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THE BOSS OF BITCOIN!! Yo Check check What’s up everybody I’m just getting a couple of these background programs closed Looks good Can you guys hear my voice, okay? How’s the leg looks pretty good Yeah, I’m gonna start trying to jump on here first thing in the morning Knock out knock out our Triton challenge in the morning, and then I think our evening will be more like market-specific kind of you know Real pun Current Macro right yeah, I like that morning is micro evening with macro Voice is fresh looking fresh American dream. That’s Funny you guys are funny Got it cool It’s early you guys know I’ve been up for two hours though working on these charts Make good money. I met I had a Transfer some money onto this uh Account this hit BTC account, and I saw Z cash down at point-o for 8:00 last night And I was watching a movie with my girl. I’ve been on the charts all day all you know it’s sixteen hours This was literally one of the morning, and she was like what are you doing? And I’m like nothing then I closed my computer didn’t buy Z cash at 0.048 But sometimes you know But that’s the thing like it’s always a swing somewhere so as long as like we’re on top of the charts And we know what’s happening. You know I could have made 8% overnight or I could make 12% in three days It’s all relative It’s gonna happen anyway que sera sera I Don’t like to stay up to date Oh Maybe nobody’s talking Alright alright cool, so this will be a relatively quick video the morning videos will be quick that evening videos will be more when I Jump on give time for people to get on you know cuz to be honest. It’s the old 5 a.m. In California, and that’s like our biggest market But when California wakes up? This will be one of the first videos they see So I just wanted to try it right so that being said We don’t have to worry about it countdown or anything like that If you have any charts and this will also be a time for people to jump along because you can see it’s like only a couple dozen people in the air So if you got a chart I can do one or two charts real quick before we get started It’s just gonna be a quick video quick trade Nice set of us see happening in the market Trying to think How do you cash out BK What do you mean like so Bitcoin? I? Sell Bitcoin on big quick and it connects straight to my bank account so you know I Send the Bitcoin tool Wallet on bit quick escrow wallet somebody buys it and I get cash on my bank account probably like four hours three hours Good morning everybody safe XA fact safe X everybody’s talking about that It’s probably just on a little little bump like there You know it hasn’t done anything in three months, so it’s probably just a natural part of Its cycle and it just so happened to happen on a date it the entire market was raised so now everybody’s talking about it I think this one’s interesting – naughty girl. I made a lot of money with this back in a day But it hasn’t done much of nothing lately and Natyam Bella naughty girl and Bella This was a last year’s last summer Naughty and Bella was like running a game last summer Oh Look at this see the beautiful thing about training you – is it like saves your charts So I don’t have to like go back and do every single chart every single time so yeah, okay, I Need to like start putting a date, and I drew this thing good like drawn much second So then I can like go back a corner or I’ll just start putting a time stamp Yeah, I’m gonna start doing that putting like a purple line when I draw it Yeah, knock dev is dead, but they still have an economy When one guy does not control the economy I can assure you that Then he’s been dead for like a year so people die it happens So this looks this looks like a good one Know what’s gonna happen, and I guess somebody else asks me about this a while ago But what’s gonna happen here as you see we had a huge? Breakout right we went all the way up there came back down all the way right here We need to consolidate inside that money though if we want to continue that hasn’t happened yet, so that’s why Essentially we broke out, but we’re also going to settle down in that orange zone Because that’s what’s natural to the chart So don’t expect But you can see the growth rate alone right, that’s gonna take some time for us to get there We probably won’t get there to like the middle of October so Don’t expect this thing to shoot back up here Before that orange line goes flat Inside that orange zone right now once that orange line goes flat inside that on zone, then we’re in the money zone Then we do bam bam bam bam Bam something like that right, but we can’t do that until the horns line gives us clearance and that money zone Um Chris sometimes what I noticed what training view is I’m on there a lot, so it’s always sinking right But if I do like a really really good chart what I like about it is you can like save Whatever chart you’re on right Because I have like no joke like 30 charts. You know from the past year uncle uncle snoop secret sauce That’s that’s that the dizzle right there. That’s that stuff That’s what I was just learning the chart. This is like a litecoin chart. I do let’s look at this one This is a light point that remember the other day I was talking about I drew a chart in 3d before I got to get this video out the way to This was a chart. I think so we’ll look at this real quick And then we’ll get started It wasn’t I gotta go back and see those light blonde started. Yeah, this was the beginning of it You can see I was using all of this other Stuff back, then you don’t really need it, but I was trying to figure out how it worked so I’ll go back in its one chart. I drew a light coin there. We’re no joke you can see them like three four dimensions it’s pretty cool as Long as bitcoin as long as the seven is under seventy seven we are going down. That’s it it has to happen so Plot two moving averages 777 figure out which ones on top and that’s the direction we’re going in Alright so okay, baby. We get meeting in early early B let me close this door month obviously Um I got a new little intro to land I’d shortened it up. It’s only like ninety seconds And I got the boss in there left bank So we’ll try that out today see if it works if it doesn’t learn from it we keep it moving But like I said there’s gonna be a quicker video Um it’s really just one coin one chart one trade, and then we’ll keep it moving. I’m carrying my interview with uh Julian assigns tonight And so You know that’ll be more of a macro like I said earlier the structure of these channels is gonna be micro in the morning That’s our chart. You know down ground floor look at the market and then even a macro That’s when we take a step up review Bam Bam Bam. What’s gonna happen tomorrow both and then tomorrow morning? We headed back with another micro But a record – is steel catalyst It’s just that breaking news – dude Let me know I’m gonna play ten seconds or this let me know how it looks Live from that you what to say helping you everyday, this is the boughs and I got the number one website for you to cash in and cash out in cat Money for Bitcoin it’s called big quick dot CEO. There’s a link in the description The number one comment on this video you go to their website you’re gonna see this right here you click on buy and you tell Tell them how much money You want to spend and it will automatically convert that amount in a Bitcoin Ready you let them know how you want to pay for it. You can either do a tech deposit or money transfer through a major Bank right here in the USA you pick what Bank you what and it’s quite convenient to my house How was that quality was that quality good? I’ve sped it up so I’m talking a lot faster. I chopped out some of the parts, but how’s that? But Jonah hit me up on Facebook, and I need to share this video on Facebook Because I cannot send it to you on there. Just send me send me up on Facebook and I can message you turning team on there I Got a reach Ange the file size. I guess it’s too big for some people to download It didn’t have sound Quentin post it’s not a stupid advertisement. It’s a educational video Because I don’t like the boys in blue I don’t trust them so if anyone else anybody is you know it just happens to be big quick is the best method I’ve use but what ever Sound wasn’t do it. Okay fine. Whatever method it. Okay something that means for whatever reason obvious really? Compresses that Oh cuz we’re live stirring okay? Let’s say we learn so no that’s good oh Yeah, so whatever website Anyone knows whatever platform processed portal, you know did it go from cache the crypto without giving away, you know and DNA sequence to the boys in blue Let me know and that’s the message I will communicate to the masses we get 10,000 views a day a million minutes a month watched on this channel It’s more education and information Than it is training Right a lot of these people are just now coming over to crypto so that’s why I show this video every day Because that’s gonna be the first thing they need to do get out of cash get into crypto What’s the best way for them to do that so instead of complaining? Why don’t you be a part of the solution? Regular coffee in the boss Like if people could go to Walmart and Buy a Bitcoin which has money at Walmart and not have to show up what I do you Utility statement a bank account. You know I would say hey no Walmart You know and not get ripped off with twenty thirty percent premium like on local Bitcoin I’ll say hey go to Walmart they send bitcoins at Walmart. No process of beat All right, let’s try this one This is the box and I’ve got the number one website for you to cash in and cash out in cash money for Bitcoin It’s called big quick dot Co There’s a link in the description and it’s in the number one comment on this video you go to their website You’re gonna see this right here if you click on buy And you tell them how much money you want to spend and it will automatically convert that amount in a Bitcoin Once you have that amount ready now you let them know how you want this Into the bank account that they send you once you deposit the money into their account they send you the Bitcoin Notice that. There is a two percent beat this morning when I said five hundred dollars. They charged me ten Dollars to send it, but that’s not bad at all in crypto landing, so you click on next right there after it’s confirmed And they’ll send you an email and notice this is tad. How’s the quality on that one? As only you guys don’t go online and try Eight every day to quit that CEO There’s a link in the description and it’s in the number one comment on this video you go to their website You’re gonna see this right here You click on buy, and you tell them how much money you want to spend and it will automatically convert that amount in a big Yeah, I don’t know why it’s doing that it needs to run and you’re right It needs to run through the platform Yeah, I’ll fix the audio I know – Chris it meets It’s it’s that’s because it is playing through the speakers, but it the software should be able to hear it Before the speakers do so it’s weird But I’ll fix the sound again what I just you know I wish I had more hands, and I got a meeting starting right now – so there’s that but I already emailed a guy um Let’s go, so we got this got this let me share this video That’s cool Solo in the fast lane thinking about billions, I sound like a rap song on your left it sound like a line from Kanye West What’s going on miss Danielle I’ll do a BTC Update um what day is today? Oh? I’m supposed to do that tonight. I’ll do it tonight me. Well I Am supposed to do it tonight yeah, but Yeah, I’ll do it tonight Cuz uh, I’m still gonna chop that Chilean video Good okay question of the day Friday What’s something What are you looking forward to doing this weekend It’s Friday feel good Friday. Let me know what you’re doing to relax what you’re going to enjoy life What are you looking forward for doing this weekend? There you go 130th promo be back in 90 seconds Ready to make some money From the USA hoping you get paid every day This is the bucks and I got the number one website for you to cash in and cash out in cash money for Bitcoin It’s called big quick dot CEO There’s a link in the description and it’s in the number one comment on this video you go to their website You’re gonna see this right here You click on buy And you tell them how much money You want to spend and it will automatically convert that amount in a Bitcoin Once you have that amount ready you let them know how you want to pay for it You can either do a cash deposit or money transfer through a major bank right here in the USA you pick what thank you one? And it’s quite convenient to my house a big thing to note here is you only have three hours to get that cash money into The bank account that they send you once you deposit the money into their account they send you the Bitcoin Notice that. There is a two percent fee this morning when I send $500. They charged me ten Dollars to send it, but that’s not bad at all encrypt a linen so you click on next right there after it’s confirmed And they’ll send you an email And notice this is cash only you guys don’t go online and try to transfer it into a person’s account because it won’t work you Need to go into a bank with cash money and email that they send you they’ll put their name They’ll put a 12 digit account number. They’ll put that holder stake That’s all you need and they will also confirm your bitcoin address where the money will be sent biggest thing to note here is that? You will need to receive the upload link and send them the receipt of the transfer This is what that looks like all you do is you take a picture of? The deposit receipt after you send it you type in that little no refunds for a big quick on Bitcoin boom upload it into that email right there using that link and Congratulations, baby. You are now a part of the money team. This is the vault with another breakthrough website for you guys I hope it helps, and I hope you will be profitable and prosperous in the market. Let’s go like a boss We really need to figure that intro a while, this is so frustrating What the heck So frustrating, I’m gonna crap out this whole little two and a half minutes, but there you go I Just don’t understand what it doesn’t work like that should work. Just fine Lot from the USA helping you So frustrated sound VLC Oh figure it out one of these days Live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the bus a Bitcoin the Cristo of crypto is your boy BK And if you don’t like me you must not like money Thank you for joining us today is September 22nd the market is still choppy But there’s a lot of money to be made and just remember scared money don’t make none, this is your first time tuning in Congratulations, baby. You are now rocking whip done best my name is BK My friends know me as a crypto traitor, and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I’m able to grace this microphone with my voices another day somebody can prop it as a result There is no exception so with that being said we are going to jump straight over into our check For our question of the day every day I do a video is that they somebody got to get paid And it’s Friday everybody. Hopefully the money came in. Hopefully you made some money on this market Hopefully you bought – and you cash it out on – right now cuz – is cash So Be another’s Friday be a little Friday. I just want it. I just want good Hear what you guys are doing so the question that day was what are you looking forward to? This weekend how are you gonna? Enjoy life? You know how you gonna enjoy your town? What’s gonna? Make you smile this weekend, so what do we get? What do we get? There we go let’s go with my man from yellow said watching his six year old soccer thing that’s pretty cool. I Remember Saturday mornings going up playing flag football like eight in the morning just running around not knowing what I was doing So that’s pretty cool as It was pretty cool. Thank you for sharing that thank you everybody you know for sharing. It’s a lot of people you know just talking about hanging out a Barbecue and joining time with the family getting a puppy all I got angry overmare’s that so cool. You know ballet with my daughter That’s so cool. I wish I could pick everybody. This is cool having a birthday party Enjoying the hot weather and lurking the charts It sounds like me Yeah, I’ll enjoy it stuff with you guys. That’s pretty cool if you’re in a facebook group make sure you take a picture and post it whatever you’re doing to enjoy the week like take a picture and Post it to the group like it’s important that people get away from This screen you know and get out and enjoy life. That’s why we do this you know So we don’t have to you know do everything else. It’s like this is only so much We do it for what’s out there living being free Spending time our family and people we care about so thank you for sharing it What I’m gonna do right now is I am going to post your name in our Facebook group man from yellow and Probably you’ll probably just have to take a screenshot of your YouTube so I know it’s you but message me on Facebook Send me your Bitcoin wallet, and I’m gonna say Bitcoin went up today Thank you so much For your contribution. Thank you for being a valued member of our community And I truly do appreciate Everyone being a viewer of this channel right now again If this is your first time tuning in let me tell you a secret, baby in the hood they call me Santa Claus because I always come bearing gifts and every day is Thanksgiving cuz every day we eat together, and we break bread as a family right? number one Bitcoin group in a world eleven thousand members going strong getting larger and larger every day an awesome group of mods You know that really take care of the wall make sure we don’t get no pumping dumps No trolls no spam coins none of that be is just straight honest wisdom. You know that guy up there is like Costing a lot of people a lot of money. Um you know your boy jump on there once in a while bam bam You know just dance on it like Diddy you know and they’re not jump off so it’s really cool Come join us the doors are always open But now we want to get on our train for the day and again. This is gonna be a quick video what we’re looking at getting is a Are Which one which one you guys, which one a Are The Oh Our door older door So that’s what we gonna do This one is a solid solid coin you guys what I’m gonna do right now is I am going to buy some on hit BTC a RB RB TC for our 100 day challenge right so I go to Bitcoin categorize by name Since it’s a I’ll hit it one more time Hey RDR Bam Bam. You can see it’s down 6% on Bitcoin and I want to get a market order and I want to spend point o 1.0 one Bitcoin Buy it 270 BAM and it’s just that easy to get paid let’s go ahead and jump on these charts so we could see why We did that um And you’ll see this chart is a classic classic classic Retracement you guys and this is a full cycle reset. You can see that lightning-struck way back over hill Yonder right somewhere in there, and it just been waving it was waving for a while But now and I actually wanted this thing Right So we broke out over there boom and This is a full cycle reset Which means we actually broke out of the money zone, and we came down at at two three six? but that’s Good in a way Because that means look at that white line look at the white though the white has basically done a complete parabola Which means like this thing is? Like fully recovered which means the next time it breaks out it very well could Give us Something that looks Just like that Right It very well could do that once this thing resets. Fully. It’s like it took a nap it went to bed You know you got to take a go to bed at night? well we Could very well be seeing something like that maybe not to that scale it might be something more like there Right So well I’m sorry sure this thing has reset out of the cycle I would break through but with the fractals that they follow the path of least resistance which is to continue Moving in the direction that they just came from right so I think it’s a great buy down here at 30 120 We just picked some up on hit BTC I think that’s a pretty decent little website market is kind of volatile now not that many people use it But that’s an advantage in itself because if you place a limit order you know under one of those walls then BAM you pick that Thing got down at the ground floor nobody else is gonna get it that cheap right? so sometimes you use the The what people describe his flaws to your benefit, that’s one of reasons. I like it. I know how to chart I know where to where to where the limits are I put my limit 80% at the bottom. I’m scraping it up. You know just Getting probably thirty percent profit on my pie mainly because hit BTC I’m able to reach those lower limits that big trick skin right Bologna neck skin So that’s why I use it. I’ll include a link in the description for you guys as I said this is just a clean set up a lot of coins are looking like this right now to where we broke out up to the 1.6 You know we came back down to the 236 They say in a charting traditional Forex charting if you could buy on this level then this is actually your most Probable level to be profitable right for me using my method I prefer to buy up here, but you can see we were banging around there for a while And we couldn’t break out mainly because that white was screaming down and that’s as a result of coming all the way up here Other whereas if we would have just settled right there more than likely we would have been able to consolidate here and we would have broke out, but since we went all the way up there we have to come back down here, but It’s all inevitable. It’s all a cycle right this is just on a longer cycle. This is almost like a theory I’m aetherium went all the way up and came all the way down Some coins go up a little bit come down a little bit and keep going a lot faster So that’s it. That’s it guys. That’s all I got you know early in the morning coffee still warm. Enjoy your day Enjoy your Friday. I’m coming back on in about six hours eight hours To air my interview actually to do our weekly review with the four horsemen Bitcoin Bitcoin guys a theory ‘m And Meo so look forward to that. Thank you for your time today I don’t I don’t like taking too much time on weekends I believe people should get out and enjoy your life, right we trade our lives for A biweekly paycheck right now. That’s go change pretty soon enough, but you know Enjoy your life. Enjoy your time. Enjoy your Friday Thank you for joining us also Bitcoin comm if you want to check out the products we have you know I don’t Want to start screaming and gassing anything up, but we got a couple product? You know they made some people some money So if you’re interested in that you click on shop we got Profit package this thing is up pretty good Movers shakers and money makers really the major power coins in the market $25 dream team you know this is the next generation this thing is up 800 percent Since August using the boss method so Another solid list and they’re not one-on-one meeting deposit if you wanted to get some face time with me to sit down go through your Portfolio your strategy, you know you can do that as well so you click that the meetings in the description And then you’ll have a link to my calendar right so with that being said um Let’s go to I’m gonna do the shout outs at night, too. I just like the mornings to be quick that way we know Oh, you’re all day and plus. I’m 15 minutes late for 101 so with that being said I got it Go if you want a shout out country. I’ll do it in the comments for me. I appreciate it I was found every single one I’m late for a meeting right now, so I gotta jump off of here But thank you so much for watching this if you appreciate this kind of content like comment share if you don’t Hit that red button Um god bless you beyond your whip, but if you do You got a lot to look forward to That being said it’s that time of the day signing off this stuff both your boy became no matter where you stay Brazil obey it Califonia it all the way out through dirt month name good night. Good morning and good day Till we meet again Stay cryptic y’all, please

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  1. i love the fact that i scooped this one up like day 13-14 good call BK.
    The community appreciates what you do dawg, so dont let these broke trolls get under your skin. ✌

  2. All the FUD in the news is crashing what would otherwise have been bullish market…but hey great opportunities to buy low.. 😃

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