situation or any other country.
    You can hear it on their national anthem God Bless America.
    Like if God only Blesses America and not the World. Selfish Yankees and wonder why they're hated around the World That's why I love Canada and wouldn't ever live in the USA if they payed me to.?

  3. Just pay everyone a basic income, while those essentials can keep their earnings on top of the basic income, so simple. Any claw back can be done at tax time, why is this so difficult?

  4. great words from the doctor! we need to take care of our health care workers and all front line workers who risk their lives for us. … all we need to do is stay home. It's not too much to ask!

  5. Should a providence with best results receive an award, this will encourage front liners to reach a goal which will also inspire.

  6. "…it's absolutely essential that people get the essential medications that they need…"
    Seriously? What the hell was that dose of word salad? Is that a joke?

  7. "Mask n Work" for Canada. Don't let the cure worst than the disease.
    No one likes to do it, but we all need a paycheck to survive, don't we?
    The "Team" has to speak in scientific terms, the public just use common sense.
    It may be wise for the "Team" to release more "contact tracing" information keeping personal privacy in mind. The purpose for doing this, is to ease public anxiety, so the public would know where the problems are, and co-operate with the government.

  8. If you did your 2018 taxes and get a GST check you will get double your annual amount on April 9th .no application necessary ,it will be deposited in your account or mailed.

  9. Mr Trudeau needs to cut off the 3000 nurses from Windsor Canada to Coronavirus hot Spot Detroit Michigan because we are getting infected here in Windsor. Don’t help a hateful troll like Trump Mr Trudeau when he just stabbed Canada in the back??

  10. Temporary foreign workers for farming work? WE HAVE A LOT OF LAZY PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY. Get all the deadbeats on welfare on the farms!

  11. "Stay home if your sick" OK. Can we contact Germany about the test kits they are using to have people submit samples from home? They are testing 500 000 a week and have highest infection rate yet lowest fatality rate. Germany is in far worse economic condition as well with all the economic migrants, yet still have public testing underway. Has Canadian Tire donated anything yet they have some PPE for sale.

  12. Can anyone advise on what we do as we watch neighbours use this time to party and have BBQs with multiple people on their balconies? Yesterday driving by the Surrey golf course, it was packed with golfers? Honestly, I just don't get it, and it's infuriating. Why are there not community officers patroling or a hotline to report those who blatantly refuse to abide by the protocol in place?

  13. if trudeau and his globalist masters had not sent our manufacturing and all the good paying jobs with it overseas maybe canada and the u.s could have the ability to tackle these shortages on their own. globalism is counterproductive.

  14. Not a word that the virus is cured by
    Ivermectin that kills hiv, stars, Mars and breathing parasites like corona.

  15. This is annoying. Another day of Trudeau NOT directly answering question. Hes just spewing out a salad of words that has no meaning behind them. "we recognize" can be used after any question because you can literally recognize anything after hearing the question…. politicians are so deceiving. Give us numbers and give us FACTS!!

  16. We have become to damn lazy and complacent. There are lots of skilled Canadians here. But our P.M. was not prepared. U heard this was a pandemic. The first thing u should have done was to make sure u have medical supplies
    Up to now no Lysol or hand sanitizer. Trump can go suck an egg. Wicked Man

  17. Canada needs to hold the CPP accountable for this pandemic yet here we are crying over the US and masks.

  18. Sweet jeebus its a mask not rocket science. Lets get this rolling. Lets build up our manufacturing sector to get people back to work and our economy going once this is over

  19. Grocery store workers should get a top up comparable to the what the people sitting a home get, call it danger pay.

  20. If we didn't have such a weak PM who wasted our money up until now it might have helped. PPC party with Max needs to be involved. Why can't Canadians vote with their brains.

  21. Just wondering does this package for students who are graduating this April?
    I did have a 1 year internship from 2018 to 2019 (which on the tax form even states how much EI i will be getting). So i am wondering if this package would work for someone like myself after i graduate by the end of this April?
    Comments will be appreciated!

  22. Unequal rights is what caused war !! . Undeveloped countrys . Melnutrition . . Sickness .. poverty … We need stop this game of monopoly . An make all one

  23. Prepare for the new world order an a economy no human has ever seen this is not just a matter of a virus anymore .

  24. Why did they tell us over and over again that masks would made no difference and now they are saying masks make a difference, why is no one speaking out on behave of this direction. This is crazy we are getting too much information and there is no clarity.

  25. It's time for the new world order an economy no human has ever seen before this isn't just a matter on a virus

  26. We all know they are telling us everything but the TRUTH. In addition to the points in the guideline that do make sense, take your fate within your hands and act responsibly for yourself, your loved ones and everybody else. And the MOST important part of our everyday updates, let’s prioritize PRAYER.

    God guide and protect us and defeat all who do not care for MANKIND.

    Be blessed.

  27. If no EI a month I'm starting working in grocery store Booming full time since my other two jobs Lost Due to 19 Full time work looking for people .Lost of incomes .Three weeks loss pay .need $2000 Get my bills paid. Already applied EI .

  28. Mr. President Trump please come down from dream land ……Mr. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, please stand up tall to defend Canadians interest…. Regarding M3 mask there are a lot of choices…… What remains is the attitude of our neighbour to the south {friends} God bless all …….

  29. Put on a tie man… you're addressing an entire country not making a toast at a dinner… oh wait you'd probably wear a tie for that too… Even that giant "Crapsquatch" Trump dresses for for his press briefings.

  30. The lives saved from the legalization of cannabis from the pandemic may well be in the millions. Thank You Mr. P.M. !!!!!

  31. Undeniable solid facts about coronavirus:
    1. You can’t leave the house, but if necessary, you can.
    2. Masks help but might not help, although must be worn.
    3. Shops are closed, but they are opened if necessary.
    4. It’s useless to go to hospitals with this, but you must go.
    5. This virus is deadly, but not so not scary by the way, it's like a flu.
    6. Gloves do not help, but must be worn.
    7. Everyone stays at home, but everyone walks.
    8. Lots of food available, but someone is always missing this food.
    9. The virus does not affect children, but children are in danger.
    10. There is not enough equipment, but enough equipment.
    11. There are many symptoms you are sick, but you can get sick without symptoms.
    12. In order not to get sick, you need to exercise, but you can’t go to gyms.
    13. Everyone is off work, but if you're a contractor or a builder, it's okay.
    14. You can't go and visit your elderly relatives, but sure as hell they can call a cab.
    15. Virus is active 2, no, 3, no 5 or even longer, now 17 days outside on a wet surface. But wait, the surface can be absolutely dry.
    You're welcome to add more!

  32. Trump live minutes ago, made a statement about the Governor of New York in Hospital with the virus… when Trump brought this up from his notes… he introduced to the Press as: Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Further along, he made the correct title as Governor Boris Johnson. Hmm… seems he had our Prime Minister Trudeau on his mind, hey. Also now 3000 plus Military are going into the field and in an action, he reveal that has never been seen before. This needs to be noted and see what transpires, in terms of Marshal Law.

  33. Trump live minutes ago, made a statement about the Governor of New York in Hospital with the virus… when Trump brought this up from his notes… he introduced to the Press as: Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Further along, he made the correct title as Governor Boris Johnson. Hmm… seems he had our Prime Minister Trudeau on his mind, hey. Also now 3000 plus Military are going into the field and in an action, he reveal that has never been seen before. This needs to be noted and see what transpires, in terms of Marshal Law.

  34. Boycott the Winter Olympics in Beijing! Make them pay for giving the world the Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic and lying about it!

  35. We should support every single Canadian ! Companies , Employees! Everything because all that comes back to us. No more relying on other ! What a shame.

  36. I am so pleased that the subject of food production has been brought up.

    We must, must, increase food production. We can produce more grain, we have to think of ourselves and others in the world.

    Many will need food, they don't have the automation and equipment like we do to produce enough given the slowdown during COVID 19!

    We can help feed people, the world will need it.

    Good job Canada.

    And I am certain US-Trump will reconsider his position in regards to trade of medical supplies with Canada. It's a difficult time, we will be understanding and will bring about good results. Canada, US and Mexico must aid eachother, we must coordinate supply production and trade to ensure a good current outcome. And to ensure economic stabilization after this very difficult and unfortunate situation.

    We must also aid Israel.

    This a basic must to ensure we preserve and prosper.

  37. Here In USA They Keep Saying 2 Week…Websites Crashing…Cant Get Thru On Phone….State Governors Dont Care….They Just Blame Trump With Their Hands Out…

  38. Maybe if Trudeau would allow Canada to be self sufficient, we wouldn't have to blame another Country for our shortages.

  39. Please do something about car insurace or insurance on work truck. Its too high and they ripping people off while there's no traffic or business.

  40. I was laid off but not getting EI because I only worked 400 hours they didn’t consider that I just started this job in December, what do I do for an income ?

  41. To bad we don't have a Canada First president….. Trump was on to something and has brought lots of manufacturing back…. Next is Big Pharma.

  42. OK enough is enough. Liberals need to go away and let the adults handle this. So sad watching this kid "leading" us in these times


  44. Blue Jeans. Reminds me of Debaters when someone said so well and funny, "he looked great only we know he's got a Hacky Sac in his pocket" Thank God Harper's gone Eh, everybody!

  45. What about people who don't qualify for anything offered so far? I lost my job but can't prove it. I don't have a mortgage to push off, I dont have student loan to defer payments either, I don't have employees so no wage subsidies, I'm not youth and I'm not elder. I'm just an average person. And I don't get anything at all when people are getting 8000$+ some can get 40 000$ loans. I don't get anything at all! How am I going to survive? I don't even know how I will make it through this month?! :'(

  46. WTH is going on?????? Right now I'm watching CBC National News and there's 2 doctors, side by side, 1 says to wear a mask outside, the other says that she does not recommend wearing a mask outside????? WTH ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE?????? UNFREAKING BELIEVABLE!!!!!!

  47. Pandemic and economic crisis …. tredeau “raises for everyone in my cabinet” . What an utter disgrace and terrible excuse for a human being !

  48. Thank you Sweden for fighting back against This Nonsense .As A Lutheran Like Most Swedes We will Celebrateing This Weekend When Jesus Won

  49. Employers should raise the wages for the employees who are bringing in less than than $2,000 per month. Raise it to even slightly higher than the emergency fund for this time period showing appreciation to them for working through this historical crisis.

  50. I have zero confidence in our pathetic drama teacher PM. This lost little boy was in way over his head before the pandemic began, now he has no idea. I sometimes wonder who is really running the country, because it aint him.

  51. Hey! Why doesn't Owen Wilson get his manufacturing companies to start making masks? America had to do it. So what is this? You want to sit on your icy butts and expect delivery service? Unbelievable.

  52. No matter what the government does with funding, there will be issues that we all will come across, as well as hoops that we have to jump through. This situation affects absolutely everyone, whether they are working or not, whether they are employed workers or self-employed workers or students or retired people, whether they are employed or on welfare or on disability. The one and only way to deal with this is to give every single person $2000/month, regardless of whether they are a citizen or they are on a student visa or a work visa. Everyone still has to eat and everyone still needs to live somewhere. Give it to everyone and tax us all later accordingly. If there are those who choose to opt out of it because they don't need it, then that would be their choice. If not, people are going to fall through the cracks of the system, which will lead to bankruptcies and perhaps even crime. It will only be a matter of time before a revolt occurs as well. So, take care of the population in a way that is productive for each and everyone of us. It will cost much less in the long run.

    And for those who are working on the front lines (more or less without any choice in the matter), they should be paid a premium above and beyond their regular salaries by the government so as to compensate them for the additional risk they take to provide the rest of us with our basic necessities. THEY TOO NEED THEIR BASIC NECESSITIES. Thank you

  53. Please please please help the Canadians who were counting on work that has now fallen through, those who were actively trying to find work and now cannot, and the students. I personally only fit certain criteria such as having made 5K for 2019, filed my taxes for this, and currently am stuck with no income because of covid 19 making gaining a job in my field surprisingly difficult. We need help too as we have children, rent and other bills to pay as well like everyone else. I find there are many gaps unfilled with CERB and it's really frustrating. Covid is affecting everyone.

  54. I can already see thousands of people counting down the mins to midnight! I wonder if the server will crash?

  55. Our prime minister has way more integrity than Donald Trump. I don't think I could keep my cool. I want to retaliate so bad.

  56. Not easy for JT to deal with the gong show presently in the White House.
    I applaud him for choosing his words carefully and not enflamming the situation.
    I believe he understands that speaking directly with Trump (a narcissistic man-child), is probably not the best move to be made at this point. Best let the other levels of gov't make the points that are obvious.
    JT is learning fast … Kudos.

  57. 3M Vanderbilt masks were costing us $7 per mask! China masks were likely the ones we initially sent them & are buying them back. Who knows it there contaminated now. We need to make our own.

  58. Canada is much more liberal than U.S. Unfortunately she has not the muscle to negotiate a fair deal with the States for the Canadians. Its my way or no way!

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