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Good afternoon and welcome to the
Dairy Daily News. I’m Elise Truman, and as always,
it’s a beautiful day for dairy. Today, we’re going to
be talking about dairy and its importance
in your diet. Our top story this morning, does
milk really come from cows and what milks are
best for you? We are utterly delighted
to have an on-scene report from the farm. Here is Dairy Daisy who has
the skinny on moo juice. ♪ [music playing–
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Hi y’all this is Daisy Dairy reportin’
from the dairy farm. So do you know where
your milk comes from? Do you know what milk is? Well, milk comes from cows. Nobody knows who first milked a
dairy cow, but today the average American dairy cow produces
about 20,000 pounds of milk. That’s about 2,305
gallons of milk a day. That’s about 128 glasses of milk
a day from one single dairy cow. Whole milk is high in fat. This is why it tastes delicious
and has a creamy texture. Two percent low-fat milk has
the benefits of less milk fat, but still tastes great. It is fortified with skim
milk and has 10 grams of protein per cup. Two percent is what I like
to call the popular milk. Now, for my personal
favorite, skim milk. Skim milk doesn’t have all
the fat that whole milk has, but still has all
the good nutrients that are important
for your body. Our cows are working long and
hard hours to make enough milk for you to grow strong
and healthy bones. Do your part by getting
dairy every day. Back to you Elise. (Elise).
Thank you, Daisy Dairy, for that moo-ving story. [wind chime]. Well, you know what
that sound is? It’s time for the Dairy
Daily News questions. You write to us so we
can answer some of your dairy daily questions. Question number one is from
Sam Samuels of Vermont. Sam asks, what ingredients in
milk make it so healthy? Well, Sam, there are two
ingredients in milk that make it especially healthy. Those ingredients are
calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is a major nutrient
required for growing strong bones and healthy teeth. Vitamin D also helps you
to grow strong bones. Make sure you’re getting your
vitamin D and calcium intake every day by drinking milk
and having milk products. The next question is from
Tommy Thompson of Kansas. Tom writes, “I’m
eight years old.” “Is dairy important
for kids like me?” “And if so, is milk the only
way for me to get dairy?” Tommy, milk is very important
for all age groups, especially for growing
kids like you. Dairy is one of the five
food groups in the official food guide pyramid. Milk, dairy also includes foods
like yogurt and cheese. There are lots of ways to
add dairy to your diet. An easy way to get your daily
amount of dairy every day is to drink three 8 ounce glasses for
ages 4 to 8 years old, or to drink four 8 ounce glasses if
you are 9 to 18 years old. Hope that answers your question. The last question comes from
Mike Michaels of Illinois. Mike writes, “I’m allergic to
milk and I can’t drink it.” “I love milk, ice
cream, and yogurt.” “What should I do?” This is an excellent question,
Mike, because millions of Americans have the same
milk allergy you do. This milk allergy is called
lactose intolerance, and it’s caused by your body not being
able to digest lactose, which is the sugar in milk. There are some products
that you can buy that do not have lactose in them. For instance, you could buy
lactose-free or lactose-reduced milk, lactose-free or
lactose-reduced ice cream or yogurt, or soymilk might
be a good choice for you. Try different products to see
what you like so you can still enjoy your dairy delights. And now it’s time for my
favorite part of the show, the Dairy Daily forecast. Here’s Darla Dairy with
the dairy forecast. ♪ [music playing–
no dialogue] ♪♪. (Darla Dairy).
I’m Darla, reporting for the
Dairy Daily forecast. Well, we see some clouds
in the west moving over the area quickly,
bringing rain. [rain sound effect]. Don’t fret. Stay inside and get your calcium
from a grilled cheese sandwich or tomato soup made with milk. Well, rain is definitely not
the case in the south. Sunshine is covering the area,
and it’s going to be a scorcher. You can cool down with a nice
bowl of low-fat ice cream. In the east, [wind blowing]
we see some clouds covering the area. That’s okay. You can still get your vitamin D
from a nice tall glass of milk. [sound of glass of
milk being poured] Well, that’s all we have
for you today for the Dairy Daily weather forecast. Just remember, it’s always a
beautiful day for dairy. Back to you Elise. (Elise).
Thanks, Darla. You always have the best
tips for adding dairy to your every day diet. As always, I like to end
the Dairy Daily News on a lighter note. So, here is the Dairy Daily
News joke of the day. What do you get from
the pampered cow? Drum roll please. Spoiled milk. [laughter]. That’s all the time we have
with you today, folks. Remember to include dairy
in your every day diet. I’m Elise Truman. Thanks again for joining us for
the Dairy Daily News. ♪ [music playing–
no dialogue] ♪♪.

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