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What a beautiful day! There you could work on our new Cube World Server which is available to everyone under the IP address If someone would have a question, he would just have to join our Discord Four new tweets Five screenshots and one email Oof First Wollay began with a screenshot of a flying animal Including the text “New Cube World screenshots incoming” **And he put this smiley** Basically as a small appetizer for what’s to come An appetizer with – by now – 20.000 likes Actually it’s still at 19.000 but I’ll just assume that this post will have at least 20.000 once this video is published Then he followed up with this tweet clarifying what this new flying animal is all about Followed up by a tweet revealing a new Teleportation- and Resurrection-System Including a new Item and last but not least we’ve been gnomed Also there was an amazing email which made me react like this: “There will be one shared world between all players where every player will start at a different position in masiudhasdksad Big YouTubers like for example Mr Beast (14 mil. subs) Or Gronkh have reacted to it aswell. Can you imagine what that means? The game will be sooo hyped once the update is released! But FOR ME and people that’ve been following me for 3.5 years that’s nothing new! I’ve always said so! I don’t just jump on the hype-train when the update is released. NOO! I’ve never left the train! Remember that! This video is only about the first two tweets as they provide more than enough content for one video. The other videos will be uploaded as soon as possible and it will be SICK Trust me! In the first picture we see Wollays Lvl 15 Ranger riding an Eagle. The interesting thing about this picture is that we already know it… Or at least something similar because – one year ago – Wollay announced in an email to /u/viotech3 that there’s going to be a fast-travelling-system with eagles. What else – Wollay – What else are you going to tell us like it’s something new? Even though it’s already been known since more than one year? Well, basically everything we’re seeing now is new because there’s not been an update for 5.5 years, no need to go into that any further As this screenshot’s overlay and the eagle are matching even the last sceptic should now know that these mails weren’t fake! I’m glad that’s now settled! Besides the mainly focused eagle-flight Wollay reveals something else here – The world-generation which one can marvellously see from this perspective. It seems notably smoother overall than it already is. Which could also be because we see a new BIOME here! YES! That’s indeed a new biome! The “Hills”! We don’t know these yet! We’ve never seen them from this perspective and I’m happy that we have the opportunity to finally see something like a new biome! We see new biomes so rarely. Part of the biome seem to be alot of individual caves we can see within the hills and I really hope that one can reasonably farm ores there because diamonds always we’re so rare that one just picked a specific seed just to run to some cave nearby and to repeat that over and over again and again
until one could finally afford to craft one of the otherwise unusable legendary weapons from the formulas.
“Only true Cube-Veterans will remember!” If we look at the top-right world map we realize that we seem to be on some big island within an ocean with more, smaller islands around us. That could mean that connected biomes – the way we know them – won’t exist anymore. But instead we’ll have individual big islands seperated by the water. Looking back this would absolutely match what we’ve seen so far! The scale of the map is 1:512 – I don’t exactly know how it would look ingame but the biomes aka. islands will still be big enough. I mean that looking back at Wollays video with minimap 2016 – where the seperate biomes in an ocean are clearly visible by the way – we see the scale of 1:362 And now look at how big that is ingame! And that’s just a SMALL island! Next to it there’s a way bigger one! We don’t even see the end of the small island! How’s that supposed to look for the biga** island!? I mean the small island would fit inside the big one like 43.000 times I would almost say that the word “continents” would fit much better than “biomes”. Let’s make that a thing! I’ve asked myself the question whether I like that or not – these changes. To be honest my opinion switched from NO – I don’t like it – to YES – it’s pretty awesome! – while I was writing this script. Vote about that in the info-card and write a comment! Also that way the idea that Wollay indeed made the Pirates to be their own faction because – let’s be honest – if you can go from A to B just with a boat across the ocean it comes in handy to have pirates sailing around, doesn’t it? By the way – Wollay – ask the community incase you need some ships – They’re good at this! If you look reaally closely you can spot a small Deadlands – and a bigger Snowlandsbiome or rather a “continent” :p I’d really like to see more of the deadlands, we really haven’t seen much of them so far and I’d like to have video of him running through one. A new thing that makes my glad is the render distance! It is way larger then so far. Which will improve the infinite widths and the to that linked Atmosphere dramaticly. So it makes the game better then it even is right now. In addition to that (nhehe 😛 when I’m running empty on phrases I just switch to English) we can see logs which are probably harvestable I mean: they’re laying around mega obvious. There’s one. And there’s one. aaaaand there’s one. You understand what I mean? As well in the upper right as in the bottom left we can see the -hopefully- not new overlay elements, which we already know bc of the Viotech3 mails. No offense, but on my opinion the one we have now is way better. Please don’t hate me Wollay, but also the chat doesn’t fit in the bottom right. In the following tweet he’s informing us about the flight system He writes: (read this with a stupid voice) I added flight masters to every village. Here you can buy flight points, allowing you to travel on an eagle to more distant locations. The further away, the more expensive. #cubeworld In exact this way Wollay speaks, exact this way! So there will be new NPCs in villages, which will sale us flights with their graceful (Murica anthem plays) detailed (Murica anthem plays) Eagels! To get from A to B we need to buy “flight points” with gold. Which can be seen in detail at the second screenshot. At first this sounds a bit weird: That you have to buy a extra currency But it just means that you have to pay for the travel itself. Since we can perfectly see the world map we’ll stay on this screenshot to get into further details. The crosses one can see here aren’t hidden treasures like in the board games in Spongebob Season 1 Episode 17A (2002) No! These are just different locations we can fly to with our graceful eagle. Now one might scream “But that’s BS, then you don’t even have to travel on your own anymore. You’ll just fly everywhere!” But I think I can reassure you that’s not the case. As one can see 11 kilometers cost 134 gold and I don’t think that’s cheap. At least it currently isn’t. The route to fly is marked with a dotted line on the map. This screenshot was – even though it was published later – made earlier! Since Wollay only has 712 gold here and in the first tweet he had 578 gold. 712 – 134=578 Also here it’s 10:15 there it’s 10:18 Makes sense, doesn’t it? Furthermore we can see these small dots in our new hills biome with a light white contour What’s that all about? Comment your thoughts now! Your Jonathan Frakes. You can also see small lava basins here and there, even though they might not be as small as they seem. But what’s THAT!? A flaw in the overlay!? Zooming into the bottom left corner veeery close to the R-Button one can see that one of the flight-cross markers overlaps with the R-Button symbol. It’s called OVERlay because it’s supposed to be ABOVE something else, not BELOW it! “THIS GAME IS LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE!”, where do I get my 15€ back!? I’ll stay with Cubeworld costing 15, not 20! CHANGE MY MIND! Incase someone takes this the wrong way here’s another way to say it: KAPPA We trigger the Quicksand trap of the ranger using R Which – at least in older tweets – was supposed to be the rangers 4th skill. Sooo where are the other 3 skills bro? Potions are consumed using Q, just the way we know it. At least something stays the way it was. “There’s fruit in the house” (probably only germans understand) *GATHERING DOUBLETIME POWER* … so people finish watching the video….
3, 2, 1… *INHALES* I hope you liked the video, recently we reached 100 viewers my stream on YouTube! AKSHKLDASHADS Didn’t work, let’s try again…
I hope you liked the video, recently we reacher 100 viewers on the stream on YouTube Maybe I should do that again. I’ll be live on Twitch soon, follow me there join the stream, join my Discord, vote in the Info-card,… UUUGHH BYEEEEEEEEEE DON’T YOU DARE NOT LIKING THE VIDEO!

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  1. Joint gerne unserem Discord, um immer auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben
    Was das Script, Editing und die Aufnahmen angeht, ist das meine bisher beste Cube World News Folge. Ich hoffe euch gefällts!

    Wir haben jetzt auch einen permanenten Cube World Server für euch bereitstehen IP:

  2. Das Ding ist, dass du so abgehen wirst auf Youtube, wenn das Update erstmal draußen sein wird! Ich bin dann sowas wie ein Veteran deines Kanals. Das macht mich einfach stolz <3

  3. mal ne Frage denn ich hab mich seit ein paar Monaten nicht mehr mit CubeWorld befasst.
    Kann man es wieder kaufen denn ich musste es mir cracken?

  4. 6:56 ich glaub da sind einfach sehr kleine Inseln die man wegen dem zoom nicht mehr sieht oder die wegpunkte sind random

  5. Ich kann nicht mehr auf das Update warten! Jedes mal dieses auf und ab, kommt es jetzt oder nicht? Mein Herz macht das nicht mehr mit.

  6. Werden die Multiplayer Servern sich verbessern ? Da man im alten Cube world so gut wie nie zusammen ( kostenfrei ) zocken

  7. Ich habe eigentlich den Zug nie verlassen.. Spiele bis heute regelmäßig Cube World aber halt eben privat. Für Youtube lohnt es sich halt eben nicht momentan, erst wenn der Hype da ist. Also bin im Endeffekt doch so ein Zwischenfall ?.

    Aufjedenfall danke für deine informative Videos, habe dich erst jetzt entdeckt. Habe aber eigentlich auch nie wirklich nach Cube World Kontent auf Youtube gesucht. Du wirkst aber sehr sympathisch! Weiter so! Game on!

  8. Ein Spiel, sie zu Knechten, sie alle zu beenden. Ins Leere zu treiben und ewig zu verdammen. Hytale wird jeden einzelnen von euch holen, priest Hytale und Ihr werdet erlöst!

  9. 8:26 ich kann es bestätigen das es 15€ gekostet hat, denn ich erinner mich genau am tag in dem ich es gekauft habe.

    ahh ja
    PS: Nicht gelike.

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